Need Water Heater Repair? What To Do When Your Water Heater Takes Too Long To Heat | Katy, TX

Need Water Heater Repair? What To Do When Your Water Heater Takes Too Long To Heat | Katy, TX

Access to running hot water in your home is such a convenient proposition for bathing and washing purposes. Waiting endlessly for the water to heat up can get frustrating as it disrupts your entire schedule. Such delays indicate the need for immediate water heater repair.

When left unattended, the average household could end up wasting almost 12,000 gallons of water per year. Considering getting hot water in an instant is achievable with functional water heaters, why waste such a precious resource and pay exorbitant energy bills unnecessarily?

Causes for slow delivery of hot water

The heated water swiftly travels through your pipes and exits from the fixtures installed by turning on your hot water faucet. A delay in this process could arise because of either one or a combination of the following factors:

Malfunctioning heater

Compared to earlier, if you run out of hot water faster or have an extended wait before you receive your desired supply, prioritize water heater repair. These heaters are designed to last around 8 to 12 years.

If you do not resort to the timely intervention of professional technicians during this timeframe, your heater may experience a breakdown faster. Experts are capable of accurately diagnosing a problem and carrying out prompt repairs.

Distance between the heater and its fixture

It can take a long while for the desired temperature of water to reach its destination when the source and the outlet are further apart. For instance, if your heater is located in the basement and you need it’s supply in your bathroom on an upper floor, there could be a time lag.

Winding pipework also results in hot water taking longer to make its way out while you contend with a cold supply initially. This scenario does not demand water heater repair but a more practical set-up by narrowing the gap between the source and exit points.

Volume restrictor design

Some fixture designs like showerheads and faucets contribute to a decreased flow rate. If they have volume restrictors installed to conserve water, there is a corresponding delay in receiving this essential resource.

When water exits in limited amounts, you have to wait longer for your heated supply. The delay is significantly longer when you contend with a water heater placed distantly in your home.

Stagnant water in pipes

The presence of stagnant water in your pipes forces you to wait considerably for hot water to emerge from them. When you open your faucet, the initial flow is attributed to the water sitting in your pipes, which is pushed out first.

It could be room temperature or chilly water, depending on the exposure to prevailing conditions determined by your pipes’ location. Only subsequently you receive the flow of water directly supplied by your heater.

Sediment accumulation

Mineral content by way of magnesium and calcium are present in the water you use at your residence. When your Katy, TX household receives hard water, every liter may contain 60 milligrams or more of dissolved minerals.

As the sediments in your tank build-up, the space for storing water reduces, making it necessary to initiate water heater repair. Having a heater free of residue means it has a bigger capacity to hold hot water, so you do not run out of the latter faster.

Undersized heater

Your daily usage determines your hot water requirement; a bigger household with more members needs a larger unit. Continuing to undertake water heater repair on your current device as the family grows in size will not resolve your problem. The only solution is to upgrade to a heater size that fulfills your personal demands.

Recovery time

You might exhaust your heater’s supply of hot water by undertaking large dishwasher and laundry loads or with multiple showers in a day. The heater has to warm another lot of water then, and to lessen this recovery time, water heater repair is the answer.

Listed here are the factors that affect your water heater recovery period:

  • Type as from tankless models you get hot water on demand
  • Age as nearing the end of the heater’s lifespan, they lose their efficiency
  • Power source as electric heaters take longer than the gas-fuelled ones
  • Size of the tank as smaller heaters exhaust their supply faster

Speed up hot water supply

Besides getting experienced professionals to carry out water heater repair, you can resort to the following measures to heat your water faster:

Fit a recirculation system

A hot water recirculation mechanism prevents you from wasting water while you await the desired temperature. This system is activated by a thermostat or timer and enables hot water to move swiftly from its source to the exit point. You can either attach this recirculation system to your water heater or mount it near your faucet.

Change fuel type

If your existing heater is an electric model, upgrade to a gas-fuelled one to ensure a faster recovery time. Laying gas lines and installing appliance hook-ups facilitate the switch.

Install a tankless heater

The specialty of tankless heaters is that they provide you with hot water on demand, thereby reducing your energy bill. Avoid stretching your tankless heater too far by using it for multiple purposes or else frequent water heater repair is on the cards.

Should you require hot water while operating your dishwasher, install a compact point-of-use heater under your kitchen sink. Having an independent hot water source for bathing purposes enables an uninterrupted and continuous flow.

Invest in a bigger size

Take into consideration the purpose of installing a water heater and the headcount at home. Your consumption of hot water is significantly higher when more people are using it. Ideally, a family of two requires a 40-gallon water heater.

Insulate the tank

An insulated heating device allows for much more efficient heat recovery. The standby heat loss and your water heating bills also correspondingly reduce.

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