Why You Should Always Hire A Plumber Over A DIY | Houston Heights, TX

Why You Should Always Hire A Plumber Over A DIY | Houston Heights, TX

Your plumbing system plays a vital role in ensuring that your Houston Heights, TX house is well supplied with clean water at an appropriate pressure and temperature. It also helps to ensure that the dirty water from various activities in your home is quickly flushed out to keep your house clean and hygienic. Given the importance of your plumbing system, a plumbing failure can have nasty consequences, especially if it is not fixed on time. But no matter how urgently you want to see a plumbing issue resolved, you should avoid the temptation to deal with plumbing issues on your own. Instead, you need to have a professional plumber you can trust to help you resolve any plumbing situation in the most effective and efficient way possible. But why exactly is DIY plumbing repair or installation not recommended? Below is a rundown of the reasons you need to avoid handling plumbing issues on your own unless you are a professional plumber.

You Might Void Your Warranty

Given the value of your plumbing system, some of its fixtures obviously come with warranties. Besides, the plumbers you have hired in the past may also have given you warranties for the jobs done. Therefore, if something is wrong, you might be entitled to get free repairs. However, for your warranties to remain valid, there are several conditions you might need to observe. For instance, you may be required to ensure that all your plumbing jobs are done by a licensed plumbing contractor. In such a situation, deciding to try DIY plumbing repair might effectively void the warranties you still have. To avoid getting into such problems, you need to ensure that all your plumbing jobs are done by a professional plumber.

You Might Lose Your Home Insurance

If you have home insurance, you obviously know that it has terms you must observe for the policy to remain valid. For instance, you might be required to ensure that all home improvement projects that can potentially cause severe damage to your home are handled by a licensed professional. Such projects might include some plumbing jobs, such as water heater installation, maintenance, and repairs. The terms are put in place because insurance carriers believe that professionals have what it takes to handle most home improvement jobs in a way that does not put a building in danger. Therefore, if you decide to do such jobs on your own, you might effectively lose your home insurance. For you to avoid such a problem, it is imperative for you to ensure that all risky plumbing jobs in your house are handled by a licensed plumbing professional.

You Could Get Hurt

Some plumbing jobs are extremely dangerous, and if you decide to do them on your own, you might end up sustaining serious physical injuries. For instance, if an overhead tank needs some repairs, the job will involve climbing to access the tank, which might put you at the risk of sustaining serious fall injuries, especially if you do not have the right safety gear to do the job safely. Similarly, if your water heater is broken, trying to fix it on your own might put you at the risk of coming into contact with boiling water at extremely high pressure, which can cause severe burn injuries. On the other hand, professional plumbers handle such assignments almost every day, and they have adequate experience, training, and safety equipment to ensure that they solve even the most dangerous plumbing jobs without putting themselves and other people in danger.

You Could Damage your Plumbing System Further

Your plumbing system is quite complex and delicate. Therefore, if you decide to fix it on your own, many things could go wrong. For instance, if your water heater is not heating water properly, trying to repair it yourself might fail since you might fail to accurately diagnose the underlying cause of the issue at hand. As such, you might even end up tampering with components that don’t have any problem. In other words, DIY plumbing jobs might end up damaging your plumbing system further. To avoid such an eventuality, you need to ensure that you work with a professional plumber to help you accurately diagnose your plumbing issue, isolate it, and ensure that it is repaired without damaging other components of your plumbing system.

You Might Not Save Money

A lot of DIY enthusiasts try DIY plumbing jobs hoping to save some money in the end. However, this does not happen in most cases. In fact, if you decide to handle a plumbing project on your own, it might end up costing you more than what hiring a plumber would cost you. This is because there is no guarantee that you will decisively solve the issue at hand, meaning that you might have to call a professional plumber in the end. Therefore, to keep the cost of a plumbing job low, it is imperative for you to ensure that you hire a plumbing professional, no matter how simple the job might seem.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that if you have a plumbing job in your Houston Heights, TX house, you should avoid doing it on your own even if it seems simple. This is because DIY plumbing jobs can lead to a number of serious problems. For instance, the job might lead to serious personal injuries and cause extensive property damage. If you are looking for a reliable plumber providing high-quality plumbing services in and around Houston Heights, TX then bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston is an excellent plumbing company to consider. We have been providing professional plumbing services for many years, and our experience and expertise are unparalleled. In a nutshell, we have everything it takes to resolve most plumbing problems effectively and efficiently. Feel free to call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston today for you to learn more about our plumbing company and the services we are best known for.

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