Memorial City’s Hardest Working Plumbers

Memorial City’s Hardest Working Plumbers

Memorial City, Texas began as a shopping center with a mere 42 stores in 1966 that planners conveniently located along the I-10 highway. In the past five decades, a lot has changed to this part of Houston. In 2020, Memorial City Mall became the 38th-largest shopping mall within the United States attracting more than 20 million visitors every year.

The Memorial City area consists of an incredible 265 acres with 6.1 million square feet of retail space, 8.3 million square feet of office space, and 4400 residents with more people choosing to live in the area every day.

All these people, retail shops, offices, and educational and health care facilities all depend on functioning plumbing and sanitary services to live their lives and to conduct business. Plumbing problems can interrupt the routines of daily life with clogged drains, low water pressure, or non-draining toilets. bluefrog Plumbing is proud to be the most relied on plumbing service in Memorial City and the area of Houston.

A Principled Plumber

There are many options when it comes to choosing a plumber. Unless you’re highly knowledgeable or skilled in the field, it might be hard choosing a plumber who will efficiently remedy the issue without charging an arm and a leg.

Selecting a plumbing service based just on a cheap estimate could cost you more money in the future if they do not have the skills, tools, or know-how to remedy the problem.

A good idea is to read the customer testimonials for a guide on how the company treats its’ clients. Asking family members and neighbors about who they trust for their plumbing needs can help to hire a trustworthy plumber too. However, what do you do if there’s water flowing throughout your apartment and these recommended plumbers cannot attend to the puddles for several days?

The bluefrog Plumbing team balances affordability and efficiency. Our team members are factory-trained, bonded, and insured. We provide opportunities for our employees to regularly refresh their skills which allows them to stay current with the technological advancements made throughout the plumbing industry.

Our team members submit to an extensive background check before being sent on service calls. Inviting a technician into your home is an act of trust. We value your trust and take comprehensive steps to protect our valued clients.

10 Red Flags It Is Time to Call a Plumber

Many Texans are not afraid to roll up their shirt sleeves and attempt to fix a problem, but the network of pipes and joints are delicate and require a skilled hand when it comes to remedying plumbing issues.

Attempting to fix a plumbing issue without proper training or tools can cost significantly more than a traditional plumber call. The following list consists of 10 warning signs that you shouldn’t ignore or attempt to repair.

  1. Lazy Drains: are the bathtub, sinks, dishwashers or washing machines draining to slow? Is there water left in your dishwasher after you run the appliance? This might mean there is a blockage in the drain, or it could be a characteristic of more complex plumbing problems.
  2. Low Water Pressure: Many homes and retail spaces struggle with low water pressure. While it is an ordinary issue due to plumbing systems being overused, or for pipes and joints that are too small or have many clogged pathways.
  3. Weird Noises: Some noises are to be expected. After all, water flowing through pipes located inside walls do make some sounds. However, if you hear knocking, high-pitched whirring, or any noise out of the ordinary stop using the tap or appliance and call bluefrog plumbing immediately.
  4. No Water: Turning on the tap only to find a dry faucet is alarming. A lack of water could be due to numerous problems. It is wise to check with the water company for routine maintenance and shutoffs before paying for a plumbing service.
  5. Damaged Walls and Floors: Damage to flooring and walls are often found after the damage is done. It takes time for water to ruin painted and wood surfaces. This damage is usually the result of a burst or leaking pipe.
  6. Yellowish, Brown Stains: Brown and yellowish stains on the ceiling and floors of areas directly below a kitchen, bathroom, or utility room are another indicator of leaking and burst pipes, which may lead to mold growth.
  7. Zero Hot Water: All jokes aside, cold showers aren’t fun for most people and it definitely won’t get the dishes clean! A lack of hot water is a huge red flag it’s time to call bluefrog Plumbing.
  8. Stinky Drains: Throwing food into the garbage disposal can result in food becoming trapped and emitting stinky smells, but if you can’t find the source then it’s time to call a professional.
  9. Burst Pipes and Leaking Joints: Plumbing is a delicate network of joints and pipes hidden from view. There are many reasons why pipes burst but it’s crucial to rely on a professional who has been trained to deal with these bigger jobs.
  10. Sewage in the Retail Space or Home: The job of the plumbing system is to remove waste from the home and provide clean water. However, sometimes toilets overflow and flow right into adjacent areas of the environment. This is definitely a task for a plumbing pro.

Plumbing is much more likely to experience problems when it is being overused. Another problem is that the pipes are simply insufficient for the volume of people depending on the system.

Trust the team at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain to efficiently and affordably fix any plumbing problem. The BFPAD Proactive Protection Program is a cost-effective subscription service that offers priority service, a 15 percent discount, and an annual plumbing evaluation.

We understand that plumbing issues don’t always pop up Monday through Friday, that is why bluefrog offers around-the-clock service for emergencies. Our work is backed by the ‘Right Solution Guarantee’ and ensures our customers are happy with all the work we do! Give us a call today to get your plumbing back in tiptop shape.

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