Bathroom And Kitchen Remodeling Ideas From A Plumber Near Me | Houston, TX

Bathroom And Kitchen Remodeling Ideas From A Plumber Near Me | Houston, TX

Who gets to see a wide variety of plumbing fixtures and how they fit into different remodeling designs? The plumber near me that you’ve been working with for repairs and emergencies, or have been planning to! This is another reason to connect with bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston on a regular basis, keeping your plumbing up to date. Plumbing is always evolving, from styles and fixture service lives to pipe corrosion concerns and water heater lifespans. Working with a trusted, experienced plumber can help you take action when you need to, and get ideas that enhance your home as well.

A Touch of Style from Plumbing Fixtures

What does it take to update your bathroom or kitchen? You can make a major overhaul with a designer’s touch, or simply add some modern fixtures that don’t date the room quite as much. In the bathroom, you may be thinking colors, accents, rugs, and towels. There’s a lot you can do with a nice shower head and control, a modern enclosure, and a cool, functional sink with a convenient faucet, and your plumber near me can help. Even your toilet can be updated with the right color, shape, height, and significantly reduced water usage. Have you thought about a bidet function? During recent years when toilet paper ran short, people discovered this international convenience.

Cool Designs, Even If Some are a Little “Out There”

Graceful arcs and intelligent functionality are part of the new faucet designs available for bathrooms and kitchens. Some are a bit unusual, like including a miniature hydroelectric generator in a touchless faucet so you don’t have to replace the battery. It’s clear that the plumbing industry is going far beyond the basics of the past. Even the use of ceramic washers is a big improvement, resolving a common issue experienced with faucets of the past that had rubber washers prone to leaking over time. Ask your plumber near me for some practical, yet elegant fixture designs for your home, and you’ll get tested ideas you can choose from. You might consider an advanced toilet as well, with a motion-sensing lid that raises and lowers as you arrive and depart, including bidet functions, warming, and self-cleaning.

ADA-Friendly Features Keep Everyone Connected

ADA stands for the Americans with Disabilities Act, which provides standards and raises awareness that everyone has specific, sometimes unique needs in their daily routines. Your plumber near me can provide many life-changing solutions. Self-lifting toilet seats based on motion sensors can be very helpful to those who want ADA-friendly features to simplify their lives. A basic consideration is choosing the right toilet height, since there are several available depending on the user’s needs. Touchless faucets are wonderful for those who find faucet knobs difficult or painful to turn, and specialized ADA-designed shower heads and controls are available to make morning routines enjoyable for everyone. In the kitchen, sinks and faucets are available that provide easier access, including shallower sinks and higher faucet arcs that don’t require reaching and bending, and faucets that convert to sprayers, are touchless, or even accept voice commands and remember what temperature you prefer.

Updating Showers for Style and Safety

A modern trend that’s part of the push towards larger, more comfortable shower spaces is linear drains, which work beautifully with rain-style shower heads and even multiple-spray showers. Many people feel more secure with bath and shower grab bars, easy to get your balance with when there’s soap in your eyes. Creative nooks for your bath products, even a tiled bench under your rain shower for sitting and lying down, create an environment where your daily routines are less functional, and more uplifting. Your plumber near me can add many of these features to your existing shower or bath, and include even more in a redesign or bathroom remodeling.

Kitchen Convenience Including Smart Home and Voice Control

Do you use a smart display or your smartphone in the kitchen for recipe access, video chatting, and other hands-free activities? With some kitchen faucets, you can also use them for voice control of the faucet, specifying how much water to dispense and many other operations. Some faucets track your water usage for household management and an eco-friendly lifestyle. With the variety of smart home integrated appliances and lighting now available, it makes sense that your plumbing is joining in! Now that you’re aware of these options, you won’t think that the plumber near me you’re discussing updates with is talking about science fiction. There’s so much available now.

Designs That Relate to Your Kitchen Style

Simply deciding on a kitchen sink can take a while these days, since there are so many available. As we mentioned, there are some with shallow basins that allow you to work without reaching so far down. Farmhouse sinks provide plenty of space, and industrial-style faucets with a high arc and a detachable spray nozzle makes rinsing, filling pots without maneuvering them awkwardly under the faucet, even washing pets much easier. When your kitchen is the center of life in your home as it so often is, another plumbing feature our plumber near me recommends is a bar sink or other small installation for filling glasses and water bottles on a hot day, or making drinks for a party. It keeps people away from the sink, and even the fridge, while preparations are underway. If your home has water filtration equipment, the water coming out can be especially tasty and purified! Ask your plumber near me to tempt your imagination.

At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston, we’re the plumber near me who has great ideas for your home, from bathroom and kitchen fixtures to fit your modern and classic designs, to the right kind of energy-efficient water heater. Give us a call and imagine your updated home!

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