Need An Emergency Plumber? How To Keep Your Bathtub Drain Unclogged | Memorial City

Need An Emergency Plumber? How To Keep Your Bathtub Drain Unclogged | Memorial City

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The bathroom is perhaps the only room in the house where you could truly pamper yourself. From taking long, soaking baths in the bathtub to enjoying luxurious hair spas at home, your bathroom is the ultimate place for relaxing after a week of hard work.

However, it is also the place with the maximum number of plumbing issues. A bathtub clog could soon escalate into a major issue and then only an emergency plumber in Memorial City could help you solve it.

However, you can prevent your bathtub from clogging by taking care of a few simple things. In case it gets clogged despite it, do not try DIY methods as you could unwittingly increase the damage even more. Plumbing issues need expert help and you should always hire an emergency plumber in case of one.

Here are some simple steps to prevent your bathtub drain from clogging and needing an emergency plumber.

Remember how you use a strainer in the kitchen to separate water from the solid food particles? Well, you could use the same technique in your bathroom. One of the most common causes of bathtub drain clogging is hair.

When you take a shower standing inside the bathtub, or let your hair down in the water, loose strands of hair just flow into the drain. Later, they start building up when they find a bend in the plumbing.

Using a mesh screen will sieve out the hair and prevent it from entering the bathtub drain in the first place. Only soapy water will drain out and you could collect all the strands and dispose of it in the bin.

The same problem could happen if you use the bathtub to wash your cat or dog. Animal fur can quickly clog the drain, eventually leading your bathtub, and even your bathroom to overflow.

If the drain under your bathtub is connected to other pipes and plumbing in the bathroom, like the basin or the toilet, you could see water collecting there too. Only an emergency plumber in Memorial City will be able to clean out a clog of this magnitude. You could find this sieve-like screen in any home improvement store and fit it over your bathtub outlet.

If you find that the bathtub drain has already started clogging a little bit, you can snake it out with a mini snake tool. This is a handy tool, sort of like a metal hanger, that you can use to scrape the drain. Bend it enough so that it fits down the drain and then pull out the clot.

Hair, along with other debris inside the plumbing could eventually result in a clog. If it occurs deep inside the plumbing system, you would need an emergency plumber to take it out for you. You cannot use a plunger in a bathtub as you do in a regular toilet, which is why you need to be extra careful about clogs in a bathtub.

Bathtub clogs are not caused by hair strands alone. Residue from oils and cosmetics and items like scrubs has debris that can add to the clog. Some of these are very fine and could go through a strainer as well, only to form a clog inside the drain, in a bend in a plumbing system.

  • You can first use a drain-friendly flush to flush it out.
  • You can also pour boiling water inside the drain so that it can loosen up the grease.
  • If your system is connected to a public sewer, you could also use bleach to clear out the drain. Let it rest for five minutes or so and pour hot water over it.
  • Another method is to pour baking soda down the drain and then pour half a cup of vinegar after it.

Remember, that these methods are only applicable for small clogs. You will notice the clog once you see the water is draining slowly from your bathtub than it did previously. You might also hear a gurgling sound or sound like bubbles popping inside the drain. You might also notice air bubbles when the tub is full. These are the first signs of an impending clog.

However, do not try any drastic methods yourself. Do not use harsh chemicals in your bathtub without knowing the nature of the location of the clog. You could end up perforating the plumbing system and ruin the drain, which is why you should make a call to an emergency plumber.

A bathtub clog can be particularly difficult to fix if the issue escalates because the entire bathtub might have to be dismantled. This requires a lot of effort and teamwork.

Emergency plumbers usually try to find a way through the plumbing without having to dismantle the bathtub but it takes a keen eye to solve these issues. It is because of these reasons that you should avoid a clog forming in the bathtub drain in the first place.

Do not procrastinate when it comes to resolving a clog in the bathroom, be it in the bathtub or anywhere else. A clog does not simply go away. It will keep getting larger and the longer you wait, the more time, effort, and money it will take to solve the issue.

You need to act fast at the first signs of a clog. Emergency plumbers from bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston will inspect your bathroom and the entire plumbing system if needed.

The will visit your premises to determine the nature of the clot, and also give you a quote for the job, along with any new installations or repairs that might have to be made in the process. With their help, you will be able to get rid of the clog easily and go back to enjoying your tub as you did before.

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