Spring Cleaning for Your Drains with Our Professional Drain Cleaning Service | Sugar Land, TX

Spring Cleaning for Your Drains with Our Professional Drain Cleaning Service | Sugar Land, TX

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House cleaning feels good and clears out unsightly accumulations that could even turn out to be hazards. While you can’t see the effects of a drain cleaning service without our video inspection gear, it could be considered similar. At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston, we’re quite familiar with the long-term drain clogging process for homes in Sugar Land, TX. Without regular cleaning, your drain pipes accumulate FOG — fat, oils, and grease, which are the glue for many clogs of other materials such as hair. Traveling down the pipes, you can see the clogs forming in various locations all the way down to your sewer line, and even in there as well.

In London, a famous clog in the city sewer had grown to over a ton, because the process doesn’t stop until your pipes are fully blocked. If you’ve had frequent calls to the emergency plumber for drain cleaning service, you may have had some clogs cleared closer to the sink or toilet that’s backing up, but down the line there are surely others, slowing the flow and building up to provide deeper blockages at a later date. Annual whole house drain cleaning service, in the spring or any time of year, sweeps your pipes free of these FOG clogs and has other benefits as well.

Drains Are Designed for Complex Work

It’s clearly not just wastewater that goes down your drains, it’s pretty much anything and everything, often by accident, sometimes by misunderstanding. They’re designed to handle enough of a flow rate to keep stuff, whatever that stuff may be, flowing through the bends and straightaways, loops and joints, until it reaches the sewer pipe and then the city sewer line. They also manage the gases that develop in wastewater lines as bacteria processes the organic material on its way down, or sitting in a fat or grease-based clog. That’s what the loops under your sinks and in your toilets are doing, making your system more of a one-way passage, especially for noxious gases.

The speedy flow of water is what makes everything work well since it takes some energy to get through the loop and to travel the straight horizontal pipes before hitting the downward flows. Clogs along the way are speed bumps that our drain cleaning service removes. They can individually or collectively disrupt the success of the whole system. Sometimes you’ll have a sink backup due to a clog further down the line in addition to the stuff in the loop, or trap, under the sink, sometimes the clog some distance away can even cause multiple backups at the same time, with blocked sinks and toilets that spin and don’t go down. From time to time, a clog on the way down can cause flushes on one floor of your home to result in an ugly mess in the sinks nearby, or the tub, even.

Drain Cleaning Service Gets the Speed Bumps Out of the Way

This is why many homeowners have preventive drain cleaning service, usually on an annual basis: clearing out the speed bumps. Fat, oil, and grease, or other materials cling to the sides of pipes naturally, especially if they’re metal and corroding due to hard water, or plastic and PVC and degrading from age. Once there’s a sticky area in the pipe, other material gathers like hair, dirt, and food particles. It grows and narrows the pipe, and all the effects mentioned already can start happening, along with some other strange results.

Drain cleaning service is a methodical way to clear the pipes, using video to identify the targets from inside and select the right approach, whether it’s breaking apart the clog or extracting large objects that are likely to get stuck again on their way down. High-pressure hydro jetting helps to break up the clog material, get the flow really moving, and also clear the pipe walls of layers of grease that would eventually probably start clogs of their own. Video also gives us some idea of the condition of your drain pipes, which as professional plumbers help us keep you up to date on the condition of that aspect of your home’s plumbing. We can actually do it for water supply pipes as well, making it easy to locate damage, degradation, and leaks when needed.

Sewer Cleaning Service as Well

At some point, your sewer line might also need a cleanout. You might experience backups on the lower floors of your home, or in the basement and from any drains in the floor down there. We can run our video inspection camera through the cleanout access and take a look at what’s going on in the sewer and develop a strategy for dealing with any trouble. For example, if your sewer has developed a large clog of its own, not as big as the one in London but the same concept, high-pressure hydro jetting can be a great solution, breaking the clog up with water pressure thousands of PSI.

If there are other sewer problems present, such as a crushed section of pipe, root intrusions, or older pipes starting to collapse, these days there’s a lot we can do besides digging up the whole pipe. Our expert plumbers can outline the options, including durable, long-lasting patches and pipe relining, and a process called “bursting” that pushes the old pipe aside and slides in a new one. These “trenchless” methods can make a big difference for you and let your home’s drains flow.

Your Professional Drain Cleaning Service in Sugar Land, TX and Team of Expert Plumbers

We’re bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston, known for our plumbing experience as well as the thoroughness of our drain cleaning service. We offer a great combination of plumbing maintenance, skilled diagnosis and repairs, emergency plumbing 24/7, plus upgrades and installation of plumbing-connected fixtures and appliances. Count on us and call us in Sugar Land, TX for all your plumbing needs.

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