Why Do You Need A Plumbing Service When Buying An Old House? | Katy, TX

Why Do You Need A Plumbing Service When Buying An Old House? | Katy, TX

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Buying a new house is a dream come true for many. It is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. And while buying a modern apartment or new age townhouse is very satisfying, there is something special and nostalgic about buying an old property with its own story to tell. Old houses in Katy, TX, have great architectural value and historical significance. They also have a solid foundation and beautifully crafted interiors.

However, you also need to be very practical while buying an old property. You need to check out the property for structural defects, and plumbing is a major cause for concern. Below, we list a few of the reasons why you should hire professional plumbing services when you decide to buy an old house.

Checking the Water Flow

One of the biggest concerns in an old house is the restricted water flow. The property might have been in a state of disuse for a very long time. Even if it was occupied, the previous owners might not have paid particular attention to the water flow before selling it.

Fluctuations in water pressure can be very frustrating because it can be difficult to get through your daily tasks without good water pressure. The water meter valve might not be fully open, or the main house shut-off valve might not be working properly.

It would help if you had professional plumbing services check out the entire premises to rule out such water problems. They will clear out all the sludge that might have accumulated over the years and restore the pressure.

Outdated Plumbing

Houses that are over forty years old used very different kinds of plumbing. Homes that date back to the fifties often have clay pipes that can be disintegrated when you make your purchase. Or, if the home had cast iron pipes- which was a common feature in houses dating back to the seventies, they might have corroded subsequently.

Many centuries-old houses used lead pipes for plumbing, and despite their 100 years of longevity, the chances of the lead mixing with the water due to corrosion is very high.

You should have a professional plumbing service at Katy, TX, to replace these pipes and install new plumbing instead. Not only will you make your property safer by ruling out impurities from your water system, but you will also prevent costlier repairs in the long run, along with tons of additional harassment.

Clearing Out Obstructions

The plumbing in old homes often becomes plugged with growths like tree roots and saplings. Birds and rodents also tend to build their nests inside them. These create obstructions in the plumbing and prevent the water from passing smoothly. However, it might be challenging for you to root out all this unwanted growth yourself.

Professional plumbing services have the necessary tools to address these issues. They will dig out all the obstructions with their specialized tools and use various techniques to ensure nothing left behind can create a clog later on.

Professional plumbers also have the necessary protective gear to get inside the crawl spaces of old homes and check out various parts and joints if needed, along with the condition of any previous repairs.

Checking the Sewage and Drainage

Old homes had efficient sewage and drainage at one point, but the occupants also had a very different way of life. The sewage system of your house should be spot on, and there should be no obstructions when it comes to the wastewater leading out of your property.

Make sure that you run the shower and flushes in all the bathrooms. If you find that water is resurfacing or hear strange sounds coming from the plumbing, you should immediately call professional plumbing services. Poor drainage can lead to your bathroom flooding.

If your house has a basement and leaks sewage, it could very likely be filled with odorous wastewater. You do not want to deal with that kind of a mess, and you should take care of the issue before moving in.

Fixing Damp Spots

It is not uncommon to notice damp spots in an old property. Old homes often have leaking pipes, and the water tends to drip and accumulate behind the walls. However, you must take care of this issue by calling expert plumbing services as soon as you buy the property and prepare to move in.

The damp spots will not only ruin the look of your home; they will continue to eat away at the property’s structure. The dampness will give rise to termites which can eventually end up eating away your furniture. It could also become a breeding ground for other pests and rodents, who love to nest in dark and dank places.

Moreover, the damp spots can also give rise to moss and fungal formation. The spores can get into your indoor air circulation and cause breathing issues and allergies. It would help if you tried to hire the help of reputed plumbing services to take care of the damp spots and leakages as soon as possible. Or else, you would have to spend extra money on pest control and moss removal if the problem gets out of hand.

Thinking of Buying an Old and Majestic Property? Call Us Today for an Inspection!

Old properties in Katy, TX, have a charm that hardly any new property will match. If you want a house with grand old fireplaces, high ceilings, stunning floor-to-ceiling French windows, and a captivating backstory, then these old houses will tick all the right boxes.

Do not let something as trivial as plumbing issues take away your joy of moving into such a magnificent property. Leave that worry to us while you prepare your new house and restore the house to its former glory.

Our professional plumbing services at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston will inspect every inch of the plumbing and suggest necessary changes to be made so that your house has the best plumbing solutions. Call our plumbing services for an inspection and a quote, and we will take it from there!

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