Need A Plumber? What Causes The Leakage In Your Garbage Disposal And What To Do About It? | Houston Heights

Need A Plumber? What Causes The Leakage In Your Garbage Disposal And What To Do About It? | Houston Heights

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Garbage disposal is essential to collect almost all types of food waste from your kitchen and dispose of it in the kitchen sink. It aids in rapid kitchen cleaning and also ends up reducing your effort. However, garbage disposals can leak sometimes and there are a number of reasons behind it. Whatever the reason might be, it is best not to employ any DIY methods and call an expert plumber to inspect and fix the problem.

Here are some of the reasons which can cause leaks in the garbage disposal. Look out for the following signs.

If you notice the leak at the top, then the possible reason is a loose sink flange.

A sink flange is a contraption that is used to connect the garbage disposal to your sink. The plumber’s putty is used to hold the flange in place and align the garbage disposal with the sink so that the waste flows in smoothly.

If the connection between the sink flange and the sink drain loosens, then you might notice a leak. The connection might have also corroded over time with constant water contact.

Call your plumber to fix the issue. They will check the mounting bolts connecting the flange to the drain and make sure they are tightened again. They might also replace the flange if needed.

In addition, they will also check the putty holding the garbage disposal in place. If the putty seal is compromised, then future leaks will occur again. He will put a fresh seal in place by loosening the bolts first, and then tighten them again, making the connection secure and as good as new.

The likeliest cause of the leak is a faulty drain line connection.

Garbage disposal leaking from the sides is a common problem but nothing that cannot fix. The drain from the dishwasher that is connected to the garbage disposal could have been compromised. The function of the drainpipe is to remove food particles and remains from the dishwater and dispose of it in the sink.

The dirty and greasy water from dishwashing could leak all over the place, instead of going directly into the sink. This is a nasty problem that needs immediate fixing. Call a plumber to look into the problem because meddling with the connection with inexperienced hands might also cause damage to your dishwasher.

The plumber will check the clamp and the main drain line that is connected by screws and rubber gasket from the inside. There is a metal clamp joining the dishwater to the garbage disposal and a possible cause of the leak is that it could have come loose.

They will tighten it and also inspect the hose that connects the dishwasher to the garbage disposal. Years of use could have caused it to crack and dried areas could be leaking fluid. Then install a new hose in its place if needed, leaving your dishwasher and your garbage disposal both as good as new.

Do not try to fix the hose or tighten it yourself because if it has become brittle, it could dislodge completely, leaving you to clean up all the mess which could have been still trapped inside.

The possible cause is cracks under a worn-out system.

If you have been using your garbage disposal for a long time now, chances are it could have worn out. The water could be leaking due to some internal damage, like a seal inside the disposal having come off due to overuse. The internal seals could wear out over time, causing the garbage disposal to stop working.

The technician will first check for cracks and wet spots, and if there are any, you most likely have to replace it. Or else, shift the position of the disposal, realign it and inspect the seals and plumber’s putty.

He could also replace screws and bolts if they have rusted or come undone, causing the leak. If the system is beyond repair and you have to install a new disposal system, the plumber at Houston Heights will help you with that too.

The plumber will not just fix the new system, but they will also do the necessary groundwork to ensure that the new system works perfectly. They will check the sink and the underlying plumbing so that the new system sits firmly in place. They will check both the inlet and outlet for maximum efficiency of disposal.

Garbage disposal is not a very complicated piece of equipment but in case there is an issue, you should always have it checked by a professional. One wrong move or a faulty tweak, and you could have the entire kitchen filled with filthy water and you do not want that.

A professional will help you save precious time and money that would result from all that cleaning up, or if you inadvertently damage it beyond repair. If there is a serious issue with your garbage disposal, then DIY methods will only be a temporary fix, giving you cause for worry all over again.

Expert plumbers from bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston, Houston Heights are trained to fix all kinds of garbage disposal, no matter what design or fixing they have. They will inspect the entire garbage disposal system and assist you with all the fixes you need, and at very competitive rates too.

We are just a phone call away and will be happy to answer all your queries regarding sink issues and kitchen plumbing as well. Book an appointment today and go back to having a clean and sparkling kitchen.

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