What Are The Signs Of Contaminated Water That A Plumber Will Look For In Your Supply? | Houston Heights, TX

What Are The Signs Of Contaminated Water That A Plumber Will Look For In Your Supply? | Houston Heights, TX

At times, some homeowners take their water supply for granted. They only consider their plumbing system, particularly the water line, an afterthought. Some will only have the water line inspected or maintained whenever there is a blockage or a burst and water isn’t being supplied to their home.

Whether the water heater is not working, or there is a slow leak at your home that is increasing the water utility bill, if the water supplied to your home is contaminated, that has the potential to throw your entire life off track. The case is similar if there isn’t a water supply at your Houston Heights, TX home.

Although a plumber can address some issues causing water contamination, others are out of your reach. You might even have to change the water utility supplier. Water contamination is a plumbing and hygiene issue that impacts most of the daily activities at your home. It might stain the clothing and plumbing, impact your cooking, or negatively affect your health. It also stains the dishes and might make a person unable to brush their teeth. Finally, contaminated water might also have an impact on your shower.

But what causes the water to be contaminated? There are many reasons for this issue, such as punctured water lines, issues at the water utility provider, clogs, tree roots intrusion, punctured sewer lines, and a lot of dissolved minerals, among many other issues. Unfortunately, you might not even know that the water you’re using is contaminated until it stains the dishes or clothing or even starts impacting your health. However, there are several signs that you could look out for to know whether the water is contaminated and if it is time to call a plumber to inspect the water lines.

Signs of Contaminated Water

It isn’t easy to know whether the water you’re using is contaminated. However, below are some of the signs that you can look out for to know whether the water is safe for use or not.

Cloudy Water

Normally, water should be clear. No color. However, if the water is cloudy, that is a sign that it might be unsafe for drinking. However, this isn’t a definitive sign. The cloudiness in water can be a result of various issues. Turbidity, total suspended solids, hard water, and methane gas common in well water might be why the water is cloudy.

Although hard water isn’t harmful to your health, it has its set of issues, beginning with the fact that it doesn’t form lather with soap easily and might stain your clothing. A high amount of total suspended solids and methane gas are some issues that might affect your health. If you have noticed that the water at your Houston Heights home is cloudy, have a plumber come and run some tests. The plumber might also install a water treatment and softening system to ensure that the water leaving your faucets is clean.

Hard Water

You probably have heard this term before. Hard water contains many dissolved substances such as lead, manganese, dirt, and debris. However, if the water is said to be hard, it contains excessive dissolved magnesium and calcium ions. You can tell that you are receiving hard water at your Houston Heights, TX home because of the traces it leaves behind on a drinking glass, on the faucets, or in the sinks.

As mentioned above, hard water doesn’t easily lather with soap. Hence, you will need to use more detergent than you might be used to when doing laundry. Additionally, your hands might feel dirty even after using tap water and soap for handwashing. Further, your skin might become dry when you shower under hard water.

Hence, ensure that enlist a plumber to install a water softening system to reduce the hardness of the water. Otherwise, life at your home might prove hectic. The plumber knows the best water softening system. Hence, seeking advice from them before purchasing the system can go a long way.

Discolored Water

Have you noticed that the water flowing from your faucets is discolored? That is a sign that it is contaminated. There are many reasons for water discoloration. If the water has a yellow tinge, that is a sign that it could have chromium-6, a cancer-causing substance. The yellow color might also signify the water’s copper, lead, manganese, and iron buildup.

Orange or brown colored water indicates that the pipes might be corroding, meaning that you have to enlist a plumber for a further inspection; the rust might also result in bacterial growth. If the water has a brown or orange color, that can also be a sign that the water is contaminated with manganese, iron, or lead. These contaminants have an impact on your health.

Suppose the plumber rules out that your pipes aren’t the culprit. In that case, the problem might be at your water utility provider, and we will recommend that you change to another supplier. Green or blue water might be a sign that the water contains a high amount of copper that can result in anemia, liver damage, and kidney damage.

Smelly Water

Does your water have a bad smell? That is a surefire sign that it is contaminated. If the water smells like rotten eggs, it is a sign that it might contain hydrogen sulfide. This results in issues like dehydration and bacteria. The hydrogen sulfide can result from leaking sewer lines near the water line. You should hire a professional in Houston Heights to patch the leakage or reroute the water line. However, if the water smells like bleach, it might indicate excessive dissolved chlorine.

This chemical is added to the water to kill any germs or pathogens. However, if too much chlorine is used, it might result in health issues such as nausea, cramps, cancer, kidney damage, or even diarrhea. You might also notice a slight fishy smell if the water has barium or cadmium contaminants. Cadmium might cause kidney, bone, and liver damage. On the other hand, barium can result in muscle weakness, liver damage, blood pressure issues, and heart damage.

Metallic Tasting Water

Various issues such as rusty pipes, lead contamination, and low water pH can make the water taste metallic. To be sure, have a plumber test the water. The professional might recommend various solutions to this issue.

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