What A Plumbing Service Can Help You With | Katy, TX

What A Plumbing Service Can Help You With | Katy, TX

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You can avoid costly catastrophic plumbing damages with leak prevention. We’ll talk about the common causes of leaks and what you can do to prevent them. If you need additional help, get a plumbing service in Katy, TX, so a professional can thoroughly inspect your plumbing, provide a diagnosis, and recommend the best plumbing solutions.

Common Causes of Leaks:

Burst Pipes

Burst pipes can cause catastrophic damage to your home when it’s not addressed immediately. It can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs, replacements, and other restorations. As much as possible, you need to do something to prevent this plumbing emergency.

Pipes can burst when the temperature reaches below zero. For example: if you don’t insulate them during the winter, there is a higher chance that the water inside them freezes, and then the pipes will expand and burst. You can prevent this from happening when you insulate the pipes, especially those exposed pipes outdoors, under the sinks and the water heaters. If you don’t know how to insulate them, get a plumbing service so that a plumber can assist you.

Pipes can also leak when there is high water pressure. It’s important to regulate the water pressure as it can severely strain the pipes. When it’s not fixed, it will likely lead to a plumbing emergency. Get a plumbing company so a professional can check the water pressure and help you regulate it.

Water Heater Tank

If you see standing water around your water heater tank, get a plumbing service so a professional can check for any leaks in the pipes or the tank itself. It could be from the pressure release valve — they tend to release water when there is excess pressure coming from the pipes. When there are no issues with the pressure release valve, the temperature setting might be too high. You need to be careful as the water will be hot enough to scald the skin.

Your water heater can also fail and may immediately leak hundreds of gallons in your basement floor. So ensure that you replace the anode rod regularly to prevent this type of leak. For the basement, make sure that you get a plumbing service so a professional can help you install a sump pump designed to prevent flooding in the basement.

To prevent problems with the hot water tank, it’s important to regularly perform maintenance. Get a plumber for a regular plumbing inspection in Katy, TX. A professional will check your entire plumbing, including the water heater, to rule out the problem and then permanently fix it.

You need to also flush out the sediment buildup inside the tank. They don’t only lead to catastrophic leaks, but they can also waste energy. You’ll only end up with higher energy bills when you don’t maintain your water heater. Preventive maintenance ensures the efficiency of your water heater and also extends its lifespan.

Another way to prevent water heater tank issues is to get a plumbing service for a tankless water heater installation. With the tankless version, you get to save more energy, and you can prevent catastrophic leaks in the basement. Also, you’ll never run out of hot water, and there’s no need for a bigger space as you can place the tankless water heater in the bathroom.

Appliance Failure

Appliances such as the dishwasher and the washing machines can also cause water leaks if not resolved immediately. If you have a top-load the washer, a leak can happen when the overflow tube is either tilted or blocked. That usually happens when you put in too much detergent. For the front load washers, the outer drum may have been compromised. Improperly installed drain hoses for each washer can also cause a plumbing leak. As much as possible, work with a licensed plumber only if you’re planning to install a washing machine for your home. Also, consider replacing your rubber hoses as they are more susceptible to wear and tear. Get a plumbing professional for assistance.

Leaky Toilets

A leaky toilet can waste hundreds of gallons of water, and yet some homeowners ignore it. You can do a dye test to find out if there is a leak in the toilet. All you need to do is get some food coloring and put a few drops in the toilet tank. You need to make sure that no one is using the water while you do this. Check the toilet after a few minutes and see if the water changes color. When it does, then you have a plumbing leak. Get a plumbing service right away so a professional can do leak detection.

Get a Plumbing Service for Leak Detection

One of the best ways to prevent leaks is to call professionals for help. Some leaks are pretty obvious such as puddles of water in the yard or standing water around your appliances, while others are not very obvious unless you watch out for the clues. Mold growth, bulging wallpaper, or discoloration in the walls are signs of a leak in the plumbing. Don’t worry — with the professional’s help, plumbing leaks are addressed. We have licensed and experienced plumbers at bluefrog Plumbing. Contact us for any plumbing service, and we’ll make sure to get the job done efficiently. We can guarantee you 100 percent satisfaction with our service.

Call a Plumber for Installation

One of the main causes of plumbing leaks is the incorrect installation of appliances and plumbing fixtures. Ensure that you get a professional plumber in Katy, TX, if you’re thinking about installing new appliances or bathroom and kitchen fixtures. We’ll make sure they are properly installed to avoid catastrophic problems in the future.

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