Crucial Plumbing Tips From A “Plumber Near Me” | Houston, TX

Crucial Plumbing Tips From A “Plumber Near Me” | Houston, TX

It can be devastating when you wake up or come home to a flooded basement or home. Plumbing emergencies don’t just cost homeowners a lot of money in repairs — when there’s serious water damage, homeowners may need to call restoration companies or even contractors to ensure their home is still in excellent shape. In this article, we’ll discuss crucial tips you need to know to ensure your plumbing doesn’t have serious issues that can cost you a fortune in repairs or replacements. If you have questions, feel free to get in touch with a “plumber near me” in Houston, TX.

Effective Tips to Prevent a Catastrophic Plumbing Emergency

You need to take extra precautions to protect your home from water damage. The tips below should let you avoid costly emergency repairs and other problems.

Replace Old Pipes

If you moved into an older home, chances are you might still have galvanized pipes installed, and they aren’t really the best piping to have in your home. Galvanized pipes last longer but they’re susceptible to rust and get damaged easily. To avoid a costly repair and a major leak, we suggest contacting a “plumber near me” in Houston, TX to replace old piping materials. We usually would recommend homeowners install either PVC or copper piping. Any modern piping would do. Talk to a plumber today to know your option and to help you make an informed decision.

Once you have new pipes installed, we recommend you purchase a water pressure gauge to test your home’s water pressure from time to time. Remember, the results should be between 40 and 60 PSI. If it’s lower or higher than normal levels, we suggest you contact a “plumber near me” for a plumbing inspection. Low water pressure usually indicates a leak in your plumbing especially when you also get a higher water bill. A “plumber near me” should be able to perform leak detection to locate the leak. High water pressure, on the other hand, must also be fixed for it can severely strain the pipes, causing them to eventually break. You’ll have an even bigger problem if you still have old piping installed.

Maintain the Water Heater

One of the causes of flooding in the basement is when a water heater tank leaks. This usually doesn’t happen, only when a homeowner neglects their plumbing. Part of your responsibility is to properly care for your water heater to ensure it stays efficient and to keep the warranty intact.

You need to drain the water heater at least once a year to get rid of the sediment buildup. However, some homeowners may need to do it more than once especially when they have hard water in their plumbing or water pressure is low. Sediment will build up faster when the water pressure is low or when there’s hard water. Don’t worry, you can resolve low water pressure by calling a “plumber near me“. Hard water is also resolved by installing a water softener.

If you fail to drain the water heater and remove the sediment buildup, it can accumulate and cause a lot of problems including flooding in the basement. You’ll have less space for your hot water when the sediment builds up and the water heater tank can also break. When this happens, you will have no choice but to get a new water heater plus the costs associated with water damage. It will cost you more in replacements if you have appliances stored in the basement.

Don’t forget to maintain your water heater. If you have other issues with it, we recommend you also get in touch with a “plumber near me” right away for a thorough inspection of your unit. If your unit is more than seven years old or you keep calling for repairs, we may suggest you may consider getting a new one as it’s the most cost-effective option.

Get a Sump Pump for Your Basement

Having a working and efficient sump pump in the basement is a necessity especially when you live in high-risk areas. You need this safety device to protect your belongings stored in the basement and to safeguard your home from water damage. And imagine how much stress it would cause you when the basement starts flooding and you’ll have to deal with mold problems. You can prevent flooding in the basement if you have a sump pump installed.

We also recommend you get backup batteries for power will likely be interrupted. The backup battery ensures your device will still work. Contact a “plumber near me” today if you need more information about your device.

Install a Leak Detection Device

A leak detection device can prevent flooding in your home by detecting abnormal activities in your plumbing and letting you know about it. Once connected to your mobile phone, a leak detection device can alert you when it detects a possible leak in your plumbing. It can also automatically shut off your water to prevent further damage. Some devices can even fluctuate in water temperature. You need these safety devices to protect your home and avoid costly repairs. Talk to a plumber today to get more information about leak detection devices.

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