Avoid Being Scammed By Dishonest Plumbers | Memorial City

Avoid Being Scammed By Dishonest Plumbers | Memorial City

A home’s plumbing system is very costly and needs to be maintained regularly. To keep it in good shape, you can fall prey to scammers who will take advantage. With the vast number of professionals advertising their services online, it is easy for a homeowner to hire frauds in Memorial City. Nowadays, the best scammers have become good at their game. So, how do you spot plumbing scams and avoid being scammed? Before you hire a plumber, do thorough research, and learn what to expect from a professional. Here is how you can avoid being scammed by fraud plumbers.

Avoid the High Down Payment

One of the common plumbing scams scammers use is asking for a huge down payment even before finishing the job. Like any other job, the payment should be after the task is completed to your liking. By paying upfront, you lose all control over the quality of the work done. In the worst-case scenario, the technician may work only a few hours and leave. Remember, you have already paid a down payment.

Most professionals charge around 10 percent of the down payment, but if they ask for a more significant down payment, be cautious because they can scam you anytime. Therefore, be careful with anyone who asks for a down payment higher than 10 percent.

Compare Estimates

Before you call a plumber to your home, look for other options. Seeking detailed estimates will help you choose the best work for your needs. Call three experts and ask questions in detail. Be careful with any contractor willing to offer a quote over the phone. They need to visit your home and see the job site to assess the damage and look for obstacles that may raise costs. Avoid a verbal contract because it will be hard to enforce.

When sampling your experts, also be careful about how they charge. If one of the experts has a bid much lower than the others, it could signal a potential problem. A common scam scammers use is to give a low estimate that does not cover the labor needed. You will be forced to pay for extra labor before the plumber finishes the task.

Be Careful with a Pushy Technician

Any time you hire a technician and they start using scare tactics and high-pressure sales, you should walk away. Any honest plumber would never bully someone into spending their hard-earned money on them. Dishonest experts use high-pressure tactics to take advantage of new immigrants, the elderly, or homeowners unaware of their rights. For example, a dishonest technician may tell you that your plumbing system is putting your home at risk for damages that might cost you or affect the neighbors. Because no homeowner would want to have issues with their neighbor, you easily fall to the scammer’s tricks.

If the plumber makes you uncomfortable with everything they say, send them away and contact a licensed plumbing company to check your issue out. Insist them in explaining why their recommended work is necessary and how it will help your plumbing. If they say your plumbing poses a safety risk, they should explain why and how they plan to fix it. This way, it will be tough for someone to scam you.

You will protect yourself from plumbing scams by checking their references, credentials, and license and asking detailed questions. Speaking up and playing your part once you feel something is wrong goes a long way toward avoiding the damage a rogue plumber can cause to your plumbing system.

Carefully Check For Materials

Most dishonest technicians use the “bait and switch” technique to con unsuspecting homeowners. A plumber may ask for cash to purchase a high-quality appliance or fixture, but instead, they low-quality products and pocket the price difference. In the price quote, the technician should provide you with the model and make of all the appliances, fixtures, and parts they want to install or replace in your home. If you suspect the price your contractor is giving you is too high, visit your local plumbing store in Memorial City to compare prices. If they were cheating you, look for another expert to do the job. Don’t allow anyone who tried to con you to continue doing the work because they will find another way to rip you off.

Avoid a Technician Who Brings Too Many Contractors

Sometimes, the plumbing issue in your home may be too complicated, forcing the main plumber to need an extra hand. However, if the job only requires one hand but the contractor brings more than 3 experts, that should ring a bell. They might try to charge you extra for the extra hands brought in. If it is a must for a professional to bring in additional people to work on the project, make sure they give a good explanation and get it in writing. If they fail to give a valid reason, opt for another expert ready to follow protocol.

Watch Out for Sudden Price Hikes

If you often hire professionals to fix or inspect your plumbing system, you probably know how the prices go. Sometimes, you might hire an expert who will hike the prices if they notice signs of wealth in your home. Most of them feel you can afford it, charging you higher than other homeowners. If you notice a sudden hike in prices, opt for another technician. Furthermore, it is also good to get estimates for a job from different contractors to get an idea of a fair price for a quote.

If you want to avoid plumbing scams and get the best possible plumbing services in Memorial City, bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston is the real deal. No matter your plumbing issue, we will fix it in no time. We have honest technicians who are dedicated to providing an honest service without causing damage to your home. Contact us for consultation.

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