Water Heater Replacement: Types Of Water Heaters Ideal For Your Home | Katy, TX

Water Heater Replacement: Types Of Water Heaters Ideal For Your Home | Katy, TX

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Water heaters ensure hot water flows in faucets and other appliances in your home. When shopping for a water heater, you may have to consider factors such as energy efficiency, fuel type, as well as initial and long-term costs.

However, with wear and tear due to long-term use, you may have to replace your water heater after serving you for about eight to 12 years to avoid high energy utility bills, especially if your water heater has faults. This blog post explores some of the water heaters you can choose for your home in Katy, TX.

Conventional Storage Tank Water Heater

This is the most popular type of water in most American homes. These water heaters feature a tank that holds water before it starts getting heated. The size of the tank influences how much hot water flows to the faucets and appliances in your home.

This tank is usually insulated; therefore, when the water is heated, it remains hot until it is needed. It has two valves; the temperature regulation valve and the pressure control valve. The temperature valve moderates the water temperatures once it gets to 120℉ while the pressure valve regulates the temperature when it gets to 150 PSI.

This type of water heater is prone to damage by debris and mineral deposits accumulating in the tank. Therefore, a water heater replacement is necessary when the tank gets degraded beyond repair. Additionally, this water heater requires a lot of space since it is large. You can reach a nearby water heater contractor for a reputable water heater if you need a conventional storage tank water heater.

Tankless Water Heater

As the name suggests, this water heater has no tank. Instead, they have super-heated coils that fill with water and heat it instantly as soon as you need it. This feature probably suggests why it is also known as an on-demand water heater.

Tankless water heaters are ideal for Katy, TX, homes with natural gas supply lines. If your water heater is not large enough to support the hot water needs of your family, you can consider a water heater replacement. Smaller water heaters may not keep up with the rate of water usage in your home, resulting in lukewarm or cold water.

Additionally, tankless water heaters are powered by electricity, hence you may incur high power bills, and they are costly to install. Additionally, the cost of initial purchase is higher than that of conventional storage tank water heaters.

Hybrid Water Heaters

This is a unique type of water heater that uses heat in the air and ground to warm water. Unlike in other models of water heaters where electricity generates the heat, in hybrid water heaters, the electricity is only used to move the heat from the ground or air to the water.

Suppose you are considering a water heater replacement. In that case, you may opt for hybrid water heaters because they consume up to 60 percent less electricity than traditional-style water heaters, thus cost-efficient in the long run.

However, it would be best to note that these water heaters are not reliable during the cold season as they rely on heat from the environment to heat the water. Moreover, they are some of the most expensive water heaters.

Condensing Water Heaters

This type of water heater uses the unutilized gaseous fumes from your home to heat water. It channels already exhausted natural gas from the supply system in your home to heat the water in the tank. The exhausted gas passes through coils located in the lower part of the tank while heating the water. Consequently, minimal amounts of energy are used unless the oven or heater already used the gas.

If you wish to go green and reduce the number of carbon emissions from your home in Katy, TX, you can request a water heater expert to help you to mount this one. These water heaters are energy-efficient, inexpensive to maintain and convenient for large families because they hold large amounts of water.

Solar Powered Water Heaters

If you’re considering a new water heater, solar-powered water heaters could be a perfect choice. They harness the sun’s energy to heat the water. These units rely on solar panels mounted on the roof to convert the sun rays to power, which is then conducted to a closed-loop system. The system has a heat-conductive material that heats the water.

These water heaters are ideal during sunny weather conditions. There has been an increase in the number of homeowners in Katy, TX, opting for this water heater replacement option. However, these water heaters need a backup energy source to complement them during cloudy days and are expensive to install.

Point Of Use (POU) Water Heaters

These are smaller water heaters installed near the appliance to supply hot water. Homeowners can choose to have POU water heaters installed to complement central water heaters far away from the devices and fixtures.

POU water heaters are also good backup water heater replacement options when the primary water heater breaks down or there’s a power or natural gas shortage.

Smart Water Heaters

A smart water heater could be a tankless or a thermostat-connected system that works hand-in-hand with the existing water heater. The system is connected to Wi-Fi to monitor and regulate the water temperature, locate and kill germs in the water, and detect leaks in the water heater system.

However, this water heater replacement option is costly to install and manage because the smart technology adds to the initial and maintenance costs.

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