Have Your Plumbing Service Install New Appliances And Fixtures For Modern Luxury And Water Savings | Katy, TX

Have Your Plumbing Service Install New Appliances And Fixtures For Modern Luxury And Water Savings | Katy, TX

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When our plumbing service installs a new toilet or showerhead for you, we can increase your enjoyment of your morning routine with comfort and luxury, while also using the latest technologies to reduce water usage and save on your water bill. There are plenty of ways that our team at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston can make a difference in your Katy, TX home, and help you join in the effort to reduce overall water use for your area. As local water demand increases and groundwater supplies are stressed, your water-saving home improvements will grow in their value to you.

EPA Water Waste Numbers Are Staggering

Wasted water throughout the country accounts, according to the EPA, for billions of gallons of water that homes didn’t need to use. Even simple repairs like faucet washers to eliminate constant dripping leaks, and toilet flapper valve replacement to stop the ongoing water use can account for thousands of gallons of water saved per household. Running water while brushing your teeth or shaving also adds up, and each of these problems can be solved by upgrading to more efficient fixtures and appliances instead of or in addition to habit changes. For example, with a touchless sink control, the water turns on when you wet your toothbrush, then off, then on again when you rinse, automatically.

Toilet Flushing, Not a Usual Topic of Conversation

A toilet upgrade can provide one of several new types of toilets that are easy to use, and provide selectable flush volumes so you can control the water used and still maintain cleanliness. Using water pressure to charge a burst of air used during flushing is another popular technology which you may have experienced in public restrooms. It can be a bit startling at first, but it’s very effective at saving water and keeping your toilet clean. With recent paper shortages, add-on bidets have become popular, which also heat the seat and provide other luxuries. Our plumbing service can install a combination of these upgrades for your comfort, and adding them to your kids’ bathrooms as well can save a lot of water.

Showers That Save Time and Get Your Morning Started Right

The first solution to water use problems was to add a small flow restrictor to existing showerheads, which reduced spray as well and meant it took longer to get full coverage, rinsing off to hit the road in the morning. Now, showers using new jet technologies are restoring the spray coverage while still saving water, and providing a great way to start your day. Having our plumbing service add a simple on-off valve to shut off the flow when you’re lathering up adds to the water savings, and beautiful rain-style showerheads are an excellent alternative to the powerful spray many people prefer as a wakeup call. Shower design is also changing, with features such as the linear or “Infinity” shower drain revolutionizing bathroom space usage.

Bathroom Sink Faucets That Save Water Effortlessly

Twist-knob faucets that dispense water close to the sink not only make it harder to save water, they’re also not very disability-friendly. By raising the water flow higher up and providing touchless or paddle-style controls, perhaps using a vessel-style sink to contain the splashes, you can easily adjust the flow by bumping paddles or simply waving your hands, toothbrush, or razor under the spigot. Our plumbers can replace your existing sink and faucet with these modern, water-saving, and beautiful options, for your master bedroom and other locations in your home.

The Kitchen Sink, Full of Possibilities

With all those options for the bathroom sink, you can imagine that the kitchen sink is a target of innovation as well. Certainly, the combination showerhead-style faucet and spray unit that simply lifts up for targeted use is a great solution for washing-up needs, and high-arc faucets provide room to move under the water as you like. Easier controls include joystick and paddle-style controls that you can bump to the position you need, along with touchless controls that our plumbing service can install for you that help increase your water savings, and with smart home technology growing in popularity, it’s no surprise there’s a smart faucet option as well. Ask our plumbing service team about voice-operated faucets from the major brands, which provide an easy way to turn off the water from across the room while you’re removing that cake from the oven, while some even allow you to tell them to dispense one quart of water into the pot below while you go to answer the door. No overflows, no wasted water, and a new step for both water savings and kitchen efficiency.

Plumbers with Possibilities

These are just a few of the possibilities that our plumbing service can add to your home, either as part of a kitchen or bathroom renovation or as a step-at-a-time lifestyle upgrade. Water savings is part of the deal, as it is with a new dishwasher that our plumbing service can install that not only have specific cycles to more closely meet your needs and save water, but soundproofing that’s quiet enough you can continue the kitchen conversation while the dishes are washed. Whatever you’re thinking about doing with your home, ask our experts about the new plumbing technologies and other options that we can provide including, let’s face it, outdoor faucets that can withstand a bit of our recent freezing weather.

Your Plumbing Upgrade Experts and Idea People in Katy, TX

Our plumbing service at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston can install water-saving upgrades that make your home more enjoyable and water efficient at the same time. It’s part of our overall emphasis on improving your life with plumbing care, from leak detection and major repairs to drain cleaning service and plumbing maintenance for your home in Katy, TX. Give us a call and find out all that our plumbing service can do for you!

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