9 Signs That You Need to Replace Your Bathroom Plumbing | Insight from Your Trusted Spring Branch Area Plumber

9 Signs That You Need to Replace Your Bathroom Plumbing | Insight from Your Trusted Spring Branch Area Plumber

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If you have been experiencing frequent plumbing problems recently, it may be time to call a plumber in the Spring Branch area for a thorough inspection of your plumbing system. A professional should be able to check for leaks and other plumbing issues requiring professional help. He would either ask you to repair some of them or advise you to get replacements to maximize the efficiency of your system. Getting replacements is beneficial as it’s not just convenient but it also saves you a lot of frustrations from having to call professionals for repairs. Most importantly, you won’t have recurring plumbing problems in the future.

Some homeowners do not think about replacing their bathroom plumbing unless they experience serious problems. Do not wait for this to happen as it may even cost you more down the road. As soon as you see the signs described below, talk to a professional immediately so they can give you better plumbing solutions.

1.  Outdated or Old Fixtures

If you notice that rust is starting to appear in your showerheads and other bathroom fixtures, it is definitely time for an upgrade. These old fixtures not only make your home look dated but they also pose some serious health risks especially when the chipped metals make their way to the water stream. Call for a professional plumber in the Spring Branch area so they can assist with replacing your bathroom fixtures.

2.  Slow Drainage

A drainage problem that never seems to get resolved calls for a plumber’s help. You may also try a harmless cleaning solution or use a plumbing snake for resolving the clog. If that doesn’t help, call a professional so they can effectively deal with the problem. Faulty water lines and leaks are also major signs that your bathroom needs an upgrade. Always call for a plumber for any plumbing issue to avoid recurring problems in the future. A professional should be able to properly diagnose the problem and offer you the best solution for it.

3.  Cold Showers

It can be extremely uncomfortable when the water doesn’t seem to heat up after several minutes. That means that you may have some issues with your hot water tank. There could be a leak if you are not getting the right water temperature. Call a plumber immediately for assistance.

4.  Water Problems

If the water that comes out of your shower is either yellow or brown, that could mean that the pipes are rusty or even corroded. That is a sure sign that it needs to be replaced. Call a plumber when you notice a bad odor or rusty smell in the water. Do not attempt to use it as it could be dangerous for you.

5.  Poor Water Pressure

A drop in the water pressure could mean that there is something wrong with the pipes or there could be a leak. You are likely to experience this if you use galvanized pipes for your plumbing. They usually degrade and their diameter narrows causing the unsteady stream of water. If this consistently happens, you need to check for clogs or leaks. You may need the help of a professional as they can help you deal with this issue better. They may suggest for you to fully replace all your pipes to resolve the issue.

6.  Noisy Pipes

Another sign that you need to replace your plumbing is when you hear annoying noises every time you use the faucet or the shower. This may be because of the loose valves in your pipes or a pressurization issue with the pipes. You will need to deal with this problem right away to avoid more costly replacements.

7.  Mold

Molds in the ceilings or walls indicate that there is a leak and you will need to have that checked by a licensed plumber. A professional can find the source of the leak and will help you resolve it. Molds are also a sure sign that you need to replace your plumbing.

8.  Running Toilet

Toilet flappers that do not properly close will give you noises and will cause a running toilet. If you don’t resolve this immediately, it could give you higher water bills. To avoid this, call a plumber so they can help you fix the problem.

9.  Constant Dripping

Plumbing emergencies are usually a result of small plumbing problems that have been ignored by some homeowners. One of them is the constant dripping in the faucets or showerheads. As much as possible, you will need to resolve this as soon as you can. Call a plumber if you don’t know what to do. Constant dripping is usually caused by either high water pressure of broken valves. Do something about it before it gets worse, or you may find yourself with high water bills or expensive replacements.

Why Upgrade Your Bathroom Plumbing?

Convenience, aesthetic appeal and efficiency are just some of the reasons why you need to upgrade your plumbing system. It will not only improve the look of your home, but you also will not have to experience calling plumbers for emergencies or expensive repairs. If problems are resolved right away, it will not cost you more.

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