What Dual Flush Toilet Issues Need The Attention Of A Plumber Near Me | Katy, TX

What Dual Flush Toilet Issues Need The Attention Of A Plumber Near Me | Katy, TX

Like the single flush toilets, the dual flush toilets also face issues that might manifest now and then unless you give the toilet proper care and maintenance. While most of these issues are simple and easy to handle, you shouldn’t be tempted to do so alone. You should try your best never to handle the plumbing issues yourself. Many things could go wrong, the key being that you will void the warranty. Instead, you should have any plumbing issue handled by a professional plumber near me. Normally, a conventional toilet has a tank and a bowl. The bowl is made from metal or porcelain and experiences near-zero problems.

Common Problems in a Dual Flush Toilet

A dual flush toilet is a flushing toilet. Hence, all the problems in a single-flush toilet can also be found in a dual-flush toilet. However, some exceptional problems will undoubtedly require the attention of a plumber near me to resolve, and they are common. Below are some common problems of a dual flush toilet and how a plumbing expert can help.

Flapper Problem

Have you noticed that water is continuously running in your dual flush toilet? That could be because of a faulty flapper. At times, the fill valve always remains open and fills the tank. Hence, the water will always be running as the flapper valve is not sealing the water properly. If you have noticed this problem with your dual flush toilet, you should call a plumber near me for a further inspection.

To resolve the faulty flapper problem, the professional first closes the inlet valve to stop the water supply in the toilet tank. Then, they empty the toilet tank to have a clear view of all the elements in the tank. After that, the plumber near me now has access to the flapper. They will inspect its condition to ascertain if it has an issue. The plumber will recommend a replacement if the flapper is broken or rotten. However, the toilet flapper might be intact but misaligned. If this is the problem, the plumber will adjust and set it properly to resolve the problem.

Fill Valve or Ballcock Issue

This is another common problem with dual-flush toilets. The fill valve sometimes does not start filling the toilet tank after a flush. It might continue after the tan fills up. Either issue related to the toilet tank overflow or non-flow is connected with the fill valve or ballcock. When the plumber near me comes to your home for an inspection and maintenance visit, they will first stop the water connection to the toilet tank and completely drain it. They will then test the fill valve

to see if it works properly. The professional may open the tank cover/lid and start the water. If the valve is intact but out of place, the technician will fix the position of the valve and test that the issue has been resolved. If the ballcock or fill valve is completely damaged, a replacement is inevitable, and the professional might recommend you have one.

Handle or Flushing Button Problem

After using it for a long time, the flushing button or handle might loosen. This will result in an unusual flush or, even worse, no flush. Have you noticed this at your home? Call a plumber near me to inspect the dual flush handle. Are all the connections all right? Are the buttons or handle connections loose? If so, the professional will set the handle or button into place. The push or spring mechanism may sometimes need fixing or even be broken.

The professional can change the chain connecting the handle and flush valve or set it to an optimal setting. With dual flush toilets, if any button isn’t properly working, then you better change the affected parts immediately. Otherwise, the issue might result in water loss, beating the whole purpose of purchasing the unit in the first instance, conserving water.

Toilet Base Leaking

As mentioned above, the toilet bowl also could develop issues, and a leaking base is one of them. When the toilet leaks in the base, that is a hygiene problem. If you notice this at home, you should immediately call a plumber near me to fix the leak. The water flowing from the base is undoubtedly contaminated. Hence, don’t touch it without protective gloves. You should also stop using the toilet until a professional resolves the problem. The toilet leaks at the base mainly because of the wax ring in the bowl. The plumber will remove the toilet, apply the waxing and set the toilet again. Don’t be tempted to try fixing this problem yourself.

Clogging Problem

This is a fairly common issue with all toilet types. Even non-flushing toilets can develop clogging issues. Obtain a high-tech toilet plunger, which will usually easily unclog the toilet. Yet occasionally, complex blockage calls for expert assistance. Therefore, you should call a reliable, experienced plumber near me if plunging doesn’t clear the clog.

Low Water

Two flushes with a fixed amount of water flushed in a dual flush toilet. A small flush is better when you have liquid, and a full flush is better if you have hard waste. Water conservation is a major feature of this toilet. As a result, a full flush may have a different water flow than a single flush. Therefore, you should expect to flush with less water. There is a possibility of the waste remaining in the sewer line, and it may be necessary to flush more than once. Irregular use also might cause waste to clog the sewer line. Hence, ensure your current sewer lines work with the dual flush toilet. If it doesn’t, you should have a plumber near me install a single flush toilet.

Have you noticed either of the issues above with your dual-flush toilet? Contact us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston to book an appointment.

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