Before You Hire A Plumber, Read This List Of Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Remodeling Their Kitchen | Houston Heights

Before You Hire A Plumber, Read This List Of Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Remodeling Their Kitchen | Houston Heights

If there are things that can add value to a home, a kitchen remodel is certainly one of them.

Redesigning or upgrading your home kitchen is a fun but complex process with many variables. If done well, it could see you reap big on your investment. And the opposite is true. While renovating their kitchens, most homeowners make mistakes because they don’t have the needed information or overlook the ‘little’ details.

It’s important to know what’s required before a plumber in Houston Heights begins working on your kitchen plumbing. This is because a renovation mistake is an expensive one. You’ll not want it. So, ensure the process starts off right.

To help you learn what to do, here is a breakdown of common kitchen renovation mistakes you’ll want to avoid at all costs.

Failing to Plan

Rushing into a remodel without proper planning can be your biggest undoing. Unfortunately, many homeowners make this mistake. For a successful kitchen renovation, there has to be a vision and an end goal.

You might have recently seen a breathtaking kitchen design in an online home decor magazine, but you need to get your specifics before anything. Consider if the new kitchen will meet your needs. In addition, you must factor in all the important aspects of the project; duration, the cost of materials and labor, and any preparation needed for a successful remodel.

Plumbers can take days or even weeks to work on your new kitchen. The possibility of not having a kitchen or access to certain essential areas might inconvenience you and your family. Do your homework to ensure you’re fully prepared for the job before contacting a plumbing company. Drawing a plan alone might be easy, but a professional can help ensure it’s not a “form over function” kind of plan.

Going for What’s Trending

Almost everyone wants to be trendy, but one thing about trends is that they keep changing, and before you know it, they’re gone.

You want to ensure you’re not hiring a plumber to install too many trendy fixtures in your kitchen that could become outdated in a few years. Large items such as cabinetry and countertops can be one big remodel to endure once the trend fades away. So choose wisely!

Underestimating the Cost

An accurate budget is critical for any project you might undertake in your home. You must factor in any costs you could incur during the project. Never assume that your budget can’t go over the estimation provided by your plumber.

Knocking down walls might lead to plumbing surprises. Renovating a kitchen in an older home can unveil leaky or deteriorating pipes that may need repairs or replacement. That means you must budget for unforeseen situations that only come real when the job starts.

Rushing the Remodeling Project

Like your budget, time is also a crucial factor you shouldn’t underestimate. Don’t assume a weekend project will only end on the weekend. Many homeowners only want the project to kick off and get finished in the shortest time.

But that may not be possible, considering the amount of work your plumbing contractors must do. Don’t rush the project. If you force your plumbers to get the job done at its earliest, they might deliver low-quality work, which can be another big headache.

Overlooking Local Building Codes

Before undertaking a kitchen remodel, you must consider the local building codes and regulations in Houston Heights.

You do not want to start a project that can have legal consequences on you. A building inspector in Houston Heights may have to review the safety of the new kitchen plumbing before plumbers can proceed with the renovation.

Choosing Appliances Last

It only makes sense to have all the necessary supplies, parts, or materials before you can proceed with the renovation. If you’re ordering these components from various sources, you must plan when and how they’ll be delivered and where to store them.

You might be anxious to start, but often delivery times won’t be as you expect. Let the contractor come in only when you have all the items. It will save you as well as your plumber time.

Forgetting Your Workflow

When planning a remodel, keep in mind your kitchen’s busiest areas. For a more functional and efficient kitchen, the primary stations in your kitchen must not be too close or far from each other. Ideally, what is being created is called the kitchen triangle.

Incorrect Sizing for the Cabinetry

During kitchen restructuring, most individuals allow plumbers to make this blunder without their knowledge. They’ll choose the countertops and cabinets before the sink. One major problem with this is that it always results in the kitchen sink having an incorrect size. The best thing is to have the cabins and countertops constructed around the design and size of

Not Taking Time to Find the Right Contractor

With so many plumbing service providers near you, you must take the time to get the right one for your renovation project. Not every contractor is certified or experienced in making certain home improvements.

Quack plumbers will not have the right plumbing equipment. There’s also the fear of using incompatible pipes, resulting in internal corrosion of the piping. This might, in turn, cause frequent leaks and other disastrous plumbing problems.

Ask around to see what your friends or colleagues say about the plumbing contractors they’ve hired. Customer reviews can also tell you whether the plumbing service provider is reliable.

Also, ask your plumbing technician to show you their current license and insurance coverage. This will ensure you’re on the safe side, just in case the renovation goes wrong.

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