Water Heater Repair: Types of Water Heaters And Their Repairs | Sugar Land, TX

Water Heater Repair: Types of Water Heaters And Their Repairs | Sugar Land, TX

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Knowing what is inside the unit is good whenever you call for a water heater repair. However, knowing the various types of water heaters available is also advantageous. A plumbing company might be specializing in tankless water heaters, whereas you have a condensing water heater. This information is also helpful to those seeking to purchase a water heater and install it in their homes.

There are many types of water heaters each having its merits and demerits. When it’s time to call for a replacement or repair in Sugar Land, TX, ensure you have and know all the facts regarding a water heater before deciding whether you need to replace your current unit. Carefully consider the merits and demerits of your present unit and the one you want to replace with. Below are some of the water heater types on the market.

Conventional or Traditional Water Heater

First, we’ll look at conventional water heaters, also called tank-based or traditional water heaters, the most common type of water heaters. Because these heaters are cheaper compared to other water heater types, they are common in most homes. These have a tank of varied sizes that heats the water coming in from the outside. You could be better off paying for replacement rather than repair if you need water heater repair service for a conventional water heater. An internal thermostat that raises or lowers the pressure inside the tank to heat your water controls these units.

If you have a maintenance contract with a water heater repair company, you may extend the tank’s lifespan, which can last up to 12 years on average. Professionals can also install tank-type water heater units reasonably easily. However, there are certain disadvantages to this cheapest water heater. The water becomes cold when you use it faster than the conventional water heater replaces it, and it could take over an hour to refill the tank.

On-Demand or Tankless Water Heaters

These water heaters are an upgrade from the traditional water heaters. They can provide your home with an endless supply of hot water with little to no issues. These water heaters are generally assembled with heated coils. These coils fill with water which quickly heats to the set temperature at your thermostat on demand. They charge up whenever you begin using the water which is currently within them and continues running as you use the water.

However, tankless water heaters may get overwhelmed whenever many hot water outlets are open simultaneously. This can cause the water to come up tepid for the heating unit, and you might need a larger tankless water heater to keep pace with capacity for you not to overwork or overload the unit.

On-demand water heaters are highly durable. They can last for over 20 years. However, reaching such a period relies heavily on routine maintenance by a reputable water heater repair company. If properly maintained, the lifespan can extend to a few more years.

Because tankless water heaters don’t have to hold the hot water for long, it is energy efficient. However, a tankless water heater costs more than a conventional water heater and might require reworking your gas lines to operate at maximum efficiency.

Solar Water Heaters

Do you want to reduce the energy bills substantially? Call a water heater repair technician to install a solar water heater. If you already have solar panels on your Sugar Land, TX home, then installing these water heaters will be an easy tie-in. The technician will use the solar panel lines coming out from your roof and connect the hot pipes with the tank to heat the water. However, this isn’t foolproof. The plumber will install a backup power system to supplement the solar energy for during cloudy days or during winter when the solar panels are snow-capped.

Enlisting the services of a water heater repair technician for the installation of a solar water heater also means you have to call an electrician to service the solar panels to make sure they are functioning efficiently. Having a solar water heater can save you a lot in energy bills. However, the initial investment costs for solar panels are pretty high. The good thing is that you can enlist for energy rebates.

Heat Pump Water Heater

A heat pump water heater or a hybrid water heater is the other type of hot water. A hybrid water heater heats your water by combining heat from the air and heat from the ground. A hybrid water heater circulates hot air around the tank instead of bringing electricity or gas into contact with tanks or pipes to heat the water. A hybrid water heater features an external tank and requires/uses more space compared to conventional water heaters.

If you have a heat pump water heater and call your trusted heater repair service, they will almost certainly fix the unit unless its tank is leaking. These units use considerably less energy compared to tank-type water heaters, making them highly cost-effective over time. The major disadvantage of hybrid water heaters is that they require warm air around them to operate. These water heaters are costly to start up and get all the parts installed right. Therefore, we recommend you enlist the services of a water heater repair expert if you decide to install these water heaters.

Condensing Water Heaters

This type of water heater is a good way of recouping the energy lost from the furnace, and a call to your water heater repair technician may be interesting. Condensing water heaters are beneficial in homes having natural gas furnaces and water heater items combined and can use them interchangeably.

However, condensing water heaters have a disadvantage; they only come in large sizes, meaning a large water tank will be installed at your home too. This takes a considerable amount of space. If your home has an electrical furnace, condensing water heaters capture most of the exhaust, meaning they won’t be of good use.

Professional Water Heater Repair Services in Sugar Land, TX

As you can see from above, there are many water heaters to choose from. Each has its advantages and shortcomings. Whenever you want water heater repair services, be sure to contact us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston. Our technicians provide full-line water heater services regardless of the type.

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