Insights From Your Trusted Plumbing Company On Shopping For New Plumbing Fixtures  | Katy, TX

Insights From Your Trusted Plumbing Company On Shopping For New Plumbing Fixtures | Katy, TX

Selecting the right plumbing fixture for your home is a worthwhile investment and a long-term decision that impacts you and your family. Whether you are remodeling your home by replacing old sinks, toilets, bathtubs, faucets, or showers or building a new home, it is vital to know the right one.

Making a decision about plumbing for your home can be overwhelming, especially if you have no plumbing experience. This blog will assist you in understanding some of the essential factors you should consider to help you make an educated decision. It’s also wise to seek professional advice from a local plumbing company.


The cost of plumbing fixtures varies depending on various factors, including size, features, brand name, color, and ease of installation. Fixtures made from quality materials are more expensive but also last longer. On the brighter side, quality materials lower the overall cost since you will not have to replace them soon.

Also, you may consider how long you are planning to stay in your current home. If you are planning to stay for a long time, you can save on future expenses by going for the high-quality one. However, if you have plans to move, then you may decide in such a case not to invest a large sum of money in the new fixture. Luxury plumbing fixture brands tend to be very costly too.

Traditional vs Modern

When choosing the correct fixture for your home, one of the critical factors to consider is discovering your taste and style. If you are a modernist, you probably prefer the sleek, straight lines on the fixtures and more neutral chrome and brushed nickel finishes.

On the contrary, traditional homeowners in Katy, TX, may opt for fixtures built with bronze or copper finish.


Technicians from a plumbing company often install fixtures behind walls or bury them in the ground, so you must choose one durable enough to remain in situ and serve you for many years.

The durability of a plumbing system is commonly determined by the quality of its components, the expertise of the installer, and its suitability for the desired application. Regarding durability, it’s wise to go for quality over the cost.

Types of Piping

The type of piping you choose will depend on the application. There are different piping materials, such as steel, PVC, cast iron, and copper. Steel is intensely rigid and is commonly used in steam pipes due to its ability to withstand high temperatures and pressures. The PVC is relatively expensive but easy to work with and install. Also, it’s resistant to most types of rust except solvents and some oils.

Meanwhile, copper pipes are used in applications requiring small pipe diameters; they can handle intense pressure and heat and are commonly used for domestic potable water piping. Lastly, cast iron is mainly used in sewer and stormwater systems in older homes; it is very bulky and difficult to cut. During retrofitting, the plumbing company experts often replace it with plastic piping.

Installation Site

Where the system is installed will significantly impact the fixtures required; if it is outdoors, homeowners in Katy, TX, should select tough fixtures that can resist severe conditions.

In the case of water heaters, they require piping that can effectively carry hot water without being damaged, and in this such cases, copper is the most preferred.

UV Exposure

UV rays deteriorate the integrity of plastic pipes over time, decreasing their lifespan. Exposure to sunlight also heats the water inside the lines; therefore, a PVC pipe is not advisable in such a case since it cannot withstand high temperatures, and if used, it should be wrapped in insulating material for protection.

Water Types

If the water in your pipes is corrosive, it can degrade your pipes, thereby reducing their life span. Also, it may dissolve lead and copper into your home water supply which is harmful to your health. If you suspect your water is less than pure, it is wise to hire a plumbing company to test it.

Soil Characteristics

If the pipe is underground, the type of soil will have a massive impact on the durability of the piping system. Also, if the ground where the pipe is buried contains a lot of rocks, abrasive materials, and moisture, it will eventually deteriorate your pipe.

Soil with excess minerals can cause some chemical reactions when they come into contact with some pipes. If you are uncertain about the soil quality, it is advisable to have it tested by a plumbing company expert before installing the lines to protect them.

Environmental Friendliness

To promote environmental preservation, you should do your best to minimize resource wastage. It would be best if you chose plumbing fixtures that are energy and water efficient.

Energy-efficient products prevent energy loss and wastage; you can quickly identify them by looking at the Energy Star certification mark of EPA.

Some eco-friendly plumbing materials are recycled or made from recycled products. If unsure about the products, visit a plumbing company that sells environmentally friendly products.

Professional Installation

Unless you have experience with plumbing work, it is wise to hire a plumbing company to handle the installation. Even if it’s just a faucet, several things can go wrong. For example, you may accidentally flood your home or damage existing pipes.

Having these fixtures installed by an expert from a plumbing company can save you money by avoiding problems and saving you time since you won’t have to start figuring out how to do it yourself.

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