Do I Need Water Heater Repair If My Water Heater Is Leaking? | Sugar Land, TX

Do I Need Water Heater Repair If My Water Heater Is Leaking? | Sugar Land, TX

Most Sugar Land, TX homes rely on water heaters to supply hot water. The hot water is an invaluable resource for bathing, washing dishes, cleaning, and other household activities, especially in the cold season. Unfortunately, water heaters are prone to overheating, low water pressure, and leaks when they get old and are continuously used. A leaking water heater is a sign of a severe issue that needs the immediate attention of an experienced water heater repair professional.

The leakages result in the wastage of water, a national concern. In addition, a leaking water heater may damage the walls, floors, and other invaluable properties if ignored. Although you might notice the unit is leaking, you may not know or pinpoint the precise location of the leak. Therefore, you are left with no option other than to find a technician specializing in water heater repair to inspect, diagnose, and resolve the leakage.

A leaking water heater may leave catastrophic damage to your home. Hence, you should take the problem seriously and seek the help of a plumber to repair the unit immediately. The leaks might be coming from the top or bottom of the water heater, inside the tank, or in an undetermined location. Below are some of the main reasons your water might be leaking.

Anode Rod Is Completely Used-Up

An anode rod is a water heater component that protects the tank from corrosion. It’s made from highly oxidative metal, meaning that it erodes faster than the water heater tank material. Therefore, the anode rod corrodes through sacrificial action instead of the tank rusting. Although this protects the tank from corrosion, the component ultimately gets used up after about 2-3 years.

By becoming non-existent, the used-up anode rod leaves a hole where it was fixed. As a result, the eater might leak at the anode rod point. You can avert this problem by having an expert water heater repair professional in Sugar Land, TX, do regular maintenance and inspections on the water heater tank. The professional can spot the issue early and replace the anode rod before it gets used up. The professional will still fix another rod to protect the tank and prevent corrosion.

Accumulation of Sediment

The buildup of minerals within the water heater tank can cause corrosion, low water pressure, leaking, or overheating. Hence, you should enlist the services of a reliable plumber for regular maintenance or servicing. In addition, the mineral sediments usually accumulate at the bottom of the water heater tank as the unit ages. This makes it develop leaks and cracks.

To stop these leakages, you need the help of a plumber specializing in water heater repair. If the tank cracks, installing an entirely new water heater might require you to install it. This is an expensive undertaking and might even deny you the much-required hot water if you can’t have the unit replaced in time. Therefore, to avoid incurring costly replacements and repair services, enlist the help of a reliable plumber to conduct the routine cleaning and draining the water heater tank.

When Your Water Heater Tank Is Old

Old water heater tanks are leakage prone, especially if they are over ten years old. Leaks in water heating systems may be due to the worn-out parts of the tank. As your water heater ages, more of its components deteriorate, resulting in occasionally frequent leaks. The other cause of leaks related to age involves the corrosion of the metallic parts of the water heater tank. If the water heater unit has been in use for many years, rusting will likely result in water leaks as it leads to the development of cracks, allowing the water to seep through.

Immediately notice the leak, call a plumber in for a water heater repair service. The professionals may recommend a replacement of the damaged or rusted parts of your water heater. The plumber may also suggest that you replace the entire water heater if it corroded past repair or component replacement.

Faulty T&P (Temperature and Pressure) Relief Valve

The other thing that might make the water heater begin leaking is if the valve that releases the excess pressure and temperature is faulty. The water heater produces a lot of pressure that, if left unchecked, might make the tank explode. However, the T&P relief valves keep the temperature and pressure in check, protecting you and your home from the catastrophic damages that a water heater tank explosion might cause.

When this valve malfunctions, the pressure within the water heater tank increases. This results in leakages as the water seeps out through any crack it might find on the tank’s walls. The valve may also have become loose, springing a leakage. The plumber you enlist to do the water heater repair will tighten the temperature & pressure relief valve or entirely replace it if it is completely damaged to stop the leakage.

Malfunctioning Drain Valve

A water heater features a drain valve. The water heater repairs professional uses it to empty the water from the water heater tank during the removal of the accumulated mineral sediments, replacements, or unit repairs. The professional also uses the drain valve to empty the water heater tank to clean it during a routine maintenance visit.

The valve might become loose and begin leaking. This compels you to seek water heater repair help from a reliable plumbing company in Sugar Land, TX. The professional may tighten or replace the loose valve based on how huge the problem is. Get the drain valve replaced if it has a leakage.

Too Much Pressure

Like other plumbing system components, your water heater is also prone to leakages and cracks. High pressure in the water heater often results from the steam produced by the hot water. When the water is too hot, it creates steam that increases the pressure in the water heater tank since it cannot escape the heater, especially if the T&P valve is clogged or damaged.

Reliable Water Heater Professionals in Sugar Land

Water heater leaks result in high water and energy utility bills and damage your walls and floor. As discussed above, leaks can result from various issues within the water heater. However, you can avoid such problems by proactively seeking regular water heater repair and maintenance services. Do you need reliable services in water heater repair? Call us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston today. We have a team of certified and experienced professionals who provide comprehensive repair, maintenance, and replacement services for all types and models of water heaters.

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