Do I Need a Plumber For Water Filtration? | Katy, TX

Do I Need a Plumber For Water Filtration? | Katy, TX

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Many people have become increasingly aware of water quality issues in recent years. Quality is not always defined by safety, although safety is a concern. Most residents of Katy, TX, and the United States in general, have access to safe water from water treatment facilities.

Reasons for Water Filtration

Water filtration systems are often installed to improve taste or remove contaminants that are safe, but not necessarily desirable. Households relying on private wells may have more concern for the safety of their drinking water.

Unpleasant Taste or Odor

We’ve all heard the health benefits of water and importance of sufficient hydration. Our bodies need water to function. Tap water with an unpleasant taste or odor can lead to chronic dehydration. People are not eager to drink water they do not like.

Private Wells

The quality of well water can vary significantly from one well to another. Quality is affected by depth of the well, proximity to agricultural fields or pasture for livestock, and prevalence of certain types of industries and businesses in the area. Potentially harmful contaminants in well water include heavy metals, pesticides, fertilizer components, and pathogenic bacteria and other microorganisms.

Lead and Rust

Water contaminated with lead can be very harmful, especially for children. Lead contamination often comes from outdated plumbing infrastructure. Homeowners can hire a plumber to replace the plumbing system in their own homes if lead pipes are a problem, but individuals can not replace the infrastructure of an entire neighborhood or residential area. Replacing lead pipes in general infrastructure can take years.

Some water filtration systems can mitigate the lead problem temporarily, however, it is important to make sure a filtration system or product is actually capable of removing lead. Consider asking a plumber for assistance if you suspect lead is a problem in your water supply. Installing a water filtration system that can not remove lead is potentially dangerous because it fosters a false sense of security.

Old pipes made from iron or metallic alloys produce rust that discolours water and gives it a metallic taste. Again, homeowners can only control rusty pipes in their own homes. Rust from community infrastructure can be removed with a filtration system.

Bottled Water

Bottled water is a massive industry. It was valued at $185 billion in 2015. Americans drink approximately 39 gallons of bottled water per person each year. This is an estimated value and bottled water consumption varies between individuals. Some Americans do not drink bottled water at all, but it can become very expensive for those that do.

A high quality home water filtration system eliminates the need for bottled water. Cutting bottled water out of the grocery budget saves money and relieves some of the plastic pollution accumulating in huge amounts all over the planet.


Chlorine is becoming a popular reason for whole house filtration. Sometimes using filtered water to wash clothes or shower is considered wasteful, but there are reasons for preferring filtered water for these tasks. Filtration systems can remove chlorine. Unfiltered water from a water treatment plant almost always contains chlorine. Chlorine vapors are released while showering, running a washing machine or using a dishwasher.

Detrimental Contaminants

There are other reasons for whole house filtration as well. Every contaminant in a home’s water supply washes over skin and air while showering. Contaminants such as iron and sulfur cause stains, discoloration, and fading when clothes are washed. Calcium and similar substances in water can build up on pipes and plumbing fixtures over time. Some contaminants can trigger allergies, cause skin rashes and aggravate asthma symptoms.

How Can a Plumber Help?

Choosing a water filtration system can be a frustrating process as there are many types of home filtration systems. Each type and model has advantages and disadvantages. Your local plumber is a valuable resource regarding water filtration methods.

Identify Contaminants

Professional plumbers help you navigate various factors involved in choosing the best water filtration system for your household. The first priority is determining specific contaminants in your water. A report from a lab is the most accurate way to identify contaminants. Municipal water treatment companies can provide water quality reports as well. You can request a report yourself or contact a local plumber to obtain the report.

Performance and Certification

No one wants to install a water filtration system just to experience disappointing results. Filter performance is evaluated and certified according to standards from the NSF International (NSF) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The Water Quality Association, or WQA, also

developed a set of standards and offers product certification. The EPA has established Maximum Contaminant Levels (MCL) for specific contaminant substances.

There are no federal regulations mandating certification for water filtration systems, although many manufacturers voluntarily submit their products for testing and certification. Some states regulate water filtration systems for home use, but Texas does not. Residents of Katy, TX, can examine each system and product to verify performance certification, but it may be easier to consult a professional plumber for help.

Counterfeit Products

Home water filtration is a large and growing industry. Unfortunately, counterfeit and misleading water filtration products are an ongoing problem. Sometimes products flagged for questionable or false claims are not removed from the market immediately. Some of these products falsely claim to have passed the testing and compliance checks from NSF International and other trusted authorities.

The number of certification agencies and wide range of values and standards can be hard to decipher. Consulting a professional plumber helps you avoid unscrupulous manufacturers that intentionally create misleading packaging and labels to indicate certification that their products do not deserve.

The experienced plumbers at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston can help you choose a safe and effective water filtration system for your home in Katy, TX. bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston installs the system in your home and handles routine maintenance and replacement parts or materials. Enjoy safe, refreshing water and peace of mind from knowing your system is maintained by skilled professionals.

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