How To Avoid These Eight Common Electric Water Heater Repair Problems At Home | Katy, TX

How To Avoid These Eight Common Electric Water Heater Repair Problems At Home | Katy, TX

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Water heaters, like every other appliance or gadget at home, could break down at times. But this equipment is so essential that you cannot do without them even for a day. Water heaters might not be overly complex equipment, but they still require specialized handling. Rather than trying DIY methods to face issues, you should opt for professional water heater repair services for maintenance. If not, then even a simple issue can turn challenging, resulting in many unnecessary expenses for you. With repair services you can be sure that you will never run out of hot water at home.

Here are some common electric water heater problems you can avoid with regular and professional repair services.

1.  Inadequate Hot Water

If there are several people in your house, you might already have problems with the water heater regularly producing enough hot water. Usually, it can take anywhere between fifteen minutes to thirty minutes for the water to heat back up once the heater is wholly depleted off the hot water. That will depend on the tank’s capacity- the larger the capacity, the more time it will take for the water to heat up. The water heater might have accumulated sediment with constant use, especially if you have hard water in the area, which could slow down the process. If it takes longer than the usual time, there might be some problem with the heating system, and you need water heater repair services to look into the problem.

2.  Fluctuating Temperatures

Suppose your electric water heater is giving you bouts of hot and cold water alternatively. In that case, you should contact repair services as it could mean a more significant issue. One of the causes is a broken thermostat, or there could be some other problem with the heating unit. In case of drastic temperature fluctuations, you might have to replace the thermostat, and it is best if a professional does it for you. A person could need 20 gallons of water every day, and depending on the number of people in your house, this amounts to a lot of water that needs constant heating. A broken thermostat will cause the water to heat slower than usual, impeding the hot water flow.

3.  Leaking Water Heater

A leaking water heater will cause excess water flow, and you will end up paying for water that you are not even using. Water heaters might leak when the metal tank’s inner lining expands with heat and contracts when shut off. This constant wear and tear could lead to cracks in the water heater body, causing leaks. You need a water heater repair service to fix an issue like this. Substantial leaks at the base or constant drippings may cause dampness around the heater, leading to short circuits and accidents. Damage to the overflow pipe could also be a potential cause, and you need an expert to detect the anomaly.

4.  Strange Sounds

At times, you might hear strange sounds coming from the water heater. The most likely cause is sediments accumulated at the bottom or sides of the heater burning up due to the heat. It could also be due to the water overheating, and you might be hearing sounds of boiling water. Contact water heater repair services immediately because overheating might cause the heater to explode and result in a mishap. The experts will fully drain the tank and clear out the sediments, restoring the heater to its original shape for optimum heating.

5.  Water That Smells

If you notice strange smells reeking from the water every time you turn on the faucet or the shower, then it could mean bacterial growth in your water heater tank and would require thorough clean-up. You might also notice the water turning cloudy, or it could also smell rusty, signifying the inner lining of the tank has corroded, and the residue is mixing with the water. Using this water for daily purposes could lead to serious health problems related to the stomach or infections and allergies. Opt for water heater repair services in Katy, TX, to resolve this issue to ensure the health of your family. The experts will use anode rods to kill bacteria inside the tank and make sure it is entirely safe for use.

6.  Fluctuating Pressure

Low water pressure can cause delays, and this increases sedimentation inside the tank. Again, if the water pressure is too high, it might end up damaging the pipes. You could try flushing out the entire tank once or twice, but if you notice frequent fluctuations in water pressure, then it is time to call water heater repair services. The professionals will look into why the water pressure is fluctuating so much. They will clean out the tank and the pipes leading out from the heater and check if the pressure is correct.

7.  Faulty Pilot Light

Electric water heaters have pilot lights, but your water heater will not work if they refuse to light up. One common fix is to try to reignite it yourself by clicking the ignition switch. However, if that doesn’t work, or if it keeps shutting down, you might have to call in water heater repair services. At times the problems could be as simple as dirt or grime build-up, which needs to be cleaned out, but sometimes the problem could be more profound. There might be some problem with the circuit board, or the ignition might not be reaching the point where it needs the water to heat up. Only professionals could help resolve the problem.

8.  Electrical Issues

There could be quite a few electrical issues with your electric water heater that only repair service experts should look into. If your heater is off due to a power surge, then it needs professional repairing. Besides, there could be problems with the pressure valves or a broken mercury sensor. Either way, you need experts to solve the problem.

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