Drain Cleaning Service: Things That May Result In Clogged Shower Drains | Sugar Land, TX

Drain Cleaning Service: Things That May Result In Clogged Shower Drains | Sugar Land, TX

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Taking a bath after a busy day at work is a refreshing feeling. Besides maintaining your body’s hygiene, a warm or cool shower will refresh your mind while getting you ready for a relaxing session on your bed or sofa. However, this experience may turn tragic when the bathroom drains get clogged. Like other plumbing, bathrooms are prone to issues that need to be addressed promptly. If the repairs are delayed, serious problems are imminent, including a lack of hot water, stinky drains, and flooded bathroom floors.

Ensure that you always enlist a professional drain cleaning service whenever you feel or notice something is amiss with your shower room. Clogged and blocked shower drains are among the most frustrating plumbing problems. They can be an inconvenience to your family members and you. Please search for a company that provides drain cleaning to resolve the issue with your bathroom before it turns hazardous. But what can cause clogged shower drains in your Sugar Land, TX home?

1. Toothpaste Scum and Cosmetic Debris

Cosmetics and makeup enhance your beauty. However, did you know the two can cause clogging? Products like brushes, facial powders, and foundations may enter the shower drains, and the results will certainly not be pleasant. Furthermore, homeowners having faulty shower room drains see the shower drains as the next option for draining the toothpaste scam after brushing their teeth.

While they flow inside the drains, toothpaste and cosmetics accumulate on the pipe walls and coalesce. If the pipes are left unclean for some time, they can block the pipes, resulting in wastewater back up into your shower drains or bathtub. If you notice this in your home, it is high time to enlist the services of a professional drain cleaning service. The drain cleaning services company can help restore your bathroom’s efficiency promptly.

2. Soap

Clogging shower drains are most commonly caused by soap. Some people force the smaller remains of soap down their drains, leading to slow drains or flooding in their showers down the line. To avoid this, gather these soap remains and adequately dispose of them in your trash can. Also, soap residue can produce scum, which builds up inside the drains, causing clogs and blockages. How much scum your soap makes depends on its quality. Bar soaps usually have more scum than other types of soap.

When you visit your favorite supplies store in Sugar Land, TX, ensure to ask the salesperson for advice on the best soap for minimizing scum production.

3. Tree Roots

Tree roots seem to have a naturally occurring mechanism that draws them to the most negligible drain of water or moisture underground. If the underground pipes have leaks, they can attract tree roots. As the roots develop, they may bend or shrink the drainage pipes. This could result in a big mess within your shower room’s drainage pipes. It could also cause backing up of wastewater on your bathroom floors, which may cause floor damage in turn.

Furthermore, if you do not enlist the help of emergency drain cleaning services as soon as possible, repair costs accumulate. An experienced drain cleaner will inspect your underground drain pipes with video inspection cameras. You’ll need to hire tree cutting services or relocate your bathroom drain system if roots have shrunk and clogged the drain pipes.

4. Hair

Some companies require their employees to have no short hair for brand presentation. Therefore, some homeowners must constantly shave while bathing to save money on barbershop visits. In addition, some people prefer grooming their hair right after a shower in the bathroom.

Others use shower floors and bathtubs to clean their pets. The hair that falls inside the drains could start a severe problem inside the shower drains. Hair may knot and join with other substances, such as debris and soap, in the drains, clogging the shower drain. If you shave or wash your pets in the bathroom daily, you may need to enlist help from a drain cleaning service before things quickly get out of hand.

5. Dirt

“The drains should remove all debris and dirt from home.” This is a common misconception among many homeowners. However, this assertion or assumption is wrong. As the debris and dirt enter the drains, it could collect in the interior walls or corners of the pipes and result in huge debris balls, blocking the shower drains completely.

Ensure that you wash the dirt off your feet outside before entering a bathroom. Wash the muddy shoes inside a basin, especially after attending to your garden. If you wash the mud from your shoes or body inside the bathroom, the dirt and debris may result in severe issues down the drain. You might have to enlist the help of a drain cleaning service to unclog the drains or repair the pipes burst. Blockages also reduce the water pressure, meaning what started in your bathroom might end up affecting the entire house.

6. Jewelry

You might be highly obsessed with your most expensive and best jewelry to the extent that you do not want to remove them from your ear, wrist, ankle, or neck when showing. Unfortunately, the jewelry may drop off when showering and find its way into the drains. If the jewelry and other paraphernalia accumulate consistently inside your shower drains, they can cause clogs. Therefore, you could be prompted to quickly enlist the help of a drain cleaning service to resolve the mess.

Before entering the bathroom for a shower, ensure that you remove all your jewelry to avoid clogging the drains with them. Further, always ensure that the bathroom door is closed to prevent children from tossing objects like ball bearings, tiny toys, and coins into the bathroom. This applies to toilets too. You can also enlist the help of a drain cleaning service like bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston, to install a shower waste trap. The trap should have tiny holes to trap or reduce the waste entering your bathroom drains.

Trusted Drain Cleaners In Sugar Land, TX

Without a doubt, just as it is essential to get clean water at your home, it is equally vital to drain the wastewater away. A bathroom is one of the areas of your home where there could be many items that may cause problems with your drains. By enlisting the help of a drain cleaning service, you could prevent drainage problems altogether. However, you must ignore the misconception that your drains can remove all the dust and debris from your Sugar Lake, TX home. Call us today at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston for drain cleaning services.

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