Advice From A Plumber: Don’t Do These 7 Plumbing Mistakes | Katy, TX

Advice From A Plumber: Don’t Do These 7 Plumbing Mistakes | Katy, TX

Plumbing repairs and replacements can cost you a fortune if you’re not careful. This is why a plumber in Katy, TX wants to suggest you never make the costly plumbing mistakes mentioned below. If you have questions, feel free to get in touch with bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston.

Costly Plumbing Mistakes

Don’t make these expensive mistakes:

1. Not Hiring a Qualified Professional

DIY plumbing projects are okay as long as they don’t involve complex repairs and installations. It might be okay to fix a leaky faucet but not to repair a leaky pipe. When it comes to major repairs and installations, we recommend you always hire a licensed professional in Katy, TX to ensure the task is properly carried out.

Avoid hiring an unlicensed plumber either as they usually don’t have any insurance. So in case they get injured during the job, you might be held liable for it. This will cost you more money. To avoid more expenses and to be on the safe side, always hire a reliable and trusted plumber.

If you’re buying a major appliance, make sure you also get professional installation for it. Most manufacturers require homeowners to hire a licensed professional for them to keep the warranty. You might lose the warranty when you install the appliance by yourself or when you hire an unqualified person for it.

Are you looking for a reliable professional for your home or business? Our plumbing experts at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston are all licensed and highly skilled. They can do any plumbing repair, installation or maintenance. Just call us ASAP and we will quickly dispatch a professional to your location.

2. Postponing Repairs

We’re pretty sure you’re already aware of how much plumbing emergencies cost. Depending on the problem, hiring the services of an emergency plumber can cost you a fortune. Thankfully, you can avoid this by not neglecting your problem. For example, if you have a leaky toilet, we recommend you contact a professional right away to help you fix it. Otherwise, you’re going to waste hundreds of gallons of water each day and this can significantly increase your water bill.

3. Not Taking Care of the Water Heater

If you still have a water heater tank installed in the basement, make sure that you drain the sediment buildup in the water heater tank. If you don’t remove it, you will have less space for your hot water. You will start to have problems such as not having enough hot water or not having hot water at all. When the sediment builds up in the tank for a long time, it may eventually damage the hot water tank and when this happens, you will have no choice but to completely replace your water heater.

Imagine how much it would cost you when the water heater starts to leak water in the basement. You’re going to have to spend money replacing the appliances stored there and repairing water damage.

If your water heater is more than 7 years old, we suggest you consider replacing that with a tankless unit. Compared to the standard water heater, the tankless unit can be installed on your bathroom wall, decreasing the chances of leaks in the basement. Tankless water heaters also last longer and are more energy-efficient, helping you save more money. The only downside to getting a tankless water heater is the unit cost but because it’s more energy-efficient, you do get to save more money down the road.

For installation though, please make sure you only speak with a licensed plumber in the area. Incorrect installation can also lead to other problems such as inefficiency with the unit.

4. Using Chemical-Based Drain Cleaners

Never resort to using chemical-based drain cleaners when unclogging a drain. Our plumbing team highly discourages the use of these types of cleaners because they can severely damage the pipes. When you accidentally inhale the fumes, this might cause health problems. If there are pets and children in the household, we suggest you switch to natural cleaners. Should you decide to use chemical-based drain cleaners, please make sure to only strictly follow the instructions on the label and never mix the cleaner with another cleaner to avoid accidents.

5. No Extra Batteries for the Sump Pump

If you have a sump pump installed in the basement, we suggest you purchase extra batteries especially when you live in high-risk areas. Power is likely to go out when there’s a coming storm and the sump pump will not work without power. Additionally, don’t forget to also test the pump to ensure it still works. Just pour a bucket of water into the sump pit and make sure it’s enough to turn on the float switch and activate the pump. The pump should be able to drain the water from the pit. Call a plumber if it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do.

6. Not Insulating the Pipes

When it’s freezing, homeowners must insulate the pipes so that the water inside them doesn’t freeze. Otherwise, you will not be able to use your shower or faucet. Also, if you fail to thaw the pipes, they can expand and break. Water damage can cost you a lot of money but you can prevent this by properly insulating the pipes.

7. Not Getting a Plumbing Inspection

You need regular plumbing inspections to ensure your plumbing system is still in excellent shape. During the appointment, a plumber would thoroughly check your plumbing to ensure there are no problems that need to be resolved. You can save money and you’ll have peace of mind knowing you won’t have to spend money on repairs.

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