Repiping Myths You Shouldn’t Believe: Call A Professional Plumber When You Notice Common Signs | Memorial City

Repiping Myths You Shouldn’t Believe: Call A Professional Plumber When You Notice Common Signs | Memorial City

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Clean water is essential for any household to function optimally. If you notice changes in water quality like a different color, sediment presence, or an odor, it is time to call a local plumber in Memorial City. Poor water quality, noisy plumbing, and leakages could result from worn-out, corroded, or broken pipes.

The solution to these problems lies with repiping. You could try fixing the symptoms, but if the root cause is not dealt with, you could end up facing recurring plumbing issues.

Most people shy away from considering repiping as several myths surround this service. The article will attempt to dispel common myths and help you recognize signs when it is time to call a professional.

Common Repiping Myths You Should Not Believe

Repiping often gets a bad reputation of being a cost and time-intensive service. If you avoid replacing faulty pipes, they might snowball into bigger issues like pipe bursts. The cost of tending to damage from a pipe burst could run into thousands of dollars.

If you are hesitant about repiping services, here are some common myths you should not fall for.

You Do Not Need Repiping Services

Bad quality water can have harmful effects on your skin and hair. Washing utensils with water that passes through corroded pipes could leave them unclean, covered with a film of dirt. It could also start harming bathroom fixtures like taps, showerheads, bathtubs, leaving stains on them.

Cleaning your bathroom, replacing faucets, or using filters may provide short-term relief, but they are not alternatives to repiping. If getting clean water has become an issue in your household, it might be time to call in a professional plumber for repiping services.

Repiping Should Be Done Only in Extreme Cases

Do not wait for a pipe to start leaking and damage your walls, or worse, a pipe burst to get repiping done. Take a preventative approach with plumbing. If you notice the water has changed color, contains dirt, smells, or your bathroom walls are dampening, get a plumber in Memorial City to check your plumbing.

The wait and watch game would only result in the issue worsening, and you would end up paying several times more money to control the water damage. Instead, it would be best to seek advice from professionals when you start seeing issues with water quality.

You Can Repipe Your Home on Your Own

Even if you are a DIY expert, repiping is an activity best left to plumbing professionals. With no experience, you could take more time to complete repining. Moreover, a single wrong step could result in severe damages and expensive repairs.

A professional plumber will bring expertise to the table. By working on several repiping jobs, they are well aware of plumbing issues that could crop up during the process and ways to encounter them.

Repiping Can Take Weeks to Complete and Be Highly Expensive

If you are staying away from repiping because you are currently residing at the property, do not worry about downtime. It is a common myth that repiping can take weeks, leaving you stranded without a home. It sure can be an effort-intensive task, but with an experienced plumber by your side, repiping can be completed in a short time.

If your home is old, having pipes replaced with good quality materials as copper or PEX could significantly improve its value. You are proactively safeguarding your home against water damages which comparatively can be more expensive to fix.

Common Signs That Indicate Your Home Needs Repiping

Keep an eye on water quality or other plumbing issues you may have. If you notice multiple signs or recurring problems, it would be best to call in a plumber to get your home checked.

Bad Water Quality

If the once clean and crisp water has turned slightly yellow or brown, it indicates pipe issues. Once the water settles in the bucket, check the bottom for any sediments. These signs tell you that dirt from corroded pipes is mixing with the water. Using such bad quality water is a health hazard that you can avoid with repiping.


A small leakage does not mean you have to get your whole home repiped. They can sure be checked and fixed by a local plumber. But if you notice recurring leakages in different parts of your home, they could be pointing towards a bigger issue. Also, if the house is older than 15 years, it would be best to consult plumbing professionals for a check-up.

Reduced Water Pressure

Over time, pipes could get worn out. As a result, they start accumulating sediments and obstruct the flow of water. You may also start hearing funny noises when you turn the faucet on. If you notice a reduced water pressure, get a plumber to check the root cause of the issue.

Damp Walls

Damp and cold walls could result from different factors like rains, no ventilation, or leakages. If left untreated, they are an invitation for mold. If your bathroom or kitchen walls start dampening, you see stains, dimpling, or flaking paint, call in plumbing experts to get your pipes checked.

Get Your Home Repiped By the Best Plumber in Memorial City

If you are facing issues with poor water quality or want to get your home repiped, give a call to bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston. Professionals with years of experience can find the root cause and provide a quality, durable solution for your plumbing concerns.

If you have any questions about repiping services we are happy to answer them and walk you through the entire process. A plumbing emergency can strike any time of the day or night; thus, we are available at your service 24/7.

To know more about our various cost-effective plumbing services, give us a call at 346-800-3316.

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