How Maintenance Helps Reduce Unexpected Water Heater Repair Calls | Sugar Land, TX

How Maintenance Helps Reduce Unexpected Water Heater Repair Calls | Sugar Land, TX

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Periodic water heater maintenance visits to check the unit’s condition, make adjustments as necessary, and perform preventive maintenance services can simplify your life. At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston, we encourage our customers in Sugar Land, TX to have their standard water heaters maintained to increase the longevity of the units and ensure that they’re protected against overpressure problems and corrosion-based leaks, and for many other purposes. For hybrid water heaters and tankless units, the need for maintenance is even more important because of sophisticated control systems and air circulation paths which require active care to keep them in good condition and avoid malfunctions.

Regular Tank Inspection

A part of routine annual water heater repair and maintenance visits is a tank inspection which checks the condition of the tank, accumulation of sediment from minerals in the water, and the corrosion of the tank’s lining that is a major factor in limiting the lifespan of the water heater unit. If the tank has been damaged in other ways, perhaps by the impact of materials stored nearby, a tank inspection should be performed as soon as possible to make sure it is still safe to operate. The risks of a damaged or corroded tank include leaks, bursting, and a greater vulnerability to explosion from the buildup of pressure that can occur. Normally, the temperature and pressure relief valve, another routine inspection and testing item, protects against excessive pressure build up, so the risk to bystanders is minimal, but it’s theoretically possible.

Anode Rod Protection

The anode rod, a mysterious piece of metal inside the tank based water heater, both standard and hybrid models, provides balance in the water chemistry by sacrificing a bit of its own material over time so the tank doesn’t experience as much corrosion, especially from hard water and the minerals it contains. A water softener installation can help manage the hard water, but it’s important for your water heater repair professional to select an anode rod with the right type of metal for your type of water, which may be magnesium, tin, zinc, or aluminum, or a combination of these. Anode rods also protect against the source of that rotten egg smell some people get from their hot water faucets, anaerobic bacteria that sometimes grow in the hot water tank.

Checking Heating, Thermostat, and Combustion Issues

Water heater repair personnel address a variety of problems with electric and gas heating elements in your standard tank based hot water heater, and with gas units they’re always on the lookout for potential combustion problems that could create a carbon monoxide gas risk in your basement, or along the path of the vent to the outside. They’ll also make sure that your thermostat or dual units are adjusted to the right temperature, usually 120F, and if there are dual units they’ll make sure both are working. Your hot water supply will run out when the current tank is used up if there are no active heaters, but if only one of a pair is operational, you’ll get only half a tank of hot water, either the first half, or the second half after half a tank of cold water is dispensed.

Hybrid Water Heater Issues

Your hybrid water heater repairs that involve the tank are similar to those with standard units, including controlling tank corrosion and inspecting to see if it’s nearing the end of its lifespan, typically a decade or more. Beyond the tank, the compressor is a key component of the system, providing a mechanism similar to that of an air conditioner that transfers heat, usually from the surrounding air, and delivers it into the stored water. A backup electric heater is usually included, to cover for situations where the ambient air doesn’t contain enough heat to sufficiently warm the water to the desired temperature. In our area, that’s not as big a problem as up north. Water heater repairs may include the electric heating element, and the heart of the system which is an electronic control unit, monitoring operation and adjusting for best operation, as well as looking for trouble and sounding the alarm if any is found. You may hear your hybrid water heater beeping and flashing a diagnostic code, which we can use to target repairs. If you reset the alarm, don’t forget to call for service, too.

Tankless Water Heater Maintenance

The payback for tankless water heater installation is usually twofold: significant savings in energy use since it only heats the water you’re using, not a tank full that needs to stay hot around the clock, and the reduced repair and maintenance costs. It has no tank so it lasts much longer, often several times the lifespan of a tank-based unit, although sediment can accumulate in the heating unit and cause trouble, as with a tank-based unit. It also needs to have its vents cleared regularly, and will often have a reminder light that turns on when sensors indicate the vents aren’t clear. Like the hybrid unit, it has an electronic control system that senses water flow and turns on heating, and also monitors other sensors for operational purposes and safety. Though maintenance and repairs required may be minimal, they are essential, so it’s important to keep up with them.

Water Heater Repair Situations You Can Avoid with Maintenance

Clearing sediment is an important maintenance task for all three types of water heaters, although the installation of water filtration or softening gear can help reduce that problem as well as improve your drinking water quality. Regular inspection is always essential and can lead to timely repairs.

Your Water Heater Repair Experts in Sugar Land, TX

At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston, we work to make sure our water heater repair customers receive preventive care during maintenance visits. This can reduce their need for urgent or emergency water heater repair calls. Schedule your Sugar Land, TX water heater maintenance today, and get ahead of potential repairs.

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