Finding An Emergency Plumber | Memorial City, TX

Finding An Emergency Plumber | Memorial City, TX

Even the best-kept homes in Memorial City will need an emergency plumber at some time, but where can you find one when that plumbing disaster strikes? Not every plumbing company will work evenings or weekends, and even fewer will come out at Thanksgiving or Christmas. This is no use to you if you have a burst pipe or your water heater has broken down.

Unless you know a good emergency plumber, the most obvious place to start is to write “plumber near me” into your search engine. Now you have the problem of picking one from the many results brought back. Using a trusted review site will allow you to filter out the wheat from the chaff, looking at those companies with high ratings and many five-star reviews will narrow the list. In that list should be bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston. All our plumbers are highly trained and have many years of experience dealing with all kinds of plumbing problems. We have established a hard-earned reputation for quality work at very competitive prices.

When Do You Need Emergency Plumbers in Memorial City?

Plumbing problems are common and unless dealt with quickly by an experienced and reliable emergency plumber, there can be consequences. These include severe damage to your property through flooding, the risk of health problems, and increased water bills over time. The strain on family budgets has meant that people are not having their plumbing system checked as regularly as in the past. This has increased the need for a plumber.

Frozen and Leaking Pipes

The recent spell of cold weather has led to an increase in the number of frozen and leaking pipes. Any exposed water pipes will freeze, and the ice expands over time will cause the pipe to crack. Once the frozen pipes start to thaw, the crack will become visible, and water will start to leak very quickly. If you suspect that this is happening, call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston. We can send around an emergency plumber, who will know how to thaw the pipe so there is less chance of a leak and damage to the pipe. If you haven’t done so already, we suggest that you insulate any exposed pipework.

Clogged Drains

This is a very common problem in Memorial City. People usually just pour away anything down the sink. The most common items that clog drains are grease, oil, food waste, and hair. A lot of the time using a plunger or pouring down gentle chemicals will remove the clog. But if there are several drains affected and the water stubbornly refuses to drain then you need an experienced emergency plumber to deal with it.

Should your sewer line become blocked or damaged, any additional wastewater will backflow into your home. Not only will a foul smell pollute your home, but the backwater is likely to contain dangerous germs and bacteria. The best solution is to have a professional drain cleaning service from bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston. If we find any damage, we have the equipment to quickly locate and repair the sewer line.

Blocked and Overflowing Toilet

Again, this is another common plumbing problem. There can be several causes, but the main one is people pouring items like sanitary towels, cat litter, and cigarette butts down the toilet. These and other materials are not designed to dissolve quickly in water, and if not flushed away quickly can build up and cause a blockage. Using a plunger or pouring gentle chemicals down the toilet will often work. But repeated use of chemicals can corrode older pipework and joints leading to leaks. Repeated flushing can also work but too much flushing will only cause your toilet to overflow. That nasty smelly mess is a serious health hazard and is best left to emergency plumbers from bluefrog, who is equipped with protective clothing to reduce the risk of infection. After the mess is cleared up, we can determine what the issue is and how best to remedy it.

Another reason for not using too many chemicals or over-flushing the toilet is when the sewer line is damaged. Without any means to exit any wastewater is going to stay inside your home, and any overflow will also contain any chemicals you have used to clear the blockage.

Water Heater Problems

There are few more irritating things that can happen than to wake up to a cold shower. Unless you are a hardened marine, this is not a good way to start the day. Often problems with water heaters are taken care of during a regular service from bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston. But the increased cost of living has meant that many have decided to save money and skip the service. We believe that this is a mistake. The service will not only pick up on any potential problems and allow you to have them resolved but will also ensure that your water heater is running more efficiently reducing your energy bills. But whatever your water heater problem you can rest assured that we at bluefrog plumbing will have an emergency plumber on hand 24/7.

High Water Bills

A water leak is an insidious thing. They are not always visible and can be causing a great deal of unseen damage. Any leaking pipe can turn into a burst pipe and lead to serious flooding, resulting in damage to walls, floors, ceiling, and all your precious belongings. If you have noticed a sharp increase in your water bills you could have a leak. Do not delay, call us so one of our plumbers can investigate.

bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston for All Your Plumbing Needs

bluefrog strongly suggests that you have your plumbing system regularly serviced. Most of the problems highlighted can be put right before you need an expensive emergency plumber. Why put yourself through all the heartache of having to redecorate your home after a burst pipe. If you have any plumbing problems, call us today!

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