Why Your Toilet Isn’t Flushing Properly And How Your Plumber Can Fix It | Sugar Land, TX

Why Your Toilet Isn’t Flushing Properly And How Your Plumber Can Fix It | Sugar Land, TX

Imagine having a toilet that isn’t flushing properly. That might be the worst thing to experience, not to forget the hygiene issues it opens your Sugar Land, TX home to. You’ll have to call a plumber to fix the issue, which might cost you a fortune because the toilet isn’t flushing. You’ll use more money and time to address that issue. Although there are many reasons your toilet might not be flushing properly, the plumbing service provider has the knowledge and skills to narrow them down and resolve them.

This post will teach you the common reasons why your toilet isn’t flushing properly. However, you shouldn’t fret. The professional can use their skills and experience to offer you a wide range of solutions to ensure your toilet returns to normal. A toilet is among the most vital plumbing fixtures in any home. Hence, any hindrance to its proper functioning could result in serious inconvenience. So, why is your toilet not flushing properly?

Insufficient Water in the Tank

One of the main reasons neither toilet nor efficiently flushing is insufficient water inside the tank. This is among the common issues. However, it is easily solvable. Do you live in a rented apartment? There is a high chance that your toilet’s water tank doesn’t have enough water because of maintenance issues or leaks in the apartment’s main tank. Open faucets might also cause issues in your neighbor’s house.

For a successful flush, the toilet’s tank should have enough water. Hence, if the water is insufficient, you might experience issues with your flusher. Fortunately, a plumber doesn’t leave anything o chance when they come to address the issue. If the tank doesn’t have sufficient water, they will inspect it for leaks or clogs. The plumbing service provider can also readjust the tank to ensure water flows seamlessly.

Damaged Overflow Tube

They are usually fitted with an overflow tube to prevent the tank from overflowing. The component is designed to redirect any excess water toward the drains. This ensures the drains do not develop a blockage or even water backups. It is also critical to prevent the tank from overflowing with water. Hence, you should enlist the help of a plumbing professional in Sugar Land, TX, for a routine inspection and maintenance of the toilet overflow tubes.

An Issue with Toilet Handle

Does its handle go down with nothing happening when you try flushing the toilet? This is great news because a toilet handle is normally the easiest toilet issue to fix. If you don’t hear or see any water flowing whenever you press the toilet’s handle, that is a sign that its handle is disconnected. Within the toilet, its flushing handle is usually connected to a chain and a little arm that together lifts the flapper. The flapper rises whenever the handle is pressed and water flows into the bowl.

Unfortunately, some things such as a broken chain link or a loose nut may disconnect the handle from the toilet’s flapper. Though you might think you can repair the issue, hiring a plumber is more beneficial. This is because the plumbing service professional will inspect the entire toilet and fix any developing issues.

Warped Flapper

An old, warped, and old flapper is the worst. A toilet flapper is usually made from rubber. Therefore, it isn’t immune from damage. Additionally, it isn’t durable when exposed to debris and other damages within the toilet tank. Hence, a warped flapper might hinder a homeowner from sealing it when flushing. It results in the water not refilling the toilet tank aptly. This is why a routine inspection by a professional plumber is recommended.

Fill Valve Problem

The other potential reason a toilet might not shut properly is a fill valve issue. This commonly happens when you receive hard water at your home. The dissolved mineral and debris might clog within the fill valve, preventing it from properly shutting off. Hence, it is advisable to have a plumbing professional install a water softening system at your Sugar Land, TX home to avert this particular issue. The plumbing service provider will also flush the fill valve if it has sediment buildup, ensuring that your toilet is flushing properly.

A Clogged Toilet

This is probably the most common reason the toilet does not flush properly. If clogged, water might not fill the tank for the upcoming flush because the refill process is slowed down or even entirely stopped. Therefore, you might flush the toilet several times for the particles or wastes to properly clear and flow down the drains.

Do you have toddlers or small children at your home? There is a chance that they might have accidentally clogged the toilet drains using trinkets and toys. Though you can use a plunger to unclog a toilet, that is just a temporary solution. Hence, you should hire a plumber to narrow down the problem. The plumbing service provider will then use their tools, experience, and skills to fix the issue permanently. Don’t fret because a clogged toilet is something that the plumber will easily resolve. Have you been experiencing frequent toilet clogs? Then maybe it is time to have a thorough inspection.

A Drain Line issue

All the components of your toilet might be efficiently functioning, and still, the toilet will not flush. That is possible. Whenever it happens, it means that the issue lies far deeper within your plumbing. The drainage line in which the wastewater flows from your home to the septic or sewer system might have various issues, including clogs. Are multiple drains not working in your house? Then there may be a major issue deep into the drains or the main sewer line.

If this is the reason why your toilet isn’t flushing, you might even notice water backing up. You should immediately call a plumber to address the issue whenever this happens. A clogged toilet is just a sanitation disaster waiting to happen. A broken drain line can also prevent the toilet from flushing, all of which the plumbing service provider checks when inspecting the toilet.

Your Reputable Plumbing Professionals

Non-flushing toilets are unhygienic. This plumbing issue may be caused by many issues, as discussed above. However, there is no way of knowing the real cause unless you are a trained plumber. Because of the sanitation issues that they pose, they should be addressed immediately by calling an emergency plumber. Do you need plumbing service for toilet repair, inspection, or maintenance? Don’t hesitate to contact us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston today.

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