5 Tips For Preparing For An Emergency Plumber During COVID-19 | Sugar Land, TX

5 Tips For Preparing For An Emergency Plumber During COVID-19 | Sugar Land, TX

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With America still dealing with a large pandemic, Dr. John Hellerstedt, the Commissioner for the Texas Department of State Health Services, has recently made a statement asking Texans to be diligent when it comes to COVID-19.

This has caused many people to put off getting regular plumbing services in Sugar Land, TX unless absolutely necessary. Although you might want to social distance, your home may have other plans for you. If one of your pipes suddenly burst and started leaking, you may have no other choice but to call an emergency plumber for help.

If this is the case, you still want to be as diligent as possible in order to prevent the spread of any disease and germs. This article will look at 5 easy tips that you can follow.

#1. Ask Them About Protocols and Policies in Place Over the Phone

To speed things along, ask the plumbing company that’s dispatching the emergency plumber whether they have any special protocols or policies in place over the phone. For example, some companies may require their plumbers to disinfect every area before they work on it. Or, they may ask that the plumbers wash their hands before starting any work.

Some plumbing companies may also only accept safe payment. Understanding their new policies and protocols can help you better understand how you can prepare for the plumber’s arrival.

It’s also nice to know what policies are in place so you know what to expect. For example, you might be curious as to whether the plumbers will wear a face mask or shoe coverings while they’re in your home. If you have any specific requests, this is also a good time to bring them up.

#2. Provide Them with an Area to Clean

Many plumbing jobs will get messy once the job is complete. Due to the pandemic, more and more plumbing companies are enacting policies that put sanitation as a priority. Due to this reason, you should consider providing your plumbers with an area to clean. Give them a private washroom where they can wash their hands and clean up before and after the job is complete. You can then sanitize this washroom after they have left to ensure that no germs can be spread.

On this note, homeowners should also consider doing an additional cleaning after the plumber has left. This should include scrubbing down and disinfecting all surfaces where the plumber has worked. Use alcohol-based wipes if possible.

#3. Turn Off the Water Supply

Although it’s important to offer preparations, you should never forget to turn off your water supply. If you neglect to turn off the water supply, you’ll just be faced with a much larger plumbing problem later on when the emergency plumber arrives.

Do you note that the valves need to be turned clockwise in order to shut them off. If you’re not sure where the valve is, you can also ask the dispatch over the phone. While they may not know exactly where the valve for the main water line is, they should be able to give you some ideas on where to start looking.

#4. Consider Safe Payment

Although cash was a preferable payment method in the past, it is now no longer as preferred due to its ability to spread germs. Some plumbing companies may not accept cash even if it’s offered.

For many plumbing companies, the safest way that they encourage their customers to pay is through some type of electronic transfer. The second preferred method is by credit card. Some plumbing companies will even take credit card information over the phone to minimize overall interactions.

If you’re not tech-savvy but would like to try using e-transfer to pay, you can take the time before the plumber arrives to set it up. It’s fairly straightforward and easy. You should be able to find some instructions online. If not, you may want to ask your children to help you set it up.

#5. Social Distance

Last but not least, it’s important to social distance yourself from the emergency plumber. Many homeowners are used to hovering over the plumbers to ask them different questions about the repairs.

With COVID-19, it’s a good idea to stay at least a hockey stick length away from the emergency plumbers as they work. If you have young children or other people in the home, let them know that an emergency plumber will be coming ahead of time, so that they can minimize any interactions that they may have with the plumber. Some people may choose to stay in their room or in another part of the house while the job is underway.

After you’ve provided the plumber with enough information on what’s wrong, you should also consider relocating to another area of the home until they’re done. Give the plumbers as much space as possible. Everyone will feel a lot more comfortable.

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