Your Emergency Plumber Explains Why Delaying Water Line Repair Is A Terrible Idea | Memorial City, TX

Your Emergency Plumber Explains Why Delaying Water Line Repair Is A Terrible Idea | Memorial City, TX

Leaks account for about 10% of water wastage in the US, translating to about 90 gallons of water daily. Of all the causes of water line leaks, the most prevalent one is the corrosion of the metallic piping. If a professional emergency plumber doesn’t address the water leaks, they might increase your water utility bills, flood, or even burst the waterline.

The homeowners can save about 10% on water utility bills with professional preventative maintenance. Unfortunately, the pipe bursts and hiking water utility bills will be the least of your problems when you discover the cause of the leaky pipes. 

Delaying to have a plumbing service in Memorial City, TX might affect your health. There are several reasons you shouldn’t ever delay a water line repair, the key among them being its impact on your health. You should hire a plumber for routine maintenance of your water lines and plumbing system. Remember, a water line is responsible for all the water in your home.

Hence, ensure that you leave nothing to chance to ensure that they operate at the highest levels possible. To avert a need for hiring an emergency plumber, below are some reasons a plumbing service in water line maintenance must and should never be delayed.

Poor Air Quality

Your home’s building materials such as wallpapers, wooden panels, or insulation might absorb the moisture from the leakages, negatively impacting them. The prolonged exposure to the moisture might make the mold spores and other fungi start growing in your home, especially in the hot and humid areas. Delaying a plumbing service to patch any water line leaks could ultimately result in a mold growth issue. The severe indoor leakages in the water lines buried underground or behind the walls might result in a mold issue at your home, prompting a need for you to enlist the services of an emergency plumber

To the naked eye, mold is almost invisible. Unfortunately, they are serious indoor air pollutants. Daily exposure to mold might affect the air quality of your home severely. To begin with, mold is an allergen. If inhaled by an allergic family member, they might experience allergic reactions and inflammations.

Additionally, mold inhalation affects the respiratory system and worsens the conditions of an asthmatic individual. It also causes sneezing, wheezing, coughing, and teary eyes. Instead of looking for an emergency plumber, you will be looking for a nearby medical institution.

These issues are even worse if your home’s ventilation has limited performance. The National Institutes of Health well document the dangers of mold inhalation. In addition to the above effects, inhaling this fungus also causes skin rashes. It also might cause lung infections, prickly throat, and congestion. This means that you’ll have to visit your doctor more frequently and also incur more medical costs.

Further, this will also inflate your maintenance budget because mold removal might require a major repair for the affected wall, ventilation, or insulation system. Regular maintenance and inspections of the water line can help promptly detect the leaks. However, you might have to call a plumber to clean the areas affected by the molds through antimicrobial fogging.

Low-Quality Drinking Water

The pipes are prone to corrosion and damage. Ignoring the timely plumbing services and repairs will most likely make the piping deteriorate their conditions to the extent that they collapse. The rust might accumulate on the piping and mix with the water supply as time passes. Though rust might not directly impact your health, it isn’t the most hygienic of substances.

If the water becomes discolored or even murky, that is a sign the piping has corroded, and the rust is finding its way into the water supply. This is an emergency plumbing issue because mold and bacteria might grow in the rusty water. Though rust isn’t dangerous, the presence of fungi and bacteria in the drinking and cooking water might make it indigestible and also result in health issues.

Further, the rust particles will stain the utensils and clothing. You might not see this as a plumbing emergency, but it is. So, why wait until you get sick by using rusty water to call an emergency plumber? You can enlist for a water line inspection and maintenance service from a reliable plumber who will catch the corrosion before it deteriorates.

Water Contamination

Do you think the constant pitter-patter caused by a visible leakage is a nuisance? Then you might have only stumbled on one of the leakage-related issues. Typically, you should have a routine plumbing inspection and maintenance to ensure that your Memorial City, TX home’s water lines are working optimally. Delaying this can result in more pipe damage as time passes. Problems such as corrosion and leaks might reach an extent where only an emergency plumber can help.

Pipe leaks and a damaged water line might eventually become a health risk. The piping leaks might sometimes result in sewer suction into the water line, contaminating the water flowing within the pipes, a serious plumbing emergency. This will expose you and your family to pathogens and pollutants within the contaminated water.

Consuming such water might result in stomach-related health complications and water-borne diseases caused by ingested germs. This will affect your immunity and raise your healthcare costs down the line. Hence, enlist a plumber’s services whenever you think or notice that the water is smelly. Additionally, have a regular plumbing inspection and maintenance. This ensures that they catch any developing issues and fix them promptly.

Reducing Your Property’s Value

Ignoring the water line-related plumbing issues might result in various unavoidable issues. The damage to your plumbing setup might be even more severe because you might need various replacements and reinstallations if they aren’t repaired in time. Because of the severity of the water line issues and depending on how fast you want to resell your home, you might have to call an emergency plumber to perform quick fixes.

As mentioned above, if the water line is damaged, that can be the leading cause of the reappearing problems, including burst pipes, leaks, and flooding, all of which require a plumber’s attention. It also might be the cause of the recurring mold growth. Whenever this happens, it might create stains on your walls, make your home have a pungent smell, and even damage the structural foundation of your home, which might prompt you to hire an emergency plumber. Remember, the faulty pipes aren’t appealing to potential homebuyers. Depending on how fast you want to sell your house, this might be a plumbing emergency.

Your Prompt and Professional Plumber

Do you need help with your plumbing emergencies? Call our emergency plumbers at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston. Our technicians are professionally trained to ensure that they can resolve the plumbing emergency in your Memorial City, TX home.

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