Best Plumbing Valves For Your Home From Your Local Plumber | Houston Heights

Best Plumbing Valves For Your Home From Your Local Plumber | Houston Heights

Valves are an essential part of the plumbing system installed in commercial and residential buildings. They regulate the flow of water to your home from the municipal water lines, ensuring the supply and distribution of water are adequate safely and efficiently. The valves can also stop water flow in case of repairs by a plumber.

When there is a burst pipe, it can save your valuable property furniture and structural integrity of your residential property. There are several types of regulating plumbing valves you should know. They play different roles in the plumbing system, and each has its pros and cons.

A skilled plumber in Houston Heights can choose the best valves from several options, including size, type, purpose, and materials, based on the complexity of your plumbing system. The professionals can select between PVC, bronze, and brass valves, matching the type and size of pipes used. The following are some of the plumbing valves.

Shutoff Valves

The shutoff valves are responsible for turning off the water supply to help a plumber service parts of the plumbing system. The professionals install the valves between the service entry point to your house and the pressure tank controlling water distribution.

They can also set the globe, ball, and gate valves between the pump in the plumbing system and the pressure tank. A trained and experienced plumbing professional installs the shutoff valves between main or branch water distribution lines and entry points from the municipality. Some of the shutoff valves include:

  • Globe valve: the globe valve is a regulatory valve with a twist knob that controls and adjusts water flowing in the plumbing applications. The globe valve has a stopper that the twist knob raises and lowers to open or close water flow to the fixtures. A plumbing expert connects the globe valve to outdoor plumbing fixtures such as hose bibs.


  • Ball valves: the valves are reliable in shutting off the main water supply system and branch lines. If correctly installed by a skilled plumbing professional, this valve remains open for water to pass through your piping system to the fixtures or closed to stop water from the municipality from passing through.


  • Gate valves: the valve is the best for closing the water supply to your home. The gate valves also control water flow using a twist-like knob or handle. They should remain fully open for water to flow to your house, and a plumber can use them to stop water flowing to the fixtures to install new fixtures or make the necessary plumbing repairs.

Flow Control Valves

Other types of plumbing valve you should learn about are the flow-control valve. It includes diaphragm, mechanical and orifices valves that control water from the main supply. They limit and regulate the water uniformly flowing in your home from a pumping system or low-yielding wells.

For instance, if the amount of water to a plumbing fixture or an outlet should be 20 gallons, the flow control valve stops distributing water when the plumbing appliances reach their required limit.

Altitude Valves

Another plumbing valve is the altitude valve that controls hot water from overflowing once it reaches the required limit. With the help of a pressure line, the altitude valves sense the level of hot water in the tank, stopping the supply immediately.

When a plumber correctly installs the valves, its adjustable spring sets the level that the altitude valve will monitor and close when the water reaches its intended level.

Relief Valves

Water coming from the Houston Heights municipality comes with high pressure. The pressure can be excess in the pipes, putting stress on the piping system and damaging plumbing fixtures. The high water pressure can also shorten the lifespan of the entire plumbing system, causing leakages and burst pipes.

The plumbing service installs the relief valves between the pump and a shutoff valve of the plumbing system. It is responsible for relieving the excess pressure in the water lines that supply water to the fixtures when it is higher than 60 psi. The spring-controlled adjustable valve can also work in water heaters because they tend to develop excessive pressure.

Balancing Valves

Another valve you should know is the balancing valve. It ensures the riser in the plumbing system receives a sufficient share of hot water. The balancing valve makes the pressure drop in the domestic water supply branch for equal distribution throughout your house. It works efficiently with accurate installation by a well-trained and experienced plumber from a trustworthy plumbing company

Pressure – Reducing valves

It might seem similar to the relief valve because they deal with pressure, but the pressure-reduction valve reduces the overall water pressures flowing through the pipes to the fixtures.

With accurate installation by a certified plumber, the spring and diaphragm valve adjusts the water pressure to below 60 psi to protect your pipes from bursting and the plumbing fixtures from destruction. They are the best for local homes that receive water with extremely high pressure from the municipality water supply system.

Check Valve

Do you ever wonder why the water in the plumbing system flows only in one direction and never backward?. It is because of the check valves that allow water from the municipality to flow only towards the plumbing fixtures through the pipes.

The check valve prevents backflows, which can cause backspins or backflows. If your water source is a well, a plumber will install the check valve in the drop pipe, reducing the negative pressure that can cause backflow. When the pumping starts, it recharges the pressure tank, forcing water to flow towards the plumbing pipes to the fixtures in your house.

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Knowledge of all the plumbing valves is essential as it can help you stop the flow of water as you wait for a plumber to fix a problem such as a leakage or outpouring water, saving your home from indoor floods and water damage. For more information about valves and how they function, you should call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston.

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