3 Signs It’s Time For Drain Cleaning Service | Memorial City

3 Signs It’s Time For Drain Cleaning Service | Memorial City

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Day in and day out you probably flush things down your drain without giving it a second thought, but on the day the wastes come back out of your drain, it is all you will think about. A clogged drain that is regurgitating wastes backup is a major issue and one that can easily reduce your access to water in just minutes. In cases of things like a main sewer clog, you often can’t use any water in your home because it will just come back out another fixture. It is not uncommon for drain clogs to cause floor drain backups, sink backups, or lower-level toilet backups. At this point, you need to call a drain cleaning service.

A lot of people try to fix clogs on their own with a plunger or some chemical drain cleaner, but not only can this be more harmful to your pipes, but it is also usually only a temporary measure. If you have a clog so severe that you are seeing sewage pop up in sinks or other fixtures on the lower levels of your home, you need to take prompt action or risk cleaning up sewage in every fixture in your home. Not only is it disgusting, but it is smelly and hard to remove old decaying wastes. The clear choice in this situation is to call for a drain cleaning service.

However, not every clog is quite so obvious. While it is easy to know you have to call a drain cleaning service when you can see feces coming out of a drain, it is easy to miss the signs that got you there. Knowing what these small indicators are can be the difference between a huge mess and a manageable one. The following is a brief list of signs that it may be time to call a drain cleaning service in Memorial City, TX. Around here our motto is a quick clean today keeps the plumber away.

Water Won’t Drain or Drains Slowly

If you notice that water is not draining properly from a fixture or an appliance, such as a washing machine that won’t empty or a sink where water is pooling then you have a problem with a clog. This is not something that you want to ignore because eventually the water will stop slowly draining out too and you will be left with standing water and no easy solution.

When you discover standing water it indicates that somewhere along the drainpipe is a hidden clog. Some common culprits are hair, vegetable peels, rice, and grease. However, anything that is not supposed to go down the drain can cause a clog. In homes with small children oftentimes small toys and things get flushed down drain pipes where they should not be.

The only way to solve this problem is to call a drain cleaning service to investigate and solve the problem. The longer you wait the higher the chance that your drain will become completely blocked causing much larger issues.

Frequent Clogs

Does it seem like you are always attempting to deal with a clog in your house? Maybe your toilet overflowed last week but you were able to make some headway after ten minutes with the plunger. Or perhaps the kitchen sink wouldn’t drain but then you stuck a wire down it for a bit and some drain cleaner and then it cleared.

First of all, these are not great solutions because chemical drain cleaners will destroy your pipes, but second, they are only temporary fixes. Chances you are only managing to clear just enough for some water to drain through, but in just a little bit of time the clog will form again and you will be right back where you started from.

Over time residue and other debris gathers and sticks to the side of pipes. There is no avoiding this, even if you have great drain etiquette. If you don’t call a drain cleaning service to handle the problem you will end up with clogs. Unless you enjoy dealing with messy clogs on a regular basis it is time to call a drain cleaning service. Luckily, while you may only be able to break a bit of the block away, a professional plumber will be able to figure out where the major clog is and thoroughly clean out your pipes so that clogs are a thing of the past.

Odd Odors Near Major Appliances or Sinks

Have you ever walked by a sink and smelled a very noxious odor? At first, you may think it’s in your head, but if you start to smell it more regularly you have an issue. A lot of people try to flush out the smell using a mixture of bleach and cleaning agents, but unfortunately, that isn’t going to do the trick. Within a day or two, the smell will be back.

That is because the smell is likely coming from a partial blog deep down inside of your drains. The smell wafting up is what you notice, but the actual issue is buried deep inside of your plumbing. When there is debris and a blockage it often spurs the growth of bacteria and mold, and this is what produces the bad smell that you are noticing in your home.

You can notice this smell coming out of sinks, your dishwasher, or even your washing machine. It doesn’t matter where you smell it, but it is a clear sign that you need to call for help from a drain cleaning service. Have you noticed any of these signs in your home? bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston is proud to offer drain cleaning service to Memorial City, TX, and can help you with any drain issues promptly.

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