How To Extend Your Water Heater’s Lifespan With A Water Heater Repair | Katy, TX

How To Extend Your Water Heater’s Lifespan With A Water Heater Repair | Katy, TX

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Water heaters work efficiently every day. Yet, these are one of the most overlooked units. The chances are that you may not pay much attention to your water heater unless it stops working or suffers damages.

However, negligence can also lead to issues with the unit’s components and functioning. With regular maintenance, it is possible to extend the lifespan of your water heater.

You can spot any issues faster and call for a water heater repair service in Katy, TX, promptly. It avoids any unexpected issues as well that may disrupt your daily routine.

Maintenance Tips to Extend Your Water Heater’s Lifespan

Generally, a water heater has an average life of about 8 to 12 years. Over time, the unit may face corrosion, sediment build-ups, leakages, and internal component failure. Such issues reduce the life of the device significantly.

You can extend its longevity by around 3 or 5 years with the help of proper care and regular maintenance. A water heater service in Katy, TX, can inspect your unit and perform timely repairs to make it last longer.

Here are some helpful maintenance tips to keep your water heater running smoothly for several years.

Check Its Pressure Valve

Water heaters come with a safety pressure valve. It opens if excess heat or pressure builds up within the unit and prevents extensive damages. Additionally, the safety valve makes sure that any dangerous explosions do not occur.

Check its pressure valve often to ensure optimal performance and safety. Make sure to switch off the electricity while inspecting the valve. If you find any residue build-up or sediment blockage, call a water heater repair service as soon as possible.

Professionals clear the blockage carefully and check if the pressure valve needs any repair. At times, it may need a replacement with a more durable one.

Periodic Maintenance Checks

You have to perform periodic maintenance checks to ensure that your water heater works efficiently for more years. It helps you spot any damage signs such as corrosion and cracks faster.

Even a tiny crack can soon cause breakage and flood your basement or bathroom. To avoid damages and extensive repair costs, examine your unit regularly and safely.

You can hire a water heater service to inspect the device. Experienced plumbers find hidden issues as well.

Additionally, you can come up with a maintenance schedule with the help of a reliable plumber. In this way, you can avoid negligence and provide timely care for your water heater.

Flush Its Tank

If excess sediment builds up in the tank, it hinders smooth functioning. Generally, sediment may be more with hard water as it contains several minerals. Thick layers of magnesium, calcium and other sediment make your water heater work harder. It uses more energy, and the stress reduces its lifespan.

Avoid these issues by flushing its tank every 6 to 12 months. You can drain some water into a container and examine it. If you find too much debris and dirt, you have to clean the unit thoroughly.

A water heater repair service can clean the device without damaging any of its internal components. By eliminating sediment, you can save on energy bills as well.

Inspect Its Anode Rod

A water heater’s anode rod helps in preventing corrosion. Its steel core has an aluminum or magnesium coating. By producing an electrochemical reaction, it attracts all corrosive materials, like calcium.

The elements stick to the anode rod instead of settling at the bottom or sides of the water heater. As a result, the walls have a lesser chance of rusting. However, once the rod begins to wear out, corrosion occurs rapidly.

Inspect your water heater regularly and check if its anode rod had excess build-up over it. A water heater service replaces your anode rod with a more efficient one. Robust anode rods last up to three or five years.

Some models also allow the installation of two anode rods to extend the unit’s life. Ask your plumber if it is possible for your model.

Consider Installing a Water Softener

Are you dealing with frequent water heater repairs? If the reason is high levels of mineral build-up, you may have to avoid using hard water directly. It leaves mineral deposits in the unit and reduces its longevity.

You can install a water softener to prevent excess deposits. It also significantly reduces the workload and damages on all plumbing systems.

Check the Thermostat and Heating Elements

Do you notice that your water heater no longer produces an optimum temperature of hot water? Then, its thermostat and heating elements are most likely malfunctioning. You can inspect them after switching off electricity. Any breakages or deposits affect their efficiency.

A water heater repair service inspects these internal components and repairs them accordingly. Professionals can also easily replace the parts without delays to extend the unit’s lifespan.

Install an Expansion Water Tank

Generally, water expands upon heating rapidly. If a closed space surrounds your unit, it may be difficult for water to backflow into your main water pipe. Most water heaters adjust the temperatures to avoid too much expansion and explosions.

However, it causes stress to the unit and reduces its life. A water heater repair service can install an expansion water tank to provide an outlet for the water and minimize the workload on the device.

Choose a Professional Water Heater Repair Service for Maintenance

You can rely on a professional service to undertake periodic inspections and repairs of your water heater. With timely attention, you can extend the unit’s longevity. Reach out to bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston today if you need a water heater repair in Katy, TX.

We provide high-quality plumbing services 24/7. Our licensed plumbers examine your unit and replace any inefficient parts immediately. Additionally, we help you schedule regular water heater maintenance. Guaranteed services are available to ensure durability.

Call us at 346-800-3316 anytime and book your appointment. You can visit our website to receive more information on our water heater repair service.

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