Why You Shouldn’t Delay Having A Plumber Do Repairs In Your Home | Houston Heights

Why You Shouldn’t Delay Having A Plumber Do Repairs In Your Home | Houston Heights

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“The more they overthink the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain.” Though metaphorically, this famous Star Trek quote has many layers, the literal meaning cannot be more logical.

When you own a home, its maintenance becomes a significant part of your responsibility. And the last thing you would want to deal with is an ill-functioning plumbing system.

You might have valid reasons for postponing plumbing repairs, but delaying to steer clear of the most common causes can make the repair work more extensive and expensive. The ideal solution to mitigate potential plumbing issues is to call an experienced plumber. If you reside in Houston Heights, you can contact local plumbing experts and book an appointment at your convenience.

While water is a natural asset for any dwelling, it can damage your home quicker than anything else. Even the tiniest flows into spaces where they are not supposed to be can cause major problems throughout your living space.

For now, a leaky faucet or running toilet might not seem to be an issue, but you can never predict when they might reach a critical point. Rather than letting the problems aggravate, you can engage a reliable plumber to take care of things right away.

Here are some of the potential risks of leaving your home’s plumbing issues unattended for too long.

According to the EPA, a leaky faucet dripping at the rate of 1 drip per second can waste over 3,000 gallons per year. That’s about eight gallons of water waste for each small and slow leaky faucet in a home.

When such small leaks add up, they significantly increase the water waste in your home, contributing to higher utility bills. On the other hand, a licensed plumber can identify and fix leaks, thus preventing flooding and structural damage in your home.

Whether it’s a kitchen, underground or basement leak, they will check the plumbing fixtures, including dishwasher, sewer lines and burst pipes, to find the best fix.

When you choose to delay plumbing repairs, one of the biggest problems you will face will be water leaking and flowing to various places with the least resistance. The water eventually pools in spaces, such as gaps in the wall, floorboards and your home foundation.

Over time, this stagnated water leads to mold growth, rotted flooring, rusting and weakened wood support beam. Reliable plumbing services offer camera inspection to identify the leak source.

A professional will look for odd noises, smells and wet spots to provide the right mold remediation and water damage restoration solutions for your homes.

Typically, gas leaks are a relatively rare occurrence inside residential living spaces. But when they do take place, they can be a significant health hazard to occupants.

After taking the initial precautions, when you call the plumber, they will inspect your gas line system for hidden leaks. They turn off the gas section by section during gas leak detection and repair inspection. And if you have a propane tank at your Houston Heights home, a regular inspection is highly recommended.

Once water infiltrates your home’s concrete structure, it can cause potential harm to its integrity. Mold often grows behind walls concealing leaky pipes and if you have lots of woodwork, the water can rot even the best quality wood over time. Potential seepage can cause damage to your roof, ceiling and furniture. Also, underground leaks can lead to foundation damage, leading to relatively expensive repairs.

A plumber will check your home sewer and water lines to find the reason causing the structural issues and avoid further damages.

Mold formed due to standing water can release spores into the air in your living space, which can be nearly fatal for your family members who have respiratory issues. Also, rotted floorboards can be hazardous for you and your family, as it can lead to broken bones, sprained ankles and other injuries from tripping.

Instead of paying hefty medical bills, you can consult an experienced plumber; they will inspect every water pipeline, particularly those leading to the washroom and kitchen. While dirty water leakage can create more menace, water leaks in the kitchen can potentially lead to electrical shocks.

A clogged drain can emanate odd smells, similar to sewage or rotten egg. When you flush water down the sink or toilet, the debris in the water can get stuck around the pipes; it causes the development of bacteria that gives fetid smells.

The certified plumber takes apart the pipes for a thorough inspection and cleanup. They check and remove soap, grease and other substances, to restore proper waste flow, thus stopping the foul smells from ruining your home atmosphere.

A plumbing issue can occur quite unexpectedly when you ignore the early warning signs. While waking up to a plumbing catastrophe in the middle of the night can wreak havoc, having guests at home with visible leaks and molds can be embarrassing.

In such desperate situations, you can avail emergency plumbing services. An expert plumber can come to your rescue at the earliest and resolve issues, including leaky pipes, gas line fixes, overflowing toilets, broken water heater and kitchen clogs.

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An essential installation in any home, the plumbing system, is sadly prone to potential damage and wear and tear over time. And dealing with household plumbing can be overwhelming. But delaying plumbing repairs can do more damage to your property.

Whether it’s a faucet leak, clogged drain or frozen pipes, feel free to call us. We have a highly skilled team of top technical experts at your service 24/7. Our plumbers will assess the issues and provide immediate solutions that will guarantee you a home free from all plumbing problems.

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