Is An Undermount Kitchen Sink Worth It? Here Is Your Plumber’s Opinion | Sugar Land, TX

Is An Undermount Kitchen Sink Worth It? Here Is Your Plumber’s Opinion | Sugar Land, TX

The kitchen is the heart of every home. Normally, every homeowner wants it to be as functional as possible. While quality appliances and counter space are good features in creating a beautiful kitchen, the sink is also essential. Although it is always overlooked, the sink area is where you prepare your meals and clean up after cooking. If you are considering upgrading to a new kitchen sink, think about an undermount sink.

An undermount sink provides you very many benefits. It takes less space for installation, making it an ideal choice for homes with limited space for storage cabinets. If you are considering installing a new undermount sink, here are the benefits it will give you.

Provides More Space for Your Kitchen Countertop

When you have limited space on your kitchen countertop, you are forced to put your cutting board on uneven surfaces. This is a common issue with top mount sinks because of the protruding top rim. You can avoid this problem by having a plumber install an undermount sink for you, as it offers you more space.

The good thing about an undermount sink is that it is mounted below the countertop’s surface. You get more space without the rim taking the countertop space. The extra space makes a huge difference. Homeowners with smaller kitchens will benefit a lot by installing an undermount sink.

Simple to Install

Whether you want to sell your home or update your kitchen, installing an undermount sink is one of the inexpensive upgrades. Installing the sink on your own may seem like a good idea, but you should avoid it. Yes, you may save some money, but be prepared to deal with some issues in the future. The best person who should install an undermount sink is a professional plumber.

Even if you have the skills, it is good to call for help. A plumber in Sugar Land, TX, will use the latest tools and skills that will enable them to install the sink in minutes. Do this upgrade, and you will transform your kitchen into an admirable area.

Easy to Clean

There is a reason why undermount sinks are becoming a common trend lately. It is easy to clean up after every food preparation or cooking session. Whether it is food crumbs or spilled sauces on your countertop, don’t worry. You can easily remove them by sweeping them directly into the sink. This is a thing you can’t do with a top mount sink. With a top mount sink, the difference in height limits you from getting a clean sweep without food getting stuck around the rim. This causes gunk to build up around the rim of the sink. So, hire an expert plumber to install an undermount sink, and you will enjoy its benefits.

Comes in Different Materials and Colors

Undermount sinks in different colors and materials, enabling you to choose the best one suitable for your needs. For homeowners in Sugar Land, TX, who love a seamless look, getting an undermount sink that matches your countertop material is easy. If you love statement pieces, choose the beautiful granite sink. When paired with a rose gold faucet, it provides a very sophisticated vibe.

Moreover, you can find ceramic undermount sinks that come in glossy or matte finishes to match your kitchen design. Because they are heavy and solid, you will require the help of a plumber for installation. If you find it hard to choose the best undermount sink that matches your needs, hire an expert for advice. Most professionals recommend stainless steel undermount sinks as they integrate seamlessly with any kitchen design.

Gives More Flexibility for Faucet Placement

Sometimes, it is not a must that a faucet must be fixed to the countertop. It can be fixed to the wall work just fine. What if you have two sinks? In this situation, your plumber must install the faucet between the sinks to bring convenience. However, an undermount kitchen sink gives you more freedom and flexibility to install the faucet without restriction.

They Remain on Trend without Being Over the Countertop

If you plan on selling your house, the best way to attract potential buyers is to incorporate décor trends that will be on trend for years to come. An undermount kitchen sink is one excellent trend that will be stylish in a decade or two. The current floating sinks are beautiful, but they won’t be that practical because many homeowners want to have updates in their homes.

An undermount sink features a seamless look that is popular in most homes today, it complements seamlessly with the surrounding, and because it is hassle-free to clean, you will enjoy using it for years to come. Although it is a bit expensive, you will see its benefits once a plumber installs it for you.

Enhances the Aesthetics of Your Kitchen

The beauty of undermount sinks lies in their flexible and minimal design. Without the visible sink rim, the kitchen countertop looks elegant and sleeker. This works well in favor of contemporary homes that prioritize simple, clean lines. An undermount sink elevates your kitchen’s style, making it look more modern. Your home’s value increases automatically when you have a functional and stylish kitchen. Call a plumber in Sugar Land, TX, if you need help installing an undermount sink.

Despite being expensive, an undermount kitchen sink is a worthwhile investment that will serve you well for years without going out of trend. When it comes to style and functionality, this sink will always win. If you need help choosing the right undermount sink, call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston. We are a trusted plumbing company with plumbers who can guide you on the best undermount sink depending on your needs. Other than helping you make the right decision, we will help install the sink so you can avoid installation issues in the future.

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