Plumbing Service Tips: What Are the Common Plumbing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them? | Sugar Land, TX

Plumbing Service Tips: What Are the Common Plumbing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them? | Sugar Land, TX

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Homeowners may face a plumbing issue unexpectedly. Most often, you may witness something simple such as a minor faucet leak or clog. However, the way you approach and repair the problem can resolve it or make it worse.

While your first instinct may be to repair the damage on your own, it may lead to some costly mistakes. Consider hiring a professional plumbing service in Sugar Land, TX, to steer clear of such issues.

It is crucial to know the common plumbing mistakes and how to avoid them. You can then be cautious and ensure that your plumber performs the tasks efficiently as well.

Common Plumbing Mistakes and Tips to Avoid Them

Even seemingly smaller plumbing mistakes soon turn to more significant issues. By identifying them earlier, you can prevent the problem from aggravating. It also helps to be extra careful the next time you face a leaky pipe, clogs, or other plumbing woes.

Read on to know which plumbing mistakes to avoid and if you need professional plumbing service in Sugar Land, TX, to take care of the issue.

Not Turning Off Your Water Supply

Regardless of the intensity of the issue, the first step is often to turn off your water supply. Many overlook this step to fix the plumbing issue quickly. However, skipping it creates unnecessary troubles as additional pressure builds on your pipes. It soon leads to a pipe burst and extensive water damage.

Before you begin to fix a loose faucet or a leaking pipe, shut off the main valve. It is usually present on your property’s water meter. In case you face water damage, make sure to call a plumbing company immediately.

Overusing Chemical Drain Cleaners

Clogged drains cause severe inconvenience. Many use liquid chemical drain cleaners to tackle the issue quickly. While it may work to clear the pipes at times, you may soon have to deal with more issues.

Chemicals tend to have a negative effect on most pipes. They eat away or break down the materials clogging the drains. Unfortunately, they tend to do the same to your pipes as well.

If you use harsh chemicals regularly to clear your drains, your pipes can corrode and begin to leak. Instead, hire a plumbing service for drain cleaning. Professionals use the right equipment and cleaning solvents that do not harm your plumbing system.

Using Mismatched Pipes

Make sure to use only compatible pipes. If you choose pipes of different sizes, they may fix temporarily. However, it can cost you more soon. Bigger pipes do not flush properly. Meanwhile, smaller ones are more prone to clogs.

The pipe size affects the water pressure as well. It slowly weakens the pipe structure, and you face leakages. A professional plumber can inspect the types of pipes within your property and analyze if they are efficient. If necessary, they replace the pipes with more compatible ones.

For instance, PVC pipes are usually good as your house’s primary water supply. You may avoid using them in your kitchen as they cannot handle higher temperatures.

Another common mistake that many homeowners make is attaching galvanizing pipes to copper pipes directly. Use the right adapters and connectors to avoid corrosion.

Overtightening Plumbing Connections

Tighter fittings and pipes may seem to be better. However, it may often not be the best move. When you overtighten pipes, you tend to crack the fittings. Similarly, if you tighten the toilet bolt on the floor too much, it cracks up the porcelain and messes up the unit’s functioning.

You may not notice the crack right away. Overlooking this damage leads to a complete breakage within weeks. It can cause significant flooding. While it is difficult to gauge how tight the fixture should be, avoid tightening it if it feels secure enough.

You can also consider entrusting the job to a plumber. A professional plumbing service possesses adequate experience. They can connect the pipes and fixtures without causing any damage.

Using the Wrong Tools

The tools you use may make or break your plumbing work. With the wrong or inefficient tools, you end up dealing with more complications. For instance, an incompatible screwdriver can damage the screw’s head on the faucet. It becomes more difficult to remove the screw.

To avoid such issues, make sure to research which tools are suitable for the plumbing job. However, not all tools may be available in the local stores. They can be expensive as well.

Instead, you can invest in a plumbing service. Professionals bring their efficient tools and take care of the issue. Look for affordable services and save costs.

Using Too Much Force on Shut Off Valves

Shut off valves in the sink or toilet tend to get stuck frequently. You may try to turn its knob with your hand. If the valve does not budge, it needs repair. However, it can be tricky. Applying too much force breaks the valve and its connecting stem as well.

Adjustable wrenches can help in loosening the valve a little. Then, you can turn the valve. Any mistake during the process leads to leakage. Avoid any issues by hiring a plumbing service for the task.

Professionals inspect the shutoff valves and assess if it needs a repair or replacement. Accordingly, they resolve the issue using the right techniques to prevent further damages.

Let A Professional Plumbing Service Handle the Job

You can entrust plumbing repair and replacement tasks to professionals. It helps in avoiding any plumbing mistake and its costly consequences. Reach out to bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston today to receive efficient plumbing services in Sugar Land, TX.

We provide high-quality repairs 24/7. Our licensed and reputable plumbers locate the issue and walk you through the repair process. You can also expect a durable and guaranteed plumbing service at lower costs.

Call us at 346-800-3316 anytime and book your appointment. We ensure to meet your convenience by working around your schedule. You can visit our official website to receive further information on our services.

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