What Should I Do if a Pipe Bursts in My Home? | Simple Tips from Your Trusted Memorial City Emergency Plumber

What Should I Do if a Pipe Bursts in My Home? | Simple Tips from Your Trusted Memorial City Emergency Plumber

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A burst pipe in your home can cause flooding and serious damage to your property. This is a plumbing emergency, and it’s important to know how to protect yourself and claw back as much of the repair costs as possible from your insurance company. It’s sensible to have the number of a trusted Memorial City emergency plumber to hand in case the worst happens to fix the issue quickly. So, what steps should you take if you suddenly have a burst pipe on your hands?

1.  Turn Off the Water

Before you call for an emergency plumber, it’s important to stop the supply of water to your home and prevent the flooding from getting worse. This step helps minimize water damage to your house and its contents. Switch off the water at the stopcock to stop any more flowing into your pipes. It’s a good idea to locate your stopcock before an emergency happens so that you know exactly where to look if you find yourself panicking in a crisis.

2.  Turn Off the Electricity

Electricity and water are a hazardous combination, so you need to switch off the electricity supplying the affected area of your house. If more than one zone is affected or you’re unsure of the extent of the leak, play safe and turn off the electricity to the whole property. However, if the flooding is extensive, don’t wade through water to access the switch. Instead, call an emergency electrician for assistance.

3.  Call an Emergency Plumber

Once the electricity and water supply to your home is cut off, it’s time to ring an emergency plumber for help. While you can temporarily block small leaks with rags until they arrive, a burst pipe needs to be repaired or replaced by a professional.

4.  Evacuate the Property if Necessary

If your home is unsafe because you’re unable to turn off the electricity or a sewage line has burst, get all people and pets out of your home as quickly as possible. Wait in a safe, dry place until the emergency plumber can attend and deal with the problem.

5.  Move Any Valuables

If it’s safe to remain inside, you can take steps to protect your property while you wait for the emergency plumber. Move any valuable items like electronics or expensive furniture away from the flooded area to stop them from being damaged. If you can, clear the area entirely of furniture and objects so that a Memorial City plumber can assess and fix the problem quickly and easily.

6.  Call Your Landlord or Insurer

It’s sensible to have your landlord’s number saved on your phone if you’re a renter so you can call them quickly in an emergency. If you own your home, make sure you always have your insurer’s number to hand. Let them know that your home has been damaged by water and follow their instructions. They may need to send an adjuster to assess your home before you can start the clean-up process.

7.  Take Photos

Before you clean anything, take photographs or videos of the damage to your home using your cell phone as evidence to show the insurance company. If there is a sewage leak, wear protective clothing and be careful not to touch any hazardous waste.

8.  Mop Up

If your insurer or landlord says it’s fine to clean up, begin by removing any excess water. Water can cause extensive damage to the ceilings, walls, and floors in your home, so try to soak up as much as you can using old towels or a mop. You can also place buckets or pans underneath the leak to catch any dripping water. If there has been a sewage leak, you should wear protective clothing and gloves during this step.

9.  Prevent Mold Growth

Once an emergency plumber has dealt with the burst pipe, you should take steps to guard against any secondary damage. Damp environments make the perfect breeding ground for mold, and this can be dangerous for your health. Start by drying the flooded area as thoroughly as possible. When you’re done, use a strong cleaning substance like bleach to treat the area and prevent mold growth.

Can I Prevent Burst Pipes?

Although a pipe can burst out of the blue, it’s sometimes possible to avoid a major flood. Freezing pipes is one of the top reasons that homeowners have to call an emergency plumber to deal with a big leak, so insulating your plumbing thoroughly is an important step. You can do this yourself by cutting foam insulation to size and tying it around the pipes with cable ties. Alternatively, you can ask a plumbing company to do it for you. In very cold weather, leave your under-sink cupboards open to allow warmth from your house to reach the pipes and prevent freezing.

If you notice small leaks, get them fixed early before a bigger problem develops. While some homeowners try to plug small leaks themselves, it’s wise to have a professional come out and assess your system, repairing and replacing lengths of pipe if necessary. This can save you a more expensive emergency plumbing bill further down the line.

Choose a Trusted Memorial City Emergency Plumber

A burst pipe can be a scary situation, so it’s important to know who to call when you’re in a fix. The friendly team at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston is your first port of call if you have a plumbing emergency in Memorial City. We can quickly get to the bottom of burst pipes and other urgent situations to minimize damage to your property and get your system up and running again.

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