Insights On The Different Types Of Sewer Systems From A Plumber Near Me In | Sugar Land, TX

Insights On The Different Types Of Sewer Systems From A Plumber Near Me In | Sugar Land, TX

Sewer systems are the end point of your plumbing system, conveying putrid sludge and wastewater from your house to a wastewater treatment point for disposal. They are a common type of waste disposal in places with no septic tank system.

Plumbing experts skillfully and professionally install the infrastructure by accurately connecting receiving drains, screening chambers, and pumping stations for wastewater and human waste to flow through to the sewer treatment plant.

There are several types of sewer systems, which are the focus of this blog. They are all vital in transporting waste to nearby municipal wastewater treatment.

If you are installing the plumbing system in your completed new home, hiring a plumber near me in Texas is wise to help you select the best wastewater disposal system. The professional can start by explaining the different types of sewer systems and their pros and cons.

Sanitary Sewer Systems

Sanitary Sewers consist of giant pipes, pumping stations, and holes that propel waste or sludge to flow to the disposal point. It carries wastewater from homes to the main sewer line. Their primary purpose is to eliminate waste from commercial buildings and houses.

A plumber near me in Sugar Land and nearby areas connects the drain pipes that carry wastewater and human waste from your residential building to the sanitary sewer pipes that are a bit large.

The sanitary sewer pipes are relatively large to handle tissue paper, poop, and wastewater. The sewer system uses gravity to remove used water and human waste from your household.

In the sanitary sewer infrastructure, such as vacuum and effluent, a plumber near me in the city can install pumps for homes in low-lying areas to push the wastewater up to a higher elevation. The holes in the sanitary sewer systems facilitate easy access to the system in cases of maintenance and repairs.

Upsides of the sanitary sewer lines

  • It transports sewage and wastewater into a wastewater treatment facility to reduce the load in the plant.
  • Cost-effective sewer pipes and pumps

Downsides of the Sanitary sewage systems

  • Hard to clean because of the small piping system
  • Hard to maintain and repair if a plumber near me in Sugar Land installs them under storm sewers.

Storm Sewer Systems

Unlike the sanitary system that eliminates wastewater from homes, storm sewers remove rainwater from roofs and roads. The melting ice and water flow through the storm sewer lines, also called surface sewers, to nearby water bodies such as rivers, lakes, and streams in Sugar Land, TX. Rainwater enters the sewer line through numerous places in the system, including open ditches, holes, pipes, and storm drain inlets.

Once there, the water flows smoothly to lakes or rivers. A plumber near me in the area installs runoff or storm sewer systems in homes to drain rainwater from parking lots and gutters. The expert connects numerous pipes underground to carry the water away. Unlike sanitary systems, water flowing in the surface sewers does not undergo treatment.

Therefore, you should keep your rainwater drains clean by not throwing dangerous waste, such as paint, chemicals, and oils, in them to protect the environment and animals. You can hire a plumber near me in Texas to clean gutters and rainwater paths to promote a clean and healthy environment.

Advantages of Storm Water Sewers

  • Flows rainwater and melted ice to water bodies for disposal
  • Does not pollute water if the system is not clogged

Disadvantages of Runoff Sewer Systems

  • They only operate when during storms
  • Increased risk of clogs by plants, litter, leaves, and other dirt that rainwater washes along its path.

Combined Sewerage Systems

Another common type of sewer system is the combined sewer line. It is a combination of the sanitary and storm sewer infrastructure. The sewer network flows away stormwater and wastewater from family home units to the same wastewater treatment plant before disposing of them off to the environment.

A plumber near me in Sugar Land, TX, can install the sanitary sewers from your house in the same main sewage lines that carry away rainwater. It pumps wastewater mixed with rainwater into sludge for treatment.

The moment you see rain water that should flow to water bodies entering the same place as poop, pee, puke, and tissue in one sewer line, it shows the high risk of health hazards.

If there are severe storms, the sewer system is susceptible to clogging due to leaves, small sticks, or branches washed away by rain, leading to serious plumbing issues such as backups, overflowing sinks, and water damage.

If it happens at night while you are asleep and fail to wake up, you will wake up in a smelly house with severe indoor floods. Gross! Right? It is a situation where prevention is better by hiring a plumber near me in the Sugar Land area to inspect the system to ensure it has working filters that can stop all the dirt washed by rainwater into the combined system.

Pros of Combined Systems

  • Pipes have large diameters to handle both stormwater and wastewater from homes
  • Maintenance is easy, making the costs reasonable
  • Reduces the strength of the sludge as rainwater mixes with human waste and wastewater
  • Cost-effective because they use one sewer infrastructure for both rainwater and wastewater

Cons of Combined Sewers

  • Are a high risk to health in case of clogs that can lead to overflowing
  • Increases the load in the treatment plan as it receives both stormwater and wastewater
  • Pollutes rainwater that animals can drink when it gets to the river and for watering plants.

In Need of Quality Services?

Understanding different sewer system options for homeowners is crucial in making informed decisions when installing plumbing, venting, drainage, and sewer systems.

Call us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston when you are ready to have your plumbing and drain systems connected to a sewer line. You will get a plumber near me in Sugar Land, TX, who will provide all the relevant information about each sewer system option and make the installation.

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