Does Your Toilet Make Random Noises? Your Plumbing Company Explains What The Sounds Mean | Sugar Land, TX

Does Your Toilet Make Random Noises? Your Plumbing Company Explains What The Sounds Mean | Sugar Land, TX

Picture this; you are watching your favorite TV show or enjoying an afternoon nap when suddenly you hear a strange noise. The sound stops, and you don’t think about it, but it comes up again. This time you investigate only to discover it’s coming from the toilet.

Not only is the sound annoying, but it also means something is wrong with your toilet. It’s normal for toilets to make noises when they flush. But if it’s making noises when it’s supposed to be quiet, it could be leaking or having a serious problem that a competent plumbing company must handle. Please keep reading to learn about toilet sounds and what they mean.

Ghost Flushing

When you hear the toilet flush and no one is in the bathroom, you can start to second-guess who is living in your home. Don’t fear! You are not in a horror movie; the toilet is flushing itself. What could be happening is that the tank has developed a leak.

It could also signal that the tubing used for refill is not correctly positioned over the overflow pipe. In other cases, the water in your toilet could be seeping slowly, probably through a faulty flapper.

Therefore, when the float gets below a certain level, the water switches on its own, causing the toilet to flush on its own magically. This issue must be resolved promptly to avoid wasting thousands of gallons of water.

To fix the problem, you’ll need to contact a plumber to check and change some parts of the toilet. Doing it yourself can worsen the situation, so you should count on a trusted plumbing company to get the work done.

Toilet Whistles When Flushed

When your toilet is making an air nose, whistling, or hissing sound, that is an indication that the fill valve is not closing or sealing properly. As a result, the air or water could slowly leak from the fill valve. The best solution is to have professionals from a plumbing company replace the fill valve.

Vibrating Sound

If you hear a vibrating sound in your wall after flushing the toilet, you may have a worn-out or hardened diaphragm. Sometimes it could be an issue with the fill valve. A plumbing company in Sugar Land, TX, can replace the faulty fill valve to stop the noise. Additionally, the vibrating sound could also be coming from the valve at the wall that supplies the toilet.

Hissing Noise

This is a common sound in most homes. The hissing noise could result from a worn-out flap that’s unable to form a seal. As a result, water flows into the bowl, refilling up the tank continuously.

Old or broken flaps cause major water wastage and should be replaced immediately. In some cases, it could be a float problem. If the float is higher than the overflow tube, you can try using a clip on the side to push it down several inches to stop the endless hissing sound and prevent continuous refilling. If this method fails, you should immediately call a licensed plumbing company in Sugar Land, TX, to resolve the problem.

Gurgling Sound

The gurgling noise from a toilet is the most perplexing because its source is not so easily traced. It could result from a blockage in a vent stack, a blocked sewer drain, or a clog in the toilet itself.

Experts from a trusted plumbing company best handle the gurgling noise in your toilet. If possible, avoid using the toilet until a professional plumber fixes it.

Banging Sound

Immediately after the toilet stops running, there is a banging called a water hammer. It happens when water flowing through the pipe suddenly stops and hits the valve with an audible bang. The force of water hitting the pipes can be destructive, and worse; the pipes can get damaged over time.

The issue of the water hammer can be due to high water pressure. It can also occur when there is air in the pipes. If draining and refilling the pipes can’t stop the water hammer, reach out to a professional from a good plumbing company. The technician can fix the problem by installing a pressure regulator.

A Foghorn Noise

This sound can be scary. When you hear your sound making a noise like that of a ship entering a harbor, you could be having a loose washer inside the float. Although the sounds can be frightening, you can fix the problem easily without reaching out to a professional.

Raise the tank lid, hold up the float, and flush the toilet. If the foghorn noise stops, then you have identified the problem. The issue is fixed by detaching the float and locating the loose valve. But it’s wise to have a plumbing company replace the entire part.

Loud Refills

Does it sound like a lot of water is pouring into the tank when you flush your toilet? There could be a bit of uneven water flow from the pipe to the toilet. You need technicians to adjust the valve that directs water into your toilet correctly.

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