Common Hot Water Heater Repair Problems And What You Can Do About Them | Katy, TX

Common Hot Water Heater Repair Problems And What You Can Do About Them | Katy, TX

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Hot water is an essential resource. Besides bathing, it is used to wash dishes, clothes, clean floors, drink, etc. This makes the water heater repair essential should any of these appliances break down at your home.

Like with all appliances, water heaters tend to malfunction and completely stop functioning over a period. In such cases, it is ideal to hire a water heater professional to figure out the root cause of the problem and offer the best solution. And it’s best to employ their services at the earliest, since a delay in having hot water can lead to struggling from a lack of hot water in a rather cold place.

Common Water Heater Problems

Water heaters are installed to last an average lifetime of around 15-20 years. Therefore, water heater repair requirement is not a common occurrence, which means when it does occur, the help of a professional is most likely required.

Insufficient Heating

The EPA has set a nominal temperature for water heaters to maintain the water at 120 degrees F. This temperature helps prevent the buildup of harmful microbes while simultaneously not being hot enough to cause scalding of the skin when used. Water heaters repair specialists say that the water temperature can go much higher, around 140 degrees being which may cause scalding.

Many heaters have temperature setting facilities with automatic cut-off safety features. If you find that the water is not hot enough for the set temperature, then call in the water heater repair experts to get it checked.

Low Heat Retention

Storage water heaters are insulated so as not to leak the heat away and keep the water hot for long. It is most likely of the vacuum-seal type that has a layer of vacuum between the inner tank body and its outer casing.

The repeated heating and cooling operations will cause the heater’s microfractures to expand, thereby letting in air, water, or both into the vacuum layer and rendering it incapable of trapping heat.

When that happens, you will be wasting a lot of energy just to keep the water hot as it will be cooling down very quickly. Get in touch with water heater repair services.

Unwanted Noises

Heating water always makes noise, and it might vary according to the type of heater used. However, if you find that noises are coming from it that shouldn’t, there is undoubtedly a problem. Loud pops are one such noise type that is uncommon for normal heating.

When you hear metal straining noises, it should also be checked. Electrical sparking noises are another dangerous variety, as are incomplete burner noises.

Mineral Deposition

Water always has some minerals dissolved in it, deposited in the heaters’ tanks and piping. Many water heater repair experts say there can be silt in it as well. This harms the heater’s inner piping over time and reduces the heating efficiency by not allowing the water to make good contact with the heating element, especially in the case of instant heaters.


Water leaks might not seem like a major problem but will be if left unchecked. They could spring from rusty pipes inside or outside the heater, ruined linings within it, rusting storage tanks, improper seals, damage, etc.

They are especially dangerous if they come into contact with the electrical wiring of an electrical water heater, as it could lead to dangerous electrical problems.

Common Solutions

While it might seem reasonable to tackle some of the heater problems on your own, It’s most advisable to call a water heater repair professional in Katy, TX to handle it. They will assess the problem thoroughly and provide the appropriate solution in the shortest time and most economical way.


Leaks are mostly handled by tightening some joints or replacing old pipes. If on the inside of the heater, it will have to be taken apart and repaired either on the spot or in their facility. In case of too much damage, it is better to replace the entire unit altogether by calling in the water heater repair experts.


Mineral deposits need regular maintenance. Using water softeners will reduce the problem mostly. Air filters in case of gas heaters will need to be cleaned and, if required, replaced to remove the buildup of dirt and particles.

Draining all the water and cleaning the heater’s insides with soaps or detergents meant explicitly for cleaning mineral deposits will do. Or calling a professional for the job will help too.

Heat Retention

The heart must be given to service to fix this issue. It will have to be taken apart and a new layer of insulation added and vacuum-sealed back again. This process is often slow and expensive, so most repair personnel will ask for the unit to be replaced altogether.

Insufficient or Improper Heating

Identify the source. Blocked burners and malfunctioning electrical coils/thermostats can be replaced by the professional. Improper electric or gas flow will require the respective professional to handle them.

Improper hot water cycling is more complex and might require a change of usage habits by understanding the cycle. Some piping placement might have to be changed as well. With water heater repair professionals on the job, you can deal with this issue easily.


Noise problems go away when other issues get fixed. If not, the system must be inspected thoroughly and the main cause identified. With damaged heater bodies/elements, replacement is the most likely solution.

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