5 Common Plumbing Problems To Avoid And 5 Plumber Tips To Know | Katy, TX

5 Common Plumbing Problems To Avoid And 5 Plumber Tips To Know | Katy, TX

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Being a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to take care of the home including your plumbing. Below are a few plumbing tips you can use and common problems you should avoid to have a better home. If you need more help, call a plumber in Katy, TX for assistance.

Common plumbing problems to avoid:

1. DIY Plumbing

Several homeowners think it’s easy and simple to do plumbing maintenance or repairs so long as they have DIY videos to guide them. Yes, DIY videos may be helpful as they are usually made by people who have plumbing experience. However, when you run into a problem while doing DIY, chances are you won’t know how to actually remedy it.

When tackling a plumbing project, do make sure that you actually have the right skills to properly get the job done. Also, you need to have all the necessary tools. But although you think you know how to use the tools, it’s still not advisable to undertake any plumbing installation or repairs without the help of a licensed plumber.

2. Overusing Drain Cleaners

A quick fix can be really convenient to homeowners especially when it comes to fixing their drains. Chemical drain cleaners may help you temporarily resolve the problem but sooner or later you will have an even bigger and costly plumbing problem. Keep in mind that this type of cleaner will damage your pipe when used repeatedly. Call a plumber in for professional drain cleaning service.

It may be okay to use a quick fix for your drains but it’s always best to go with natural drain cleaners. Why not use the good old vinegar and baking soda solution? That can sometimes work especially with minor drain problems. You can also use tools such as a rented drain snake or a hand auger. Just make sure you do know how to use them. Otherwise, call a professional.

3. Not Turning Off the Water Source

When doing simple plumbing repairs, the first thing you should do is to turn off your water source. It’s a really simple step and yet several homeowners still forget this. If you do not want to end up with water shooting at you and damaging your home’s structure, turn off the water supply.

If you run into a problem shutting off the valve, you can use a wrench for that. Call a plumber in Katy, TX to make sure it’s used correctly.

4. Not Calling the Experts

A professional is equipped with all the tools and the experience necessary to properly get your repair or installation. If you do not have the proper experience to do even just simple repairs, the best solution is to seek help from a professional. Whether it’s just on getting the best advice on which parts or materials to purchase, it’s always best to talk to a professional about it. They are highly knowledgeable about anything plumbing-related. They are the best people to turn to and not DIY videos.

5. Doing Repairs That Require Codes or Permits

It may be okay to do plumbing repairs on your own especially when you do not plan to sell your home in the future. If you attempt to do repairs and sell your home, you may run into a problem with the insurance company or with the home inspection. This is because some plumbing repairs would require building permits.

Always consult with a plumber when doing either minor repairs or installations. Getting your problem repaired the first time may be even more cost-effective than having to deal with a homeowner’s insurance that is not renewed because you did not follow codes and permits.

The common plumbing mistakes above should help you avoid emergency plumbing problems and costly repairs. Below are a few tips that would be beneficial for you and your home.

1. Water Heater Adjustments

Do you want to keep the water hot for a long period of time? Consider insulating your water tank. You can visit any home improvement store for this type of inexpensive fix. You can also get in touch with a plumber if you do not know which product to purchase.

Also, make sure that you do not set your thermostat to the highest level or you won’t really notice any difference when you decide to set it a little lower.

2. Check Your Washer’s Hoses

If you are using rubber hoses for your washing machine, make sure that you check them periodically for wear and tear. When they rot, your washer will likely leak. Replace them every 3 to 5 years to avoid coming home one day to a flooded home.

Another option is to replace your rubber washing machine hoses with steel hoses. The latter last longer and are more durable than rubber. Talk to a plumber if you are thinking about installing new hoses for your washer.

3. Check Showerhead to Prevent Leaks

Periodically check the showerheads to avoid leaks in your homes. If there is already a leak, remove the showerhead, put a thread tape and then reattach it. That should temporarily fix dripping water. Call a plumber as soon as possible for a permanent fix.

When cleaning, soak your showerhead in vinegar for about an hour. This solution should help with loosening the build-up.

4. Replacing Worn Out Flapper

A minor leaky toilet is usually due to a worn-out flapper. This is inexpensive and can easily be replaced. It would only take removing one or two screws and then you are good to go. Keep in mind though to always seek help from a professional if you have zero knowledge of plumbing.

5. Know Where the Main Water Line Is Located

As a homeowner, you should know where this is as there will be a time when there is a need to shut this off. Make sure that you also inform family members so they know how to shut it off in case of flooding.

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