Plumbing Emergencies That An Emergency Plumber Can Deal With | Memorial City

Plumbing Emergencies That An Emergency Plumber Can Deal With | Memorial City

To lead a comfortable life at your home, your plumbing system must be working efficiently. However, some homeowners do not place much thought on their plumbing system unless something goes amiss. What if you experience a plumbing emergency at night and don’t have any plumber’s contacts? It is beneficial to know the signs of an impending plumbing disaster for you to take measures to thwart them.

Plumbing emergencies damage your property whenever they arise and pose a risk to your health. Knowing the signs also helps you know when to call an emergency plumber. Always be attentive and watch out for the signs of plumbing issues and fix them early before they result in damage. Watch out for the plumbing emergencies below.

Sewer Backups

A sewer line is a system of underground pipes that carries the waste and drainage water to a septic tank or municipal main sewer utility from your home. They are important plumbing fixtures that greatly contribute to the hygiene and sanitation of your home. If your sewer system backs up, the wastewater and solids wastes flow back into your home’s drains.

If the wastes find their way onto the surface, you might be staring at a plumbing nightmare that requires the immediate attention of an emergency plumber. The main signs that your sewers are backing up include water pools in your yard or basement floor drains, pungent smells coming from the drains, drainage clogs, and gurgling toilets. Since it might be a challenge to diagnose a sewer backup, you should enlist a professional for an inspection. They will also fix the issue within no time.

Gas Leaks

Never try DIY fixes if you notice gas leaks. They can be pretty detrimental. Gas leaks cause fire hazards, carbon monoxide poisoning, brain damage, and suffocation. Hence, you should always be careful to avoid the harmful consequences of this plumbing issue. Fortunately, it is easy to detect a gas leak because of the smell.

Gasses have unique smells to help you notice a leak and take various measures to avoid the problems discussed above. When you notice that your Memorial City home has a gas leak, immediately turn off the gas access areas. Then, open all the doors and windows to allow fresh air and evacuate your house. Because of gas leaks’ deadly nature, never attempt DIY repairs on your gas appliances. Rather, have an emergency plumber come over for an inspection and fix the issue.

Flooding Water Heater

Are you the sort of a homeowner that doesn’t place much thought on their plumbing fixtures, such as a water heater? This is a bad practice that may cost you down the line. Unfortunately, that is exactly what some homeowners do. Provided they keep getting a continuous supply of heated water, they assume everything is alright with their water heater. However, water heaters also can flood or develop plumbing issues. Since water heaters are mostly placed in a basement area, garage, laundry area, or closet, some people forget about them.

However, ensure that you check the area surrounding the unit routinely to ensure that it is in a proper state. If you notice a water pool under the water heater tank, that is a sign that the unit is experiencing corrosion or other plumbing issues that result from cracking. For a water heater repair or replacement, consult your licensed plumber. If your heater is flooded, have an emergency plumber come in for a further inspection and fix the unit.

Overflowing Toilets

Though a critical plumbing area of any home, a toilet can also result in a serious mess. Toilets experience various issues such as clogging and water leaks. However, while some are easily manageable and repairable, others are serious and require the attention of an emergency plumber. One of these hazardous toilet issues is an overflow. An overflowing toilet might cause disease outbreaks in your Memorial City home, especially with small kids.

Your family and loved ones may be infected easily by the germs present in the overflowing wastewater. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there. You will have to pay expensive medical bills and buy medications because you never took the appropriate measures to address the issue. A clogged toilet tank causes toilet overflows. To fix and diagnose the issue properly and promptly, enlist a plumber whenever you see even the least sign of a toilet overflow.

Gurgling Drainage Sounds

Ideally, the tapa should run without any sounds. This means that you shouldn’t hear any sound from the drains as water passes whenever you run your kitchen faucets. Similarly, you should not hear any sounds whenever you open your shower as the water flows through the floor drain into the sewer system. If you hear a gurgling sound from your drains, that signifies an underlying plumbing issue.

Since the problem might be hard to identify by yourself, you should get an emergency plumber for further inspection. The professional has the experience and tools that they will use to inspect your drains and pinpoint the issue. Gurgling sounds may allude that you have a clog inside the drains and the air is trapped. Blockages are never a good sign whenever they arise because of the potential problems that they may cause.

Ruptured Water Lines

Water lines and sewer systems are buried and run underneath your yard. The two are subject to the forces of nature, such as tree roots penetrating the pipes or earthquakes breaking them. Additionally, the overlying high pressure might make the water lines crack or break, causing water leaks. This makes your yard soggy, and your home may also experience reduced water pressure and poor water quality.

At worst, you might not have a water supply to your home. As it is famously proclaimed, water is life. Hence, you should have an emergency plumber in Memorial City come for an inspection when you suspect that your water line may be ruptured. The professional will repair the affected pipe to ensure your home gets the water supply within no time.

Prompt Emergency Plumbers Near You

Plumbing emergencies result in severe damage to your property, high water loss, and even might harm your health. Hence, you must call an emergency plumber near you whenever you suspect or see some signs of an impending plumbing emergency. Call us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston for any emergency plumbing service today.

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