10 Signs Your Drain Needs Cleaning | Sugar Land, TX

10 Signs Your Drain Needs Cleaning | Sugar Land, TX

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If your drains are clogged, scheduling for professional drain cleaning is the best solution to stay ahead of a serious plumbing issue. At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston in the Sugar Land, TX area, we pride in offering expert services that ensure your drain problem is resolved right the first time. No matter the magnitude of the blockage, we’ll put our years of experience to work for you.

If you’re unsure your drains need cleaning, here are common warning signs that you should look out for:

Slow Drainage

Is your sink or bathtub taking longer than usual to empty? Even if it’s still functioning somewhat, you need to get it fixed before the slow drain escalates into a full-blown clog. Our skilled plumbers will do a thorough drain cleaning to shield you from headaches and costly repairs that arise when clogs that seem minor are left unattended.

Standing Water

While a slow drain signals a potential threat, standing water in your sink, washing machine, or shower means that your drainage problem has worsened. Most probably, clogs have become so bad that they’ve completely blocked the pipes, preventing wastewater from going down. You can also experience water backup that carries other grossness up your drain.

Our plumbers in Sugar Land, TX, will get to the root cause of this problem and ensure that the entire clog is cleared. Over the years, we’ve been known for getting the job done right the first time.

Recurring Clogs

Your sink had a clog last week, you took care of it, and yet there is another one now! Well, having frequent clogs is a sign of a severe blockage in your main drain system that DIY measures won’t fix.

Using home drain cleaners can help break the clog down, but won’t always fix the issue. The build up might come right back and cause recurring clogs. However, calling for professional drain cleaning services will ensure that the gunk is removed and the problem is fully resolved.

Water Backflows

It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare to walk in the bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room and find a pool of dirty, foul-smelling water. Water backflow can harbor mildew growth if left unattended, or cause severe cross-contamination and water damage to the floors and carpeting.

Our emergency drain cleaning services are available 24/7 to cater to our Sugar Land, TX customers whenever they need us. We’ll not only clean the mess and unclog drains, but also offer professional advice on ways of preventing backflows.

Empty or Overflowing Toilets

Flushing down large volumes of tissue paper, children’s toys, household waste, or feminine products may overwhelm your drainage system. These items hinder water flow in the toilet, causing an overflow, empty toilet bowl, or a slow filling tank.

We have specialized drain cleaning equipment and techniques, including video inspection, that enables us to spot clog and remove it to ensure your toilet functions freely again.

Mysterious Foul Odor

Even when your drains seem to function as they should, it doesn’t always mean that food and sewage haven’t built up in the pipes. If you start to smell bad odors stemming from the plumbing fixtures, your drains could be having a major problem.

Our professional drain cleaning services can help locate the problem, and get rid of the rotten materials. We have Sewer camera inspection and hydro-jetting services that help reach the clog without damaging the pipes.

Problem with Fruit and Drain Flies

Fruit flies are a real nuisance and can seem to materialize overnight. Even when you’ve cleared food off and cleaned the kitchen counters, at times they won’t go away. Well, these pesky flies are attracted to the food stuck in the drainage pipes.

Drain cleaning can take care of the problem by cleaning all the traces of food from the pipes. Once the food gunk is gone, the flies will leave.

Babbling Sounds

If water bubbles up from your shower drain when you flush the toilet or turn on the sink, it means that there is air trapped in the drain system. This problem can be caused by the formation of clogs that block the pipes and prevent water from flowing freely.

Besides, when water starts to change course or pushes through small spaces, you’ll also hear gurgling sounds when you turn on the sink. Schedule for a professional drain cleaning if you hear these sounds, and we’ll deliver a peace-of-mind experience from start to finish.

Low Pressure

Drain obstructions often happen in exit pipes. However, the blockage can occur in source points, including shower redirect, shower head, or sink faucet. This problem is, in most cases, caused by natural buildups of water minerals.

If you notice low water pressure that affects only one outlet, our professional drain cleaners are right around the corner and will be pleased to fix the problem for you. You can rely on our unsurpassed plumbing services.

Time for Routine Maintenance

When was the last time your drain was cleaned by a licensed professional? Even if your drains do not present any visible issues, it’s beneficial to have them cleaned once a year as a precaution.

Professional drain cleaning can help curb clogs that form slowly and often without warning signs before they result in a plumbing emergency. It’s a preventive measure to avert partial and full blockage and ensure everything is running smoothly.

Always Here For You When You Need Us!

Drains are an integral part of your home and therefore require proper care and maintenance. If you notice signs of blockage, it is essential to seek professional drain cleaning services ASAP.

At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston in the Sugar Land, TX area, we pride in offering affordable and unparalleled plumbing services. Our fully licensed and bonded professionals employ the latest technology and techniques to ensure clogged drain is cleaned effectively and within the shortest time possible. We also handle plumbing emergencies to accommodate everyone’s tight schedule.

Don’t let a clog escalate into a big problem. Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to serve you!

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