Why Plumbing Services Are Like Car Maintenance and Doctor Checkups | Katy, TX

Why Plumbing Services Are Like Car Maintenance and Doctor Checkups | Katy, TX

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All Three Have Two Major Paths to Follow

What do plumbing, car repair, and medicine have in common? We’re bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston, and there are a few things we can think of. Right now, we’re talking about a choice our clients or patients make. They either take the path of regular maintenance and checkups, or they call when something goes wrong. It’s not our place to say which is right for them, but we do lean towards plumbing maintenance and checkups.

Ambulance, Tow Truck, Plumber’s Van — All Emergency Vehicles

Our plumbing service loves to rescue homeowners in Katy, TX whose pipes burst and drains overflow and call us for our 24/7 emergency service. It’s often the first way we meet, but we emphasize that good maintenance is important for your plumbing system. We take care of anything we find now and keep things in top shape. In emergencies, we’re even happier when we get a call later to schedule a plumbing appointment. You can see how the comparison with auto repair and doctors grows, right?

If It Isn’t Broken…

A lot of people just consider their plumbing a part of their home, as stable as their walls and roof. The pipes are just there until there’s trouble. A lot happens in those pipes, though, and regular care and plumbing service help keep the home’s pipes clear and trouble-free. It’s a good investment in the important service plumbing performs delivering hot and cold water as needed and taking away wastewater that goes down the drains.

Getting Used to Problems That Could Be Fixed

How many faucets do you have that leak? You may not even know anymore, at least not offhand, because you’ve gotten used to them. You just live with the sound, the wasted water, and the feeling that something isn’t right. Everybody does it, and often things don’t get much worse. But sometimes, it gets to be a bigger problem later on.

Maybe that problem will also get more expensive. Sometimes it will become a health issue. Like slow drains that can eventually become unsanitary messes in your home or lead pipes that work just fine — but. Maybe you don’t even know they’re there. Lead isn’t good for your family. Our plumbing service can help you find problems before they turn into regrets and save you money as well.

Not Just Repairs and Maintenance — Upgrades!

We’ll go out on a limb and say that sometimes, you might even want to turn to us for more than keeping your plumbing working. We’re great at making your kitchen more fun to use with great new faucets, sinks, and appliance plumbing services. Is it time for a new shower, maybe in a half-bath you’re building? Or an upgrade in the master bedroom’s bathroom for your anniversary. Sometimes, plumbing is what you dream of. Ahh, a relaxing bath…

Silent Concerns That You Definitely Don’t Want to Be Surprised By

There are some signs we can tell you about that are tempting to ignore because somewhere in the back of your mind, you suspect there’s trouble. Not only can we help you catch it early, but what was big trouble in the past can be a lot simpler and less expensive these days, thanks to new plumbing technology.

Leaky pipes, for example, that show as little stains on the ceiling or wall can have a simple fix. We’ve got equipment that works like sonar and pinpoints the problem. It’s a focused operation, usually with very little exploratory surgery on your home. And the same goes for sewers when a couple of drains back up at the same time and it looks bad. We run a camera down the sewer line, see what’s going on, and offer a bunch of options in most cases including simple patches from inside the pipe.

Building a Relationship

As your community-based plumbing service in Katy, TX, we want you to keep our number handy and call when you need us, or when you have questions on your mind. We’re glad to set your mind at ease about something that’s making you worry or come out and take a look. If you want to make some changes to your home that involve plumbing, ask for our ideas and advice. And if things are going crazy in your toilet tonight, don’t wait — call! We’re here and ready to come over.

From DIY to the Latest Professional Standards

It’s possible to do your own plumbing in many cases, and we all love to visit the home improvement store and check out the tools and supplies. We’ve spent a long time learning about the finer points of plumbing service, though, and we can tell you that even a simple plunger can make trouble in the wrong situation. A couple of pushes and that slow drain becomes a stopped one, and the mess is further down the pipe and harder to remove. It doesn’t always happen, but if it does, let it happen to a pro.

Health and Safety

Mold, sewage, toilet water on the floor — plumbing problems can be downright unhealthy. That’s an important part of our job, making sure that you don’t have to deal with these hazards once you call us. If you call our plumbing service early, when the signs first show that something might be wrong, it makes it easier to avoid health hazards and safety issues.

Your Katy, TX Plumbing Service — Make an Appointment or Call When You Need Us Urgently

Our plumbing service here for you, and we don’t judge. If that slow drain is suddenly backing up big time, or the rusty pipe burst, or something happened out of the blue that we need to take care of right now, call us. At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston, our experts are available to Katy, TX folks 24/7. Our number is 346-262-0129 — keep it handy or just call today.

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