Signs That You Need A Plumber To Do Repiping In Your Home | Katy, TX

Signs That You Need A Plumber To Do Repiping In Your Home | Katy, TX

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When your plumbing gives you grief, replacing the pipes may be essential. Repiping your house needs the entire plumbing system to be gutted and redone. The process involves removing and replacing all hot and cold water pipes. As it may cost a decent chunk of money, only a licensed plumber should handle this task to avoid any glitches.

Usually, the pipes last for a long time, but there is no timetable you can follow for replacing them. Damaged pipes can be dangerous for your family’s health and your home’s well-being. A plumber can inspect the pipes regularly and identify the following signs before they get worse.

Aged Pipes or Unsafe Materials

The lifespan of home piping systems depends on several factors, like daily wear and tear, weather conditions, etc. However, the rule of thumb says you can replace the pipes every 50 years. If your home was constructed in the decade of 1970, and pipes haven’t been replaced since then, they are already halfway to ruin. Repipe your home before it crumples due to constant water leakages.

Piping materials may also impact the integrity of your plumbing system. Galvanized steel has a smaller lifespan than brass or copper. It is prone to corrosion and rust particles, which may seep into the drinking water and make your family sick.

Other materials, like lead or polybutylene, tend to leak. They, too, need regular inspection and timely replacement by an experienced professional.

Leaky Pipes

Leaking pipes are a significant problem for homes in Katy, TX. Condensation on your hot water pipes is usual, but leakages aren’t. If you notice a leaky spot, you may be tempted to patch it. This will save the repair cost, but the problem will persist.

Remember, all the pipes in your home have the same material and age. What happens at one spot may occur at any other point as well. Any sprung leak may be a precursor of bigger issues like aging valves or insulation problems. If leakages get out of hand, they can devastate your home’s structure and foundation.

You can avoid future costly repairs caused by burst pipes if you repipe the entire system at the right time. Call a plumber for immediate inspection and solution.

Low Water Pressure

Several factors may cause low water pressure. The most common reasons are corrosion and sediment buildup in the pipes. It blocks the water passing through the pipe and exerts more pressure on the lines.

The result may be leakages at several points or burst pipes. Although low water pressure can be due to a faulty connection that your plumber can repair promptly, the problem is sometimes deeply rooted.

Look for warning signs like low water pressure in your laundry washing machine, shower, or dishwasher. If you can’t detect any visible cause, contact a licensed professional for a detailed check up.

Corrosion Stains

Stains are also a clear indicator of bigger plumbing issues in your home. Often, you may notice discoloration or small indentations on the exposed pipes. Corroding pipes are more susceptible to spring leaks. They need immediate replacement because repairing isn’t an option, especially when it poses a threat to their structural integrity.

Many homes have pipelines dated from the 70s or before. The majority of these pipes are made of galvanized steel that corrodes faster than other materials despite its high tensile strength. In this case, repiping your home is a better option to avoid bigger and costlier repairs later on.

You may often notice some dark spots on the walls and ceilings that indicate sure signs of damaged piping. Hence, you need the help of a licensed professional to examine the condition of the corroded pipes, apart from the visible stains.

Flaking and Dimpling Pipes

Corrosion is common in homes with high-acid water supply. It can slowly eat away the tubing inside the pipes and lead to flaking or dimpling.

Whenever you notice these signs, don’t delay calling your plumber for a full inspection of your piping system. They can replace the faulty pipes and evaluate your plumbing system’s overall conditions to check if it needs repiping.

Discolored Water

Do you notice yellowish, brownish, or reddish tint in water flowing from your spigots or taps? If you do, it is a clear sign of rust or sediment building up in the piping system. Water discoloration usually happens when you do not use your water supply for an extended period.

Sometimes, it happens only when running hot water. It implies that the corrosion exists in the hot water system, not the plumbing lines. Hence, ask a plumber to examine your pipes immediately after returning home from an extended trip or spring break vacation.

Smelly Water

When drinking water smells or tastes bad, you should be worried about your family’s health. But, before that, take a look at your plumbing pipes as they may be in bad condition and need repiping. Call a plumber to inspect, repair, or replace the drinking water lines immediately so that you can be assured about the water quality in your home.

Noisy Pipes

Plumbing isn’t supposed to make a lot of noise. The muted sounds of water flowing through the pipes are common. But, if you hear rattling, gurgling, clanging, or weird noises coming from the pipelines, it’s time to contact your plumber. An experienced professional knows where to look for the potential causes and rectify them.

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