Drain Cleaning Service: Signs That You Need Sewer Line Repairs | Memorial City

Drain Cleaning Service: Signs That You Need Sewer Line Repairs | Memorial City

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Having your sewerage system out of commission is utterly inconvenient. From mess to stress, it can put your day on hold no matter how important it is. Interestingly, you might have been paying $500-$1000 for drain cleaning service every year on your home insurance policy, but the standard policies hardly cover your plumbing expenses.

At times the situation can turn severe and the system can collapse, leaving you nowhere. Therefore, it is useful to keep a plumber’s contact handy who would never disappoint you during emergencies. And at the same time, you can always prevent a system collapse by reading the signs or following the proper measures of maintenance.

Sewer Line Damage Is a Common Phenomenon

From a celebrity to a private sector employee to any other residential area, sewer line damage is a common household phenomenon. It is your sewer line that removes the wastewater from every pipe of your home, including the toilet, shower, sinks, etc.

So if the line gets choked, there is nothing to panic, you can take a drain cleaning service plumber’s help. But if you are having the episodes too frequently, that means it requires a thorough inspection. Here’s jotting down the tell-tale signs that your sewer line needs to be repaired:

Water Overflow

Have you noticed the water is draining relatively slower down the sink? Or perhaps there have been one or two occurrences of water overflow? The reason behind this could be clogs in the mainline.

The pipes gather a lot of solid particles like food residue, hair, pet hair, flushed personal items, etc. which gather inside the pipe and can’t pass through. Please remember, the drain passages are meant for water, liquid, or human waste. And on such occasions, a drain cleaning service plumber is your best friend.

Pay Heed to the Smell

We all know that sewage has a very specific smell. But when the sewer line of your house is damaged, it spreads all around the house. Initially, it could be difficult to identify. But if you feel the smell is sort of musty or like mildew, then be sure that the source is the sewer.

Don’t let the stench make you nauseous, call a plumber you trust. And if you are living in and around Memorial City, then give our drain cleaning service a call! And our plumbers will reach you right away.

Fluctuating Water Levels

Are you noticing a change in your toilet water levels? For example, it was quite full the other day and nearly empty today? Did your bathroom overflow last week for no good reason? Well, these are the indications that your sewer line is having problems.

However, the best way to find out is by calling up a drain cleaning service as only he can guide you further.

A Soggy Yard

If you have observed significant pooling in your yard, then it is time to raise a flag, especially if it is stinky too. Generally, when you water your yard, it dries up within a matter of hours. Sewer line issues, however, create soft spots that remain soggy all the time.

Avoid delays, make an appointment with an experienced plumber. Also, don’t forget to make a note of the locations of the puddle. It would help the professional to diagnose the issue at the earliest.

Noisy Pipes

Has there been a consistent noise straight out of the pipes that has been giving you headaches? Well, noisy plumbing is an issue that can have different underlying causes, for example, loose pipes, high water pressure, water hammer, etc. In case it sounds like gurgling, then it is due to sewer line disruptions.

But surely, it is not for you to determine the type of the noise, only an experienced drain cleaning service can do it.

The Grass Is Greener

You have reason to be happy if your grass appears greener than it should be, however, be vigilant. Take a closer look around it. Are there patches that appear to be lusher than the other areas? Are there places where plants are popping up on their own without fertilizers?

Sewage does make the lawn greener than the usual. If you have made any of the aforementioned observations, then call your drain cleaning service to be 100% sure.

You Are Facing Infestation

Rats, mice, rodents love the smell and the dampness of the sewer. If you have recently noticed an increase in pests around your house, then it could be associated with your sewer line.

You can deal with this problem in two steps:

  • Call your plumber, he will investigate and fix the sewer line issues
  • Next, call the pest control guys to eliminate the infestation

There Is Mold on Walls

When your sewer lines and pipes are not intact or leaking, they make your home more humid, creating room for molds. Look for:

  • discoloration on the walls
  • strange patches spreading from the base of your toilet

Although mold growth can be triggered by your HVAC system, if you haven’t done any plumbing fixtures in a while, consider a drain cleaning service plumber’s opinion.

Toilet Backing up

This one’s a pretty clear sign. If your toilet keeps backing up with raw sewage, waste no time. It is a visible confirmation that there is something wrong with your sewer line and it is time for the experts to take charge.

If You Are Confirmed, Can You Repair the Sewer Line Yourself?

The DIY methods aren’t a good idea as far as plumbing is concerned. It requires specific skills, training, experience, and equipment. Trust us, you don’t want to worsen the scenario.

Damaged sewers and pipes can also inflate your water bills. So you must never overlook the signs and call our technicians who are always at your service and have been tending to the drain cleaning service needs of Memorial City for years. bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston—the secret to a healthy & happy home!

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