What Kind Of Situation Requires The Expertise Of An Emergency Plumber? | Memorial City, TX

What Kind Of Situation Requires The Expertise Of An Emergency Plumber? | Memorial City, TX

Dealing with a plumbing issue is stressful, and the problem becomes even worse when you are forced to make quick decisions that could impact your home or your finances. Unfortunately, this is a situation most homeowners have to deal with when it comes to a plumbing emergency. Luckily, preparation can make it easier to handle plumbing emergencies while you wait for the services of an emergency plumber. This article explores some of the most common plumbing emergencies and provides information on how to deal with them.

Pipes Have Burst

One of the common plumbing emergencies in homes is burst pipes. Burst pipes are considered a plumbing emergency because they can cause water damage. If a burst pipe is not fixed instantly, it will drastically increase your water bill. Moreover, standing water can lead to the growth of mold, which will cause health issues. Sometimes, you might be lucky enough to catch a burst pipe before it causes extensive damage. Turn off your water main immediately and call an emergency plumber in Memorial City, TX.

Your Toilet Is Overflowing

Undoubtedly, an overflowing toilet is one of the most annoying and dirty experiences in your home. An overflowing toilet is also a plumbing emergency because it can quickly lead to water damage. Additionally, the sewage backed up in your bathroom can lead to health hazards if not fixed promptly. Blockages in the pipes mostly cause toilet overflows. The blockages can result from flushing items that should not be flushed, such as paper towels and diapers. If your toilet is overflowing, turn off the water to your bathroom and call an emergency plumber.

Gas Is Leaking

Gas leaks are the worst among the plumbing emergencies your home can experience. Gas leakage is a dangerous situation that requires immediate action. Never attempt to fix this issue on your own because it can lead to property damage or death in case of a fire. Because natural gas is colorless and odorless, companies add chemicals so that you can smell the gas when there is a leak. The first sign of a gas leak is the smell of rotten eggs or Sulfur. Also, you may hear whistling or hissing sounds when gas is leaking. If there are signs of gas leakage in your home, open all the ventilation points and stay outside. Then, contact an emergency plumber for professional help.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is common in homes, caused by bursts or clogged pipes. If you are experiencing an issue with one faucet, then the problem is with the faucet. However, when all your faucets and appliances have poor water pressure, you must check your plumbing.

Also, a clogged aerator can cause water pressure to drop. However, this issue should only affect one sink unless all the aerators are clogged. Still, the valve that regulates the water pressure between the street and your home may have failed. When the valve is malfunctioning, it causes the pressure to rise or drop. If the water pressure in your home has dropped, call an emergency plumber to resolve the underlying issue.

Clogged Sewer Line

A clogged sewer is a plumbing emergency that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If not dealt with, it can have serious consequences. The main causes of clogs in your main sewer line include paper towels, sanitary products, and any foreign materials you flush down your toilet. Also, tree roots can grow through the cracks of the sewer line and gradually create blockages. If the clog is worse, it will cause the sewer to backup up your home. Sewer backup is a health hazard, and it can damage your floors.

If you notice multiple drains, clogs, gurgling sounds from plumbing fixtures, and water pooling around basement floors, these are signs of a sewer backup. You should contact an emergency plumber in Memorial City, TX for help.

Sump Pump Failure

Having a sump is critical, especially if you live in an area with a high water table. The sump pump is responsible for pumping water from the basement to the outside. The basement will start flooding when it fails, leading to extensive damage. Additionally, a flooded basement is a breeding ground for mold and mildew. To avoid such issues, you should have your sump pump checked regularly. Also, when you notice it’s not working as efficiently as before, call an emergency plumber for repairs or replacement. Also, watch out for wet spots on drywall. Other signs of sump pump failure include:

  • Irregular cycling
  • Strange vibration or noise
  • Running continuously

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains can cause a lot of inconveniences in your home. They’re inevitable if you have a habit of flushing foreign items down the drains. However, if you observe healthy drainage usage habits, you can prevent clogs and even avoid them completely. Avoid throwing paper towels, wipes, hair, and feminine products down the drains as much as possible.

However, some causes of clogged drains are not easily preventable. For example, tree roots find their way through the cracks and create blockages. Such cases are complicated to identify, and you will need the help of an expert in Memorial City, TX. Signs of clogged drains included bubbling water, slow drainage, puddles of water, and bad odors. If you notice these signs, hire an emergency plumber to check the issue because there may be a more serious issue you aren’t aware of.

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