Benefits Of Having A Plumber Near Me Install A Contemporary Tankless Toilet In My Home | Sugar Land, TX

Benefits Of Having A Plumber Near Me Install A Contemporary Tankless Toilet In My Home | Sugar Land, TX

You might have seen the simple and sleek design of corporate or public tankless toilets and wondered, can I have a plumber near me in Sugar Land, TX install this type of toilet in my home? Fortunately, you can. Tankless toilets also can be installed in homes and other residential places. However, they can be tricky to install, though the professional can easily handle the installation. Below are the differences between a tankless toilet and those having a tank.

Differences Between Tank Toilets and Tankless Toilets

How Tank Toilets Work

Toilets having a tank primarily work with gravity and suction. Above the toilet bowl is a mechanism referred to as a siphon. The primary function of the siphon is acting as a trap for the odors and keeping the water in the toilet bowl to a particular level. Have you ever emptied a bucket of water into the bowl directly? You might have realized that the water was siphoned out, producing a certain sound if you have. That is because when the siphon tube fills up, the siphon mechanism tries to re-establish equilibrium in the bowl.

That means a plumber near me must address any problem with the siphon mechanism, or no suction will happen. You may even notice bad odors from your toilet. When the tank toilet is flushed, all the water from the tank gushes out at high pressure into the toilet bowl. During this process, the water is siphoned with any waste in the bowl into the sewer pipe. A toilet tank is a reservoir that helps push the waste and water from the bowl.

How Tankless Toilets Work

Tankless toilets rely on water pressure that comes from your pipes. If you observed the commercial toilet, you might have noticed that water came out with great force when you flushed, and very little water was left in the toilet bowl when the process was completed. The high-pressure force cleans out the bowl directly, with no need for having a siphon or storage tank. Unfortunately, high water pressure in residential plumbing can damage various appliances and fixtures at your home. Thus, a plumber near me in Sugar Land, TX should install the tankless toilets to address the high water pressure issues.

Benefits of a Tankless Toilet

Compact Size

One of the coolest things about these toilets is that they are smaller than tank toilets. The traditional toilet features a cistern that takes up considerable space. Therefore, if your home is compact, you can save space by having a plumber near me install a tankless toilet instead of a tank toilet. Because they don’t have those many parts of a tank-type toilet, they are easy to install in your bathroom, large or small. The remaining space can be used for other bathroom modifications that ensure comfort.

Reduced Water Use

Tankless or traditional toilets now being produced are legally bound to use less than 1.6 gallons of water per flush (gpf). But, some advanced tankless models allow you to customize the number of gallons used per flush, offering you a water-saving alternative that few conventional tank toilets can match. If you have an old toilet, upgrading to the more advanced tankless toilets will reduce water usage.

Every contemporary toilet is a significant improvement over those created in the 1980s, which used 3.5 gpf, and those made previously, which used about 7 gpf. You can be sure you’re getting a water-saving, modern design when you choose and have a plumber near me install a tankless toilet. Better yet, you can rest assured that there isn’t any risk of leakages developing in the tankless toilet as they don’t have a tank.


Tankless toilet manufacturers make them look modern and stylish. Overall, when you have a plumber near me install a tankless toilet at your home, you will automatically notice an improvement in bathroom aesthetics. If you can afford one, have it installed. Moreover, you can increase the value of your home by improving a tankless toilet. Increase the value? What does this even mean? If you sell your home, this modern bathroom will leave a better impression on potential homebuyers. Additionally, tankless toilets have a streamlined and contemporary design model. For instance, it allows the water pipes to enter through the floor or a wall behind it. This setting gives you an extra option when you finally remodel your bathroom.

Design Flexibility

These toilets are free from the old-fashioned, clunky tank, which uses up floor and wall space, leaving homeowners with more space for design. As mentioned above, the compact design of the tankless toilets makes them perfect for smaller bathrooms. Because they are designed in contemporary and sleek forms, a tankless toilet can instantly update your bathroom’s look. A plumber near me can install them on the floor or mount them on a wall to leave more space on the flooring. This also gives your bathroom a more airy, open atmosphere.


When you have a plumber near me in Sugar Land, TX install a tankless toilet, you can rest assured that there will be fewer issues if any. In conventional toilets, you must maintain valves, inlets, tanks, floats, or even the bowl. Whenever these components are out of order, they will require a replacement. Because of their minimalistic and contemporary design, tankless toilets are free from such problems. They have modern, advanced features that make them user-friendly.


The tankless toilets usually use an electric pump. The pump fills up the bowl in the shortest possible time. Thus, tankless toilets can serve lots of people within a short time. If you want this efficiency, you should have a plumber near me install this toilet at your home.

Are you looking to replace your old conventional tank toilet? Consider installing a minimalistic, contemporary tankless toilet. Contact us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston to book an appointment for installation.

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