Plumber Tips To Deal With A Flooded Basement | Memorial City

Plumber Tips To Deal With A Flooded Basement | Memorial City

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Since the weather can be unpredictable and rain showers can hit the town anytime, homeowners in Memorial City are geared up for any consequences. Still, a flooded basement is your worst nightmare. Inclement weather is not the only reason for this issue.

Insufficient gutters, underground leaks, broken plumbing lines, foundation cracks, failed sewer, failed sump pump, or malfunctioning dry well are other potential factors causing basement floods. In any case, calling a plumber to handle the situation is the safest route.

Let’s dig in and find how they can help.

Find the Underlying Cause

Whether your house has a plumbing issue or pump failure, you can’t deal with basement flooding unless you know its cause. Old, leaky pipes can burst under pressure and cause puddles in bathrooms, kitchens, etc. leading to basement floods eventually.

But, there may be other factors at the root of this problem, like:

  • Sewage tank backing up or clogged sewer lines


  • Cracks or damages in the foundation due to rain, sewer backups, or poor yard drainage


  • Poor sealing of the basement that allows leaks to slip through and collect in the basement


  • Gutter debris directing the water away from your home’s foundation and letting it seep into the basement through cracks


  • Improper drainage issues like downspout pointing close to the house or overloading the weeping tiles that discharge underground water

No matter what causes the flooding, an experienced professional can evaluate the situation using heat scanners, listening equipment, or video pipe inspection devices. Accordingly, they do remediation to prevent further incidents.

Install and Inspect the Sump Pump

A sump pump can control flooding in your home. It is installed under the ground level to discharge groundwater before it rises to a flooding level. The water will be diverted outside the house and away from its foundation to keep the structural integrity intact.

Mostly, sump pumps run on electricity, but you can find a pump with battery backup too. Install it in your basement to keep the water buildup under check and save your basement from flooding.

And, if your basement already has a sump pump, get it evaluated by your licensed plumber to see if it requires a repair or replacement.

Provide Immediate Solutions

If your basement is poorly flooded and you can’t access the area, leave it to professionals. A professional can handle the situation with an accurate response. It includes removing the water by running your sump pump and drying the space. They have industrial fans and dehumidifiers to get rid of wetness clinging on various surfaces after the flooding.

Once the area is clean and dry, the plumbers can take preventive measures to eliminate mold growth. It requires proper cleaning and spraying an anti-mildew solution in the basement.

Waterproof the Basement

Mostly, the homes in Memorial City are insulated with waterproofing materials and proper drainage systems. However, older homes may lack both. If your home has no waterproofing at all, get it done immediately to prevent such issues. It may include an epoxy coating over the concrete, pressure injecting urethane into cracks, or exterior waterproofing and foundation crack injections. Your plumber can help you choose the right method.

Regular Inspection and Preventive Maintenance

Basement flooding can happen quite often if you don’t take care and neglect regular inspection of your sewer lines, plumbing, pumps, and gutters. Ask your plumber to check the downspouts and turn them away from your home. They can also clean the gutters, so the rainwater is not dumped directly below into your foundation.

Try to rule out the possibility of water heater problems, leaking pipes, or burst pipes through regular inspection of your home at least twice a year. The septic system also needs preventive care for proper functioning. A professional can clean the septic tanks and inspect the systems regularly to prevent overflows or clogs.

There may be hidden dangers or potential mold breeding grounds in a wet and flooded basement. A licensed professional can assess any situation and develop a robust game plan to safely remove the flood water without any further damage to your property.

What Can You Do In the Meantime?

So, when it happens, call an emergency plumber immediately to take over and deal with the issue.

In the meanwhile, you should keep your head and follow these steps to wade through this situation.

Call the Professionals

Before you touch anything in the flooded basement, call your plumber to assess the damage and make the right decisions. You may also need to call an emergency electrician to check the damages sustained by your wiring due to flood water. If the circuit breaker is located in the main house, shut the power and gas right away to avoid any electrical disaster.

Salvage the Important Stuff

Once you can safely venture into the basement, you can start removing and salvaging whatever you can. If you have any valuable possessions, remove them immediately from the area before they are damaged beyond repair. If your homeowner’s insurance covers your belongings, take pictures, and make a list of flood-damaged items in the basement. However, before setting foot inside the basement, wear rubber boots to protect your skin from electric shocks or contaminated water.

Remove the Water

You can remove excess water by using mops and towels. Remember, your basement may be flooded because your sump pump failed. So, manual labor is needed to remove the water. However, if it is two feet or deep, let the plumber help clear your basement.

Now that you’ve dealt with the initial steps, you should let the plumber do their job and make your basement clean and healthy again.

Contact the Local Plumbing Specialist to Handle the Situation

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We also deal with slow drains, water heater problems, repiping, sewer line damages, and much more to keep your home safe and healthy. Give us a call at 346-262-0129 today to schedule an appointment.

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