Have Questions About Plumbing Leaks? Get Them Answered By A Plumber | Sugar Land, TX

Have Questions About Plumbing Leaks? Get Them Answered By A Plumber | Sugar Land, TX

Do you know why the pipes have suddenly burst and you end up with a flooded home? You really don’t want to deal with catastrophic plumbing because it’s always associated with more money. Read this article for common questions about plumbing leaks and how a plumber in Sugar Land, TX can help.

FAQ about leaks in your plumbing:

How Come My Water Bill Has Suddenly Skyrocketed This Month?

There are a few reasons why your water bills are suddenly higher this month. This can actually indicate a leak in your plumbing. We suggest doing a water meter test to help you determine if there’s indeed a leak. To do this, simply turn off all your faucets and shower, and do a water meter reading. Do another reading after 30 minutes and compare the results. If the figures are different or when your water meter still moves even after turning off the water, this indicates a leak in your plumbing. Call a plumbing expert in Sugar Land, TX for leak detection.

The high water bill can also be due to a running toilet. You can waste hundreds of gallons of water if you don’t resolve toilet leaks. To test for a leak, simply pour food coloring into the toilet tank and wait for about 15 minutes. Check the toilet bowl to see if the water’s color has suddenly changed. When it does, you have a toilet leak. Call a plumber right away so they can help you fix the problem.

What Are the Signs of Leaks in My Plumbing?

As mentioned, a higher water bill usually indicates a leak in your plumbing. Another sign is low water pressure. However, you’ll need to check all of your water fixtures first — if there’s low water pressure in all of the fixtures, get in touch with a plumber for professional detection so they can help you locate the leak. If water pressure is low in only one fixture, you likely will just need to repair that or get a replacement.

If you see pooling water near a plumbing pipe, toilet or water heater, consider checking if there might be a leak somewhere. If you’re not sure, contact a professional right away for an inspection.

Other signs of leaks include seeing water spots in the ceilings or the walls. Or check the grass outside; if some parts are greener, there might be an underground leak. We suggest calling a professional to further investigate the problem.

Noisy pipes can also be a sign of a leak. Or if you suspect an issue with your plumbing system, it’s always better to get in touch with a plumber for assistance. Plumbing experts are highly trained professionals who are skilled in diagnosing a problem and recommending the best solution.

What’s the Best Way to Maintain the Water Heater?

You’re probably already aware that you need to remove the sediment buildup inside the tank by flushing or draining the water heater. You must do this at least once a year so that your water heater stays efficient. The mineral buildup can affect the efficiency of your unit — If the water heater is no longer efficient, you may notice that you suddenly don’t have hot water or the hot water is very inconsistent. Make sure that you strictly follow this maintenance routine or you’ll end up buying a new unit.

If your water heater is more than 7 or 10 years old though and you keep calling a plumber for repairs, we suggest you consider getting a replacement. It will be more cost-effective to get a new unit than keep paying for repairs. Consider getting a tankless water heater as a replacement to reduce your chances of getting a leak in the basement. If you want to know more about water heaters, please get in touch with a plumber near you.

Is It Necessary to Insulate the Pipes?

Yes, you really will need to protect all exposed pipes both inside and outside of your home. Otherwise, the water inside these plumbing pipes can actually freeze. When this happens, it would be impossible to use the shower or the faucet because no water will come out. You will have to call a plumbing expert to help you thaw the pipes.

If you wait long enough, the plumbing pipes can also expand and then burst. This can lead to a costly plumbing repair or replacement especially when your home starts flooding.

To protect the pipes, simply get an insulating blanket at your closest hardware store. You can also try opening the faucet to let warm water circulate or open the cabinet doors underneath the sink so that warm air can circulate in that area. Just make sure you don’t turn off your heating.

Should We Install Leak Detection Devices?

If you want to be alerted in case there’s a possible leak in your plumbing, then yes, please contact a plumber today to install a leak detection device. This safety device can be connected to your phone and whenever it detects abnormal activity, you will be getting notifications for it. Some leak detection devices can also automatically shut off your water to prevent further damage to your plumbing. Additionally, don’t forget to install several shut-off valves to make it easier for you to turn off the water when your home floods.

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